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Online Marketing in Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Marketing in Canada

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Online Marketing in Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Marketing in Canada. Martin Byrne Director – Yahoo Search Marketing Canada. The CA Digital universe grew 13% from November 2005 to November 2006. Source: comScore Media Metrix Canada, All Locations Nov. 2005- Nov. 2006. Canadians Are Online. 59% of Canadians access the internet

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Online Marketing

in Canada

Martin Byrne

Director – Yahoo Search Marketing Canada

the ca digital universe grew 13 from november 2005 to november 2006
The CA Digital universe grew 13% from November 2005 to November 2006

Source: comScore Media Metrix Canada, All Locations Nov. 2005- Nov. 2006

canadians are online
Canadians Are Online

59% of Canadians access the internet

at least once a week, the highest

% reach of any G7 country

Source: comScore Media Metrix October 2005

Wikipedia 2004 – 2005 population estimates

canadians of all ages online
Canadians of all Ages Online

Canadians across all age groups use the web regularly

Source: comScore Media Metrix Canada, November 05, All Locations

Source: Statistics Canada, July 04 Census

canadians spend 40hrs a month online
Canadians Spend 40hrs+ a Month Online

Wired Canadian households spend 40.8 hrs a month online, more than any other G7 country

Source- comScore Media Metrix, November 2006 data

canadians are spending more time with multi media
Canadians Are Spending More Time With Multi-Media

The web is increasingly becoming a passive domestic utility that complements the consumption of other media like TV and Radio.

With the increased adoption of wide format/hi-res plasma televisions and the introduction of IPTV the desktop PC will be replaced by the TV as the new domestic gateway to the internet.

canadians are spending less time with old media
Canadians are spendingLess Time With Old Media

Canadians are spending less time with

all other media except online

Source: Cybertrends Pulse of the Internet Report March 2006

online marketing is growing because it works
Online Marketing isGrowing…because it works

In 2007 Canadian Online Marketing Spending is estimated to be more than $900m

Source: IAB Canada 2006

Source: IAB Canada

search is becoming the emarketers choice
Search is Becoming the eMarketers Choice

In 2007 Search Marketing spending in Canada is estimated to be more than $400m

Source: IAB Canada 2006

1 get online

…because not being there now hurts your brand and your story

It doesn’t change my view of the brand name, the product, or the service


I have a less favorable view of the brand name, the product, or the service


[Source: Yahoo! Search Marketing and Carat Expert, May 2005]

social media is the ultimate merger of influence
Social Media is the Ultimate Merger Of Influence
  • Social networking is a trifecta of factors that influence consumer choice.
  • The Internet ensures that the information shoppers need to make wise decisions is at their fingertips.
    • An unlimited network of “friends”
    • Expert media & information sources
    • Your marketing messages
  • Unleash the power of the Web by engaging consumers through social networking.
search is the new gateway to consumers
Search is the New Gateway to Consumers
  • 78% of Canadians online will use search engines to research on and offline purchases
  • 27% of those who researched product info online purchase online
  • 45% of those that search for product information online still purchase via traditional retail
search is an integral resource prior to purchase
Search is an Integral Resource Prior To Purchase

Search Usage Prior To Purchase

Source: 1)Long & Winding Road 2) Reach & Engagement Studies

search is the gateway to travel consumers
Search is the Gateway to Travel Consumers
  • 83% of online travel buyers completed a relevant search prior to their online purchases.
  • Travel buyers performed an average of 5.4 travel-related searches and clicked on 7.8 links prior to each travel purchase they made.
  • 85% of online travelers feel that search is more valuable than offline resources.
travel marketers using search agree
Travel Marketers using search agree…
  • Travelers will go online to learn more about your products and services after being influenced offline or through other channels.
  • Search helps advertisers close the loop on their marketing efforts.
  • Search is more than a media buy and can be used as a distribution strategy.
  • Understanding acquisition costs by channel is essential in seeing the value of search as a potentially lower-cost form of distribution.
  • While highly effective as a direct response vehicle, search serves to aid in product and brand awareness-building.
advertisers are choosing search engines
Advertisers are Choosing Search Engines

