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How To Configure A DVR To Work With Your LAN Network

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How To Configure A DVR To Work With Your LAN Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adding recording and storage functionality to a surveillance system is a great choice and in this presentation the author provides a guide to set up a DVR to work on LAN network. Get more information regarding the installation at

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  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are used to record images and video from CCTV cameras.
  • You can shop for digital video recorders online or buy it from your local electronic store.
  • This guide shows how to configure a DVR to work with your local area network (LAN).


  • A local area network to connect the DVR and the computer
  • A LAN cable connected to an internet modem.
  • DVR remote viewer software in a CD-ROM that comes with the DVR package.
  • If you shopped for the digital video recorder online, you can download the software from the manufacturer’s site.

Finding the LAN’s TCP/IP Settings

  • On the computer desktop, press “windows button + R” and then type “cmd”.
  • On the command prompt screen, type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  • Note down the top most results (DNS Suffix, IP, subnet mask & Default Gateway) along with the numbers on their sides.
  • The numbers are the addresses of the respective values.

Assigning A Static IP Address To The DVR

  • Change the number after the 3rd dot in the IP address obtained above. Choose a 3-digit number greater than the existing one.
  • Type “ping<space><new IP address>” in the command prompt and press Enter.
  • The output should show 4 lines of “Request timed out”
  • If not, repeat the above 3 steps, choosing a different number each time.

Setting