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Urban Development Institute - Calgary

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Urban Development Institute - Calgary
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Urban Development Institute - Calgary

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  1. Urban Development Institute - Calgary 2009 Annual Report Vol. XI November 24, 2009

  2. Message from the Executive Director Dear UDI – Calgary Membership: As 2009 swiftly comes to a close, it is time to reflect on this past year; one which was punctuated with exceptional challenges and opportunities brought on by the global economic recession. It is a testament to our Industry that although it was one of the hardest hit by the recession, our member organizations have shown the resiliency to weather the economic storm and help lead the way out. Two words sum up the single most dominant issue which consumed the UDI – Calgary Board of Directors, committees and staff resources: Plan It. Plan It is the next Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan and probably the most important piece of legislation governing the Development Industry. Therefore, the amount of resources dedicated to understanding, collaborating and advocating for changes to this document on behalf of the Industry was entirely appropriate. A very positive outcome of this exercise was a renewed relationship with the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region, which has helped to strengthen and unify the Industry voice. More details on the outcome of this exercise can be found under the Board of Directors section of this report.

  3. Message from the Executive Director - continued Closely related to Plan It is the Municipal Financing Forum, which was held based on a request made by UDI – Calgary to the City of Calgary for a series of meetings in order to understand the real costs of growth, whether they be in established areas or at the edge of the city. These discussions will lead into the Standard Development Agreement negotiations for 2011. There is no question that 2010 will bring a new set of challenges to our Industry, especially since there will be a municipal election next year. However, I believe that UDI - Calgary is well positioned to meet any issue that comes before us head on. This is due to the competence of the UDI staff and the more than 140 volunteers whose dedication and expertise make anything possible. To all of them I owe a sincere debt of gratitude. Michael Flynn Executive Director

  4. Board of Directors At the 2008 UDI – Calgary Annual General Meeting, there were some changes to the structure of the Board of Directors. Michael Dutczak completed his term as Chairman of the Board and we were pleased to welcome Don McLeod as the new incoming Chairman. In addition, the Board welcomed Karin Finley to the team as a Director and Mark Wynker replaced Michael Roberts (who relocated out of town) as the Associate Vice Chairman in February 2009. At a subsequent Board meeting, Don Merlo was named as the Vice Chair. The following pages provide information on just some of the issues the Board has been working on in the past year.

  5. Board of Directors Initiatives – Development Levies To address the current economic challenges faced by the development industry, UDI’s Board of Directors approached the Mayor and City Administration with regard to freezing the 2009 Assessment Levies at the 2008 rates. We are pleased to inform our members that Council approved a rate freeze. The 2009 Levies are as follows: Community & Recreation Levy $ 48,794 Transportation Assessment Levy $ 63,507 Traffic Signage and Road Markings $ 613 Inspection Fee $ 2,208 Storm Sewer Levies (rates vary so refer to the Agreement)

  6. Board of Directors Initiatives - Plan It Calgary On Monday September 28th, City Council unanimously approved the new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), previously referred to as Plan It, with the inclusion of several amendments based on recommendations by Industry.  The two main concerns that were identified in the MDP were the minimum density thresholds of 70 people/jobs per gross developable hectare for future Greenfield development and the lack of an implementation framework developed in consultation with Industry prior to the effective date of the Plan.  Our recommendation of a reduced minimum threshold of 60 people/jobs per gross developable hectare was adopted and approved by Council as was our request to develop a formal Implementation Committee with a clear mandate to identify training and policy gaps.  The Implementation Committee will consist of two members each from Industry, City Administration, City Council and two representatives from the Community. Administration had proposed an effective date of February 1, 2010 for the new MDP and CTP but Council moved that date to April 1, 2010 to allow more time for the implementation framework to be developed.

