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Idle-Reduction Technology Partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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Idle-Reduction Technology Partnership

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Idle-Reduction Technology Partnership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Idle-Reduction Technology Partnership. Idle Reduction Technology Workshop January 30 2006 . Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop. Webasto Continues Its Growth and Influence as an Innovator In The Climate Control Industry.

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Idle-Reduction Technology Partnership

Idle Reduction Technology Workshop January 30 2006


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

Webasto Continues Its Growth and Influence as an Innovator In The Climate Control Industry

In 1974, Webasto began operations in Canada & USA with In-cab air heaters & engine coolantpreheating for heavy-duty markets and sunroofs for light duty vehicles.

Privately owned company since 1901, Webasto invests heavily in research and development, with an emphasis on innovative products.

May 2004, WPNA celebrated 30-years of operations in North America with its new headquarters in Fenton, Michigan (USA).

With over 6,200 employees based in over 40 countries, Webasto services heavy-duty truck, motorcoach, transit, shuttle, school bus, marine, military, off-highway, RV and light-duty vehicle markets.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

The Many Reasons Why Idle Reduction Hasn’t Become A Part Of Operating Procedure

Driver Habits

Traditionally Low Diesel Fuel Prices

Little concern for the environment

No financial consequences


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

The Cost Of Idling Is Impactful In The Air and Under The Hood


One liter of diesel fuel produces 2.8 kilograms of Green House Gases (GHGs).

An hour of idling produces 11.2 kilograms of GHGs.

A year's worth of idling (2,000 hours) produces over 20 tons of GHGs.

Engine Wear & Tear

Additional Engine maintenance required due to idling results in cost from $200-$2000/yr


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

The Idling Impact on the Wallet and on the Dependence on Foreign Oil

Wasted Fuel

Fuel waste due to unnecessary idling results in 0.8-1.5 gal/hour (NREL/TP-540-33629, EPA 420-R-02-025)

1.2 billion gallons a year of fuel are consumed in the US by truck idling

Operating Cost

Studies show annual idling cost range from $3000 to $7000 per truck


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

The Signs Of No-Idling Regulations Begin Enforcement

25-States in the US maintain maximum idling time stipulations.

Idling times vary from NO-IDLING (UT) to 15-minutes (NV).

Fines have ranged as high as $25,000 (Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality).

Notable proponents include the California Air Resources Board, Environmental Protection Divisions, Air Quality Agencies, Department of Energy, Health Departments and local agencies


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

No-Idling Corridors Begin To Make Their Way Across the U.S.

Washington D.C.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

Light-Duty Vehicle Remote Starters Doing Damage

In 2004 over 4 million remote starters were installed in North America. The practice of remote vehicle starting and subsequent unnecessary idling is growing at an alarming rate of 12.6% annually. – source Martec Study

Without a change, in 2010 OEM and aftermarket remote start idling will contribute the following annual emissions:

195,350 Tons of CO

803 Tons of NOx

15,673 Tons of HC

6,363,698 Tons of CO2

-Source EPA Approved Laboratory

The Tonnage figures shown above do NOT include emission data from passenger vehicles idling not equipped with an OEM or aftermarket remote starting devise.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

BlueHeat Provides No-Idle Solutions for Light-Duty Engine & Interior Preheating

Mounts under the hood, gets power from the battery, and is activated by timer or heater remote.

Heater circulates and preheats engine coolant to 180 degrees.

Blower fan activates, sending warm air to the interior.

No scraping windshields.

No-Idling for heat.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

WPNA Heaters Provide No-Idle Solutions for Cold Starts & In-Cab Heating

Engine Coolant Preheaters Forced Air In-Cab HeatingSystems

DBW 2010

45,000 Btu/h

Northern States

Thermo 90 S

31,000 Btu/h

Class 7 & 8

TSL 17

17,200 Btu/h

Class 3-8

Air Top 3500

12,000 Btu/h


Air Top 2000

7,000 Btu/h



Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

BlueCool Truck Features No-Idle Bunk Cooling

Control Panel with fan and temperature control operation.

Can be used as a circulating fan.

Very low amp draw of 3.5 – 6.5 amps

Refrigeration and cold storage unit.

Cab mounted air chiller/handler.

1/2 the weight of other systems (300 lbs.)

17,000 Btu’s cold storage unit.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

BlueCool Truck Delivers Company & Driver Benefits

A cool, quiet night’s sleep with no interruptions from engines starting, compressors starting, or temperature variations.

Increased safety from getting a good night’s sleep.

Ability to get a cool night’s sleep regardless of state/local non-idling ordinances.

Elimination of fines for idling.

Capability to keep the cab below 70 degrees F for 9-hrs. in 90+ degree F ambient temperatures.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

BlueCool Truck Summer Swing Truck Tour

Summer Leg Include:

Green Bay













Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

In 2010, Webasto APU Prepares To Make A Huge Impact

Total engine independent power solution for Truck, Bus, and Passenger Car, completely eliminating the need to idle

Solves all cooling, heating, and electrical power needs

Technology developed internally with no outside sources of funding used or required

Fuel cell is powered by diesel fuel, gasoline or natural gas utilizing reformer technology

First prototypes ranging 1 to 5 kW are currently being tested; full production is scheduled for 2010


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

Markets Welcome The Concept C5…Complete Cabin Comfort Climate Control

Combining heating, cooling and ventilation to vehicles allows for an operator to perform better.

Light-Duty: BlueHeat & Sunroofs.

Heavy-Duty Truck: Air Top 2000 & BlueCool Truck.

Marine: BlueHeat Marine & BlueCool Marine.

Bus: Coolant Heater & BlueCool Bus.


Idle-Reduction Technology Workshop

Webasto Advantage From Our Plant To Your Bottom-line

Quick response, professionally trained customer service teams.

Toll-FREE technical support (800) 555-4518 USA (800) 667-8900 Canada.

On and Off-site sales, product and maintenance training available.

Strong product warranty with an interactive web site.

Extensive dealer and distributor network.

Contact your Webasto representative for application details.