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Lab/Ground Station PowerPoint Presentation
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Lab/Ground Station

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Lab/Ground Station - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lab/Ground Station

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

    Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects Ground Station Ops Extracurricular Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer April 2006 RAFT & MARScom

    Slide 2:Satellite Labs

    Communications, Links, Antennas Communications, Receivers, Losses EPS, Electrical Power System Signals and Telemetry Thermal Lab Indoor Outdoor Noise temperature

    Slide 3:Communications, Links, Antennas

    Wavelength Antenna Size Types Gain, Beamwidth Link Budget SNR SWR Matching UFO

    Slide 4:Communications, Receivers, Losses

    Gain, losses Amps and LNAs Cable losses Geo-Arc Beamwidth Spectrum Analyzer Downconverters Demod, Decoding UFO

    Slide 5:EPS Lab

    Solar Panels I-V curves Distribution Regulation Shadowing RTG demo EPS LABsat Design Lab

    Slide 6:Telemetry Lab

    Sensors Circuits Conditioning Engineering conversion Decoding Protocols

    Slide 7:Thermal Lab

    Conduction Radiation Absorbtivity Emissivity Insulation Hope to make this LABsat-based this Fall

    Slide 8:Attitude Control Labs (LABsats)

    Can demo all but gravity gradient

    Slide 9:USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

    Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects Ground Station Ops Papers & Presentations Extracurricular Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer USNA SATELLITES

    Slide 10:Satellite Design Projects

    NATSweb 1st Sea-Launch (scrubbed in last week!) PCsat Launched 30 Sept 2001 Sapphire -- Launched 30 Sept 2001 PCSAT2 Launched 26 Jul 06 return to flight ARISS Launched on Progress Aug 2003 ANDE Manifest. STS-116 RAFT1 Manifest. STS-116 MARScom Manifest. STS-116 ParkinsonSAT Commenced Spring 2006

    Slide 11:USNA Constellation

    Slide 12:PCsat, launched 30 Sept 2001

    Team: 6 Students, 2 Profs, 1 Engineer Over 2200 mobile Amateur Satellite Users

    Slide 13:PCsat Mission

    Data Relay (Situational Awareness) for Mobiles and Handheld radios. GPS tracking and LIVE to WEB

    Slide 14:Typical PCsat User Station

    Slide 15:Typical Pass Display

    Slide 16:Internet Linked Ground Stns

    Slide 17:Internet Linked Ground Stns

    Slide 18:Internet Linked Data Displays

    Slide 19:PCsat Student Operations

    Slide 20:Other Experiments through PCsat

    Antarctic WX station F-16 downed flyer demo (Rome Air Development Center) Arctic Tracking (trucks up frozen rivers >70 Latitude) ISS Joint Ops (2 weeks of constellation flying) USNA Marconi Re-enactment (St Johns Newfoundland) 2200 other users worldwide

    Slide 21:Current Status

    Current Status

    Slide 22:Air & Space Museum

    Donated April 2004 to Smithsonian For Display At Dulles

    Very short development time Simplicity and off the shelf Educational Project Usable communications service to Users Telemetry for Space Environment Configuration controlled on the ground Bob Bruninga US Naval Academy Satellite Lab Amateur Satellite Service partnering with DOD and ARISS

    Slide 23:PCSAT2, DOD synergy in the Amateur Satellite Service

    Passive Experiment Container - PEC 25 square by 6 thick Suitcase Opens to expose samples to space We got back half!

    Slide 24:DOD MISSE5 Opportunity

    40 Solar Cell Samples Latest triple junction technology

    Slide 25:NASA/Glen Solar Experiment

    Slide 26:The PCSAT2 Student Team

    Satellite Transponders

    Slide 28:PCSAT2 on ISS

    Launch 26 July 2005! EVA-installed 8 days later.

    Slide 29:PCSAT2 Location

    Launch 15 May 2005! EVA-install 8 days later.

    Global Situational Awareness Network Handheld Mobile

    Slide 31:Typical User Station

    Encourage Schools and Students to get involved in Space

    Slide 32:ANDE Satellite

    Atmospheric Drag USNA Comms Telemetry - Temperature - Attitude - Laser Control Joint Project with NRL Primary Lithium Batteries

    Slide 33:ANDE Satellite

    Slide 34:ANDE Satellite

    Slide 35:ANDE Satellite

    Awaiting Launch STS-116 Dec 06

    Slide 36:Stanford Cubesat Projects

    50 in construction! AIAA/USU Conference 30% of all papers were related to CUBESATS

    Slide 37:Simple LABsat TLM/CMD System

    Slide 38:RAFT Project (two Satellites)

    RAFT-1 (~PCsat) MARScom NSSS Radar Fence 216.98 MHz

    Slide 39:NAVSPASUR Radar Fence

    Slide 40:RAFT Project (MARScom)

    UHF AM up HF SSB downlink YP Radios

    Slide 41:USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

    Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects Ground Station Ops Extracurricular Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer PCSAT-1, PCSAT2 12 Meter (AO-40) C/Ku TVRO (NASA TV) Teleconferencing Summer Seminars, Tours AMSAT Tracking

    Slide 42:PCSAT1/2 Telemetry

    & Commanding

    Slide 43:USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

    RS0ISS>PP0PP0,SGATE,qAo: Go Army beat Navy! PCSAT-1>APRS,SGATE,qAo: Go Navy Beat Army! PCSAT2>APRS,SGATE,qAo: Go Navy Beat Army!

    Slide 44:USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

    Satellite and communications Labs Ground Station Ops Satellite Design Projects Extracurricular Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer

    Slide 45:Other Activities

    Space Day (Air&Space) AMSAT (North America) Marconi 100th (St Johns) BSA RadioBadge School Mentoring Balloon Tracking

    Slide 46:AMSAT Operations

    AO-40 Rescue - PCSAT2

    Slide 47:USNA Extracurricular Activities

    Annual Moonbounce Event Football & Boat GPS Tracking, Comms, Imagry, Data, Internet Imagry W3ADO, oldest USNA ECA (1928) Sea Trials