  7. Board of Directors Initiatives – Municipal Financing Forum As part of an ongoing dialogue between The City of Calgary and the local residential development industry, a forum was held at the Telus Convention Centre on March 30, 2009. Hosted by Mayor Dave Bronconnier, the forum was facilitated by Dr. Roger Gibbins of the Canada West Foundation and attended by representatives from the City, the Urban Development Institute – Calgary, and the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region. As a result, a working Group was established and they identified the following three specific issues, with the goal in all three cases being to conclude with a concrete set of specific options for moving forward: 1) Closing the Capital Cost Gap: The Working Group will explore and recommend alternative ways of financing the capital costs of new residential development.  2) Addressing Timing and Risk: The Working Group will explore and recommend alternative ways of delivering development cost charges in terms of timing, interim financing and financial risk.  3) Long-Term Solutions: The Working Group will identify a set of potential long-term solutions to funding capital and table issues for discussion at a later date. Meetings have been ongoing throughout 2009 and will continue into the New Year.

  8. Project Manager Update 2009 has been an extremely busy year for UDI – Calgary and its volunteer members. The Plan It Calgary review permeated through most of our Committees and Task Forces and it added significantly to the already heavy workloads of these groups. We have 12 Committees and 7 Task Forces that are actively reviewing everything from draft planning policies, development agreements, construction specifications, water and environmental related issues, Fire Department standards and much more. In 2009, we re-activated the Finance and Transportation Committees, as well as the Streetlighting Task Force to address emerging issues. A breakdown of our Committees and Task Forces, as well as the issues they’re addressing, is provided later in this report. As you know, UDI - Calgary relies heavily on our volunteers to provide the valuable knowledge, planning and technical expertise needed to assist in our negotiations and discussions with the City of Calgary and other municipalities. It is through the work of our volunteers that we are able to respond to the many issues brought before us in a timely and conversant manner. After two years with UDI – Calgary, I am still amazed at the dedication, energy and passion of our Committee and Task Force volunteers. On behalf of the UDI Administration, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who volunteered their time in 2009. The work that we do and the accomplishments we achieve would not be possible without your hard work. Sincerely, Maureen Boudreault

  9. Development Agreement Negotiations The 2009 Development Agreement was finalized with revisions made to approximately 45 clauses. Mark Wynker, with the assistance of Terry Smith and Chris Plosz, played an integral role in the negotiations of both the Development Agreement and Standard Specifications, and was assisted by dedicated volunteers from various committees and task forces including: Technical, Water Management, Pavement and Urban Landscape. To address the economic challenges faced by the development industry, UDI’s Board of Directors approached the Mayor and City Administration with regard to freezing the 2009 Assessment Levies at the 2008 rates. We are pleased to inform our members that Council approved a rate freeze. The 2009 Levies were approved as follows: Community & Recreation Levy $ 48,794 Transportation Assessment Levy $ 63,507 Traffic Signage and Road Markings $ 613 Inspection Fee $ 2,208 The Developer Funded Infrastructure Stabilization Fund (Oversize Fund) per hectare rates remained unchanged at: Utilities - $5,000 , Major Roads - $11,800, Parks - $5,500

  10. Development Agreement Negotiations -continued To address the fact that the City has been increasing requests for Bus Laybys, and the fact that the Unit Rate schedule for major roads did not include a provision for Bus Laybys, UDI negotiated the inclusion of a separate oversize allowance for Bus Laybys. The cost recovery rates (including 5% for Engineering and 5% for Administration) were approved as follows: metre Length – lump sum $ 14,960 metre Length – lump sum $ 17,050 37 Metre Length – lump sum $ 22,220 For further information on the key changes made to the 2009 Development Agreement, please refer to Information Bulletin #101, which can be found on UDI’s Website. A copy of the 2009 Standard Development Agreement is available at www.udicalgary.com under the “Documents of Interest” tab. The 2010 Development Agreement negotiations have been underway since September 2009 and UDI has been working closely with Urban Development in an effort to finalize the Agreement by January 2010. Earlier finalization will provide the Development Industry with a clear understanding of associated levies and unit rates for development that will be proceeding in 2010.