By 2010 Canadian Advertisers will be spending almost $4B a year in Online Advertising

By 2010 more than 33% of all online marketing dollars or $1.2B will be spent on search engines

In 2006 Canadian advertisers spent more than $350M on SEM/SEO

understand your consumers cognitive funnel
Understand Your Consumers Cognitive Funnel

Consumer Decision Funnel

Consumer Thoughts

Search Query

Need Recognition

Need Qualification

Solution Identification

Solution Evaluation

Solution Selection

Transaction Selection

“My Back Hurts”

“Maybe I need a new bed”

“I need a bed that gives me better back support”

“Foam or Spring”

Foam bed Brand A vs. Brand B

I’ve only got $X to spend

Back Pain

Beds and back pain

Beds with Back Support

Foam vs. Spring beds

Foam Beds

Discount Foam Beds

search targets the untargetable

A Search Program hits all potential consumers interested in your product or services

Print program targeted at Annual Income

$45k - $75k

TV program targeted at 25 to 45 year olds

Search Targets the Untargetable
searching often leads consumers to new brands websites
Searching Often Leads Consumers to New Brands & Websites

Brand & Website Introduction

  • Top ranking positions in search often convey perceptions of leadership – and ultimately drive traffic

Looked at a site I didn’t intend to because it was one of the first few results

I expect brand leaders to be consistently in the top results

 Source: YSM Reach & Engagement – Auto Insurance

Target: Recent Auto Insurance Purchasers

 Source: The Role of Search in the Wireless Market

Target: Those who have switched wireless providers in the last 12 months and used online search in the research process

  Source: The Role of Search in the Travel Research Cycle

US Travel Web Searchers

 

  


Searchers Are Looking To Be Influenced


# Of Brands Considered Before Purchase (across product categories: Automotive, Finance, Technology, Retail)

Source: Long & Winding Road

Indicates a significant difference at a 90% confidence level

Average # of brands considered prior to purchase


Searchers Are Engaged

Apparel Engagement:

Searchers vs. Non-Searchers

% Increase In Onsite Activity Among Searchers (vs. Non-Searchers)

Source: Apparel Reach & Engagement Studies

Indicates a significant difference at a 90% confidence level

canadian companies might be missing the boat
Canadian Companies Might be Missing the Boat
  • 82% of Canadian businesses with websites use some form of online advertising.
  • Of those online advertisers 36% spend money on some form of SEM/SEO activity.
  • Of those that do invest in some form of SEM they spend, on average, less than 18% of their online budget on Search.
  • Of the 45% of online advertisers that advertise in Canada, only less than 25% have tried SEM.
  • In 2006 more than 79% of US online advertisers used or piloted some form of SEM program.
sem is the best way to compete with the big guys
SEM is the Best Way to Compete With the Big Guys

The percentage of large and medium-sized businesses use Sponsored Search is significantly higher compared to small businesses but, the use of online media as whole does not differ by size of business.

Small business(1-4 emp. & sole proprietor)


Advertise Online




Medium business(5-49 employees)

Advertise Online




Large business(50+ employees)

Advertise Online



understand the relationship between seo sem
Understand the Relationship Between SEO/SEM

Organic and Paid Search listings drive

different kinds of consumer actions

online is now a trusted driver for consumer activity
Online is now a trusted Driver for Consumer activity

Best Buy: exit surveys at the register found that 19% would NOT be there, except for the online promotion

Source: Forrester Research/

key online marketing trends through 2010
Key Online Marketing Trends through 2010
  • Consolidation of advertising networks
  • Increased ability to purchase media based on performance and not volume (CPC/CPA vs. CPM)
  • Migration from audience targeting to prospect targeting
  • Migration from the PC to the New TV as the interactive hub of the household