  11. Technical Negotiations Numerous changes were made to the 2009 Water, Sewer, Roads and Landscape Standard Specifications to address issues/deficiencies that were identified by both UDI and The City of Calgary. A detailed listing of all specification changes can be found at the front of each Standard Specification book. As well, a summary of the changes has been documented in following Bulletins: Technical Bulletin #93 Standard Specifications for Sewer Construction Technical Bulletin #94 Standard Specifications for Waterworks Construction Technical Bulletin #95 Standard Specifications for Roads Construction Technical Bulletin #96 Standard Specifications for Landscape Construction The 2010 spec negotiations have also been underway since September 2009. UDI has been working with Urban Development, Roads, Water Resources and Parks, in an effort to finalize all specifications. Urban Development’s goal is to publish all 2010 specifications in January.

  12. Pavement Task Force As part of the 2009 Technical negotiations for Roads Specifications, the Pavement Task Force, consisting of Chris Plosz, Jim Montgomery and Sandy McIntosh addressed several issues, some of which pertained to the Design Traffic Number for Industrial Roads, walkway and emergency access lighting and asbestos in recycled asphalt. UDI continues to work with The City to resolve issues associated with winter paving mix, pavement design life, typical pavement structure, properties of crushed based course gravel, boulevard drainage, compaction requirements and damages to monolithic sidewalks. For a complete summary of the changes made to the 2009 Standard Specifications for Roads Construction, please refer to Technical Bulletin #95, which can be found on UDI’s Website. Discussions on the 2010 Roads Specifications have begun, with the goal to have the specs finalized by January 2010.

  13. Planning Committee In 2009, the Planning Committee was extremely busy reviewing and providing comment on a multitude of City of Calgary policy documents and initiatives. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Sue Paton and Dale Johnson, the Committee addressed the following: • Calgary Regional Partnership Land Use Plan • Stream Classification and Setback Policy • Linear Parks • East Calgary Greenway Plan • Fire Department Site Access Standards • Identifying issues associated with Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 • Calgary Wetland Compensation Plan • Transit Oriented Development strategies • Municipal Reserve credit and allocation of reserve land • Draft Smart Growth Incentive System • Construction and demolition waste recycling • Participation in the City’s Sustainable Planning, Development & Building Best Practices initiative • East Calgary Greenway proposal

  14. Planning Committee - continued • Methodology for calculating density • Suburban Residential Growth 2009-2013 • Ongoing discussions regarding CPAG improvements • Elbow River and Bow Basin Water Management Plans and their associated impacts from a planning perspective The current 2009 Planning Committee members include: David Allen (past Chair), Darrell Grant, Gillian Lawrence, Ben Lee, Sean Nolan, Bill MacDonald and Jay German. Over the past year, the Committee also dedicated numerous hours reviewing and documenting industry concerns pertaining to the Draft Plan It Calgary/Municipal Development Plan.

  15. Finance Committee The members of the Finance committee include Trent Edwards, Rebecca Braun, and Ben Czelenski. In 2009, the group focused its efforts on issues associated with municipal financing and the Developer Funded Infrastructure Stabilization Fund (Oversize Fund).

  16. Urban Densification Committee The Committee continues to work together with local governing bodies and other stakeholders to evaluate and review the values, policies and implementation processes related to planning established urban areas. Through the work of its dedicated volunteers in 2009: ChairmanJaydan Tait, Ben Lee, Glen Pardoe, Alex Ferguson, Linda Hackman, Chris Ollenberger, Richard White and Rick Lewis, the Committee is making strides toward the transformation of Calgary into a sophisticated urban environment. Key issues addressed in 2009 include: • Review of City of Calgary policy documents and reports, including: Plan It Calgary, Centre City Plan and review and negotiation of inner city levies • Implementation/sustainment issues associated with the new Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, including the Beltline Land Use Districts • Transit oriented development policies and their impact on the industry and the City of Calgary • Fire emergency access standards/fire design principles • Parking requirements for ground floor uses in the Beltline and 4th Street BRZ area • The CPAG approval process and ways to reduce delays • Analysis of density bonusing for the city core and the Beltline land value study • Review of City of Calgary Construction & Demolition Site Management Code of Practice. • Initiatives surrounding the education of the City of Calgary and the development industry regarding the Urban Densification Committee • Suspended construction sites • Review of the manner in which the Centre City Redevelopment Levy is calculated • Review of the parking requirements for ground floor uses in the Beltline and 4th Street BRZ

  17. Technical Committee The Technical Committee is led by Mark Wynker and is one of one of UDI’s busiest committees. 2009 Committee members include: Richard Geleta, Chris Ollenberger, Chris Plosz, Ian Hunsche, Dale Johnson, Jim Montgomery, Reg Jans, Ted Parent and Charles Boechler. The majority of the Technical Committee’s workload comes from the various Committees and Task Forces that report directly to it. These include: Urban Landscape, Water Management, Transportation, Technical Negotiations, Electronic Submissions, Streetlighting, Environmental, Pavement, Residential LID Subdivision Study and Sewer Specifications, Issues addressed by this year’s Technical Committee included: • Addressing City requirements/road standards for new development adjacent to School sites • Review of Roads, Water, Sewer and Landscape Standard Specifications • Working with Water Resources on process improvement strategies to address engineering drawing circulation delays and delays in the approval of as-built construction drawings • Access Road Maintenance Agreements • Clarify requirements for Manhole Rim Elevations

  18. Technical Committee - continued • Fire Department Site Access Standards • Coordination of electronic submission standards for as-built block profile drawings • Implications on the industry with regard to the Bow River Water Management Plan • ENMAX Streetlighting Unit Rates & Purchasing Restrictions • Addressing issues related to concrete maintenance and replacement • Mandrel testing and video inspections • Post FAC Concrete replacement/maintenance issues • Methods to improve circulation timelines at the City of Calgary • Minimum driveway offset requirements • Storm pond approval process in the Rocky View County • Review of City of Calgary policy documents and guidelines, including: Design Guidelines for Subdivision Servicing, Consulting Engineers Field Services Guidelines, DSSP Guidelines, Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines and Terms of Reference for Pedestrian Bridges and Bridge Structures

  19. Urban Landscape Committee Led by Paul Douglas, the Urban Landscape Committee members also include Henry Heuver, Victor Kallos, Bruce Laing, Scott Wright, Barry Paxton, Jason Palacsko, Brett Friesen, Stan Siemens and Marvin Smith. The Committee’s focus in 2009 included: • Review of The City of Calgary Water Management and Urban Forest Strategic Plans to determine their impact on the Standard Specifications for Landscape Construction. This will be a key area of focus in 2010. • Assist with the annual review of the Standard Specifications for Landscape Construction • Involvement in the Residential LID Subdivision Study initiative • Recommendations to The City of Calgary regarding the testing and approval of new irrigation products • Developing base guidelines/parameters to address one-off situations with private irrigations specs • East Calgary Greenway Plan. • City of Calgary Wetland Compensation Plan • Review of the Draft City of Airdrie Landscape Specifications • City of Calgary Invasive Plant Strategic Management Plan • CCC/FAC process - Residential Street Standards

  20. Water Management Committee Water continues to be an increasingly important factor in the development of the city of Calgary and surrounding municipalities, which is evidenced by the numerous water management plans and studies that were reviewed this year. Committee members in 2009 included Rick Carnduff (Co-Chair), Chris Plosz (Co-Chair), Paul Douglas, Don Pasquini, Ted Stack, Paul Jacobs, Trevor Huber, Luis Narvaez, Victor Kallos and Phil Nottveit who were tasked with: • Review of the Elbow River and Bow Basin Water Management Plans • Quarterly meetings with Water Resources to discuss issues such as the approval process, delays in issuing CCC's for storm ponds, peer reviews of engineering drawings, LID subdivision study updates and process improvement initiatives • Rocky View County Riparian Policy Development Project & Wetland Policy • Review of the Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines • Stormwater Source Controls • Alberta Environment Water Body Setbacks • East Calgary Greenway Plan • Water Resources process improvement – circulation of files • Discussions with The City regarding the performance of stormwater ponds • Discussions with The City regarding the Stormwater Management & Design Manual, Water Management Strategic Plan and the Shepard Drainage Corridor Study and the Pine Creek Study.

  21. Water Management Committee - Continued 2009 also saw the merger of the Water Management Committee and the Erosion and Sediment Control Task Force. A sub-committee consisting of Collin Campbell, Don Pasquini, Eric Richoz, Michael Collinson, Rob Kirsch and Ted Stack has been formed to review the new Draft Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines. The revised Guidelines are expected to be finalized for the New Year.

  22. Electronic Submissions Task Force The Electronic Submissions Task Force was reactivated in 2009 to address a number of emerging issues associated with the City of Calgary’s review of the block profile “as-built” drafting standard and the Calgary Regional Partnership’s CAD as-built digital submission standards.  One of the key concerns identified by the Task Force is the need to have some consistency in the standards used by the various municipalities. Task Force members include: Lorne Weber (Chair), John Dutz, Greg Maciejewski, Tony Derix, Greg Hanson, Nigel Sparlingand Theresa Stadnyk.

  23. Streetlighting Task Force The Streetlighting Task Force was reactivated in the spring of 2009 and is led by Chris Ollenberger. The Task Force members include: Richard Revesz, Richard Geleta, Gordon White and Jamal Seede. To date, their focus has included: • Discussing the negotiation process for the 2009 City Design Guidelines for Streetlighting • ENMAX Developers Choice Delivery Model • Negotiation with ENMAX regarding its Streetlighting Unit Rates & Purchasing Restrictions

  24. Commercial/Industrial Committee In 2009, Chairman Sandy Menzies along with Chris Davis, Carmel Gatt, Jane Power, David Dalen (past Chair), Warren Paulsen, Don Larke and James Scott focused their efforts on: • Reviewing and documenting industry concerns pertaining to the Draft Plan It Calgary/Municipal Development Plan as it relates to the commercial/industrial sectors • Review of the Draft Shepard Industrial Area Structure Plan • Issues associated with the new Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, including the method for determining height in a commercial district, maximum height in the IB district, participation in an Industrial Stakeholder session and other implementation/sustainment concerns • Discussions around the County of Rocky View’s Growth Management Strategy • Improving dialogue/collaboration with City of Calgary planners, including coordination with the City to develop an education program for new planners • Providing input into The City’s draft Smart Growth Rating system

  25. 4 Party Housing Starts Task Force In an effort to address the safety and productivity issues that arise when house construction and shallow utility installation occur concurrently in residential development projects, UDI - Calgary, the CHBA - Calgary Region and the Shallow Utilities Consortium established a joint task force to address these issues. After numerous meetings the task force members came to the consensus that the best possible solution was to increase communication and coordination amongst all parties working on the development project. In an effort to do this, the task force is recommending that prior to the commencement of shallow utility construction, a joint coordination meeting be held for every development project. Through the efforts of the Task Force, a pamphlet was published in 2009 outlining areas of responsibility, process flow and expectations on the worksite. For more information on this Best Practices Guide please refer to Information Bulletin #100, which can be found on UDI’s Website.

  26. Rocky View County Liaison Committee The Committee meets monthly to address a wide variety of issues pertaining to development in the County of Rocky View. In 2009, Committee reps included : Richard Geleta (Chair), Charles Boechler, Ron Sawchuk, Patrick Burke and Arnie Stefaniuk, David Weinkauf and Cam Hart. The Rocky View County participants include: Derek Lovlin, Lorie Pesowski, Rob Deverelland Rick Wiljamaa. • Discussions regarding Development Agreement and Standard Specifications revisions • Issues/requirements associated with CCC's, FAC's and As-Built drawings/cover sheets • Rocky View Storm Pond approval process • City of Calgary and Rocky View Inter-municipal Development Plan • Participation in a study regarding the use of accessory dwelling units in the M.D • Review of the County’s approval process • Review of the County’s Draft Wetland Conservation Policy • Related issues associated with Rocky View’s Growth Management Strategy and the Calgary Regional Partnership's Land Use Plan • Review of policy documents and associated bylaws, including: Water Conservation Policy, Airdrie East ASP, Plan 8 ASP, Area “B” Plan, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Commercial Design Guidelines and Hamlet and Cluster Land Use Districts

  27. City of Airdrie Task Force The Airdrie Task Force has been very busy reviewing and presenting the industry’s concerns with regard to the Draft Standard Landscape Guidelines & Specifications, revisions to the Subdivision Servicing Agreements and Erosion & Sediment Control policies. Numerous meetings over the course of 2009 have been held and through the efforts of the task force members: Chris Plosz (Chair), David Baker, Averil Trapp, Peter Lewandowski, Brett Friesen, Collin Campbell, Reg Jans, Phil Nottveit and Graeme Melton, many of industry’s concerns are being addressed through the ongoing review of these policy documents.

  28. Residential Low Impact Development (LID) Subdivision Study In response to concerns raised by the Development Industry regarding the challenges experienced when trying to implement LID initiatives, The City of Calgary commenced a study to design a theoretical innovative residential subdivision that incorporates a number of feasible stormwater source control/LID practices. The Committee was somewhat inactive in 2009; however, work on this project is starting to gear up once again. The team is lead by Liliana Bozic (City of Calgary) and includes the following UDI volunteers: Rick Carnduff, Paul Douglas, Martin Nguyen, Paul Jacobs, Victor Kallos, Ben Lee, Tony Pasquini, Manoj Raythatha, Phil Nottveit and Ted Stack.

  29. Environmental Task Force The members of the Environmental Task Force include Chris Plosz (Chair), Renee Bellavance, Marilee Hill, Ken Cook, Bob Faktor, Russ Kalmacoff, Ken Hugo and Travis Oberg. In 2009, the group focused its efforts on: • Review of The City's Brownfield Strategy and how the policies affect the development industry • Review of the East Calgary Greenway Plan • New Alberta Environment Guidelines and their impact on the development industry • City of Calgary Draft Biophysical Impact Assessment Framework • Review of the City’s proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments pertaining to Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling • Reviewing and documenting industry concerns pertaining to the environmental impacts of the Draft Plan It Calgary/Municipal Development Plan • Calgary Synergy Advisory Panel UDI – Calgary also has a seat on The City of Calgary's Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), which reviews and provides comment on environmental activities and policies of The City. The Committee is comprised of representatives from The City of Calgary, Calgary Health Region, Sierra Club, River Valleys Committee, Sustainable Calgary Society and other organizations that focus on environmental issues. Bob Faktor is UDI’s representative on the EAC. While UDI will often disagree with the recommendations put forth by the EAC, our participation on the committee ensures that the development industry’s perspectives/opinions are put forward and that we have a pulse on environmental issues that affect us.

  30. UDI – Calgary Events In 2009 UDI - Calgary hosted seven luncheons, four breakfast seminars, the Spirit of UDI Awards, the annual Golf Tournament and the 2008 Christmas Reception. • The total year event attendance was approximately 2860 members. • The 2008 Christmas Reception was attended by over 600 people from the City of Calgary, surrounding municipalities and our membership. • The 2008 Ron Nolan Memorial Award was presented to Ron Sinden for his many years of industry service and the Spirit of UDI Award was presented to Richard Priest for his exceptional leadership and dedication to UDI – Calgary and UDI Alberta. • 238 members participated in the 2008 golf tournament at Heritage Pointe, over $6000 was raised for the Calgary Habitat for Humanity and we successfully filled our truck for the annual Tool Drive. Congratulations to Johnny Walker and Maureen Boudreault who won the men's and women’s low gross. Thank you to all of our event speakers and presenters who graciously donated their time. • Ian Morely(City of Calgary) • Jennifer Sharp (City of Calgary) • Rick Butler (Calgary Regional Partnership) • Gordon Branson (M.D. of Rocky View) • Dr. Frank Atkins (University of Calgary) • Bruce Graham (Calgary Economic Development) • Nicole Martel (UDI Alberta) • Onufry Shinkewski (UDI Alberta) • George Brookman(Calgary Stampede) • Dave Borutski(Government of Alberta) • Chief Rick Hanson (Calgary Police) • Frank Boyd (Apex Limited Partnership) • Decker Shields (City of Calgary) • Craig Fisher (UNI-BELL PVC Pipe Association) • Jeff Phillips (Ipex Inc.) • Preston Creelman(Royal Pipe Systems) • Doug Clark (Morrison Hershfield)

  31. Our accomplishments would not be possible without our continued member support. Thank you to the 59 UDI – Calgary member companies who generously allowed their employees to work in a volunteer capacity on the many challenges faced by the development industry in 2009. Ace Construction Company Inc. AECOM Almor Testing Services Ltd. Alpha Better Landscaping Apex Limited Partnership Brown & Associates BSEI Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. Calgary Municipal Land Corporation Canada Lands Company Limited Carma Developers LP Centron Group of Companies CohosEvamy D.A. Watt Consulting Group Ltd. Dillon Consulting Limited Dundee Development Corp. EBA Engineering & Consultants Ltd. Enmax Power Services Corp. Focus Corporation Foothills Landscaping Limited Genstar Development Company Gibbs Gage Architects GLB Planning Ltd. Golder Associates Limited Grosvenor GWL Realty Advisors Inc. Harmony Park Developments Corp. Heritage Pointe Hopewell Residential Communities IBI Group Kidco Construction Limited L.A. West (Calgary) Inc. LGN Consulting Engineering Ltd. Marmot Concrete Services Ltd. Matrix Landscaping Architecture Mattamy Homes Limited McIntosh-Lalani Engineering Medallion Development Corporation Melcor Developments Ltd. Morrison Hershfield Municipal Counsellors North Star Excavating Inc. Pacific Continental Developments Progressive Engineering Ltd. Qualico Communities Remington Development Corp. Riddell Kurczaba Architecture Rockmount Financial Rocky View County Ronmor Holdings Inc. Sabatini Earth Technologies Inc. Southwell Trapp & Associates Ltd. Stantec Consulting Limited Stormwater Solutions Inc Tamani Communities Telus Communications Inc. United Communities Urban Systems Limited WestCreek Developments

  32. New Members In 2009, the following companies joined UDI – Calgary: • Bri-Mor Developers • Fortis Alberta • Section 23 Group • Group 2 Architecture Engineering Ltd. • Stonefield Development Consultants • LGN Consulting Engineering Ltd. • Altus Group Limited Silvercrest Insurance Group • Carswell Consulting Engineers Ltd. • NORR Architects Planners • BCMP Architects Inc. • Frontier Waterworks & Pump Supply • E2K Engineering Ltd. • Global Retail Strategies Inc.

  33. UDI – Calgary 2009 Board of Directors • Don McLeod, WestCreek Developments - Chairman • Michael Dutczak, Carma Developers LP. - Past Chairman • Richard Priest, Apex Limited Partnership - Director • Mark Wynker, Stantec Consulting Ltd. - Associate Vice Chairman • Chris Kolozetti, United Communities - Treasurer • Glynn Hendry, Qualico Communities - Director • Paul Taylor, Hopewell Residential Communities - Director • Jaydan Tait, Grosvenor – Director • Doug Porozni, Ronmour Holdings Inc. - Director • James Hammermeister, Genstar Development Company - Director • Marcello Chiacchia, Genstar Development Company - Director • Don Merlo, Carma Developers LP – Director • Karin Finley, Qualico Communities - Director • UDI - Calgary Administration • Michael Flynn - Executive Director michael.flynn@udicalgary.com • Maureen Boudreault - Project Manager maureen.boudreault@udicalgary.com • Kimber Higa - Administrative Assistant kimber.higa@udicalgary.com  • Pat McHale - Office Administrator info@udicalgary.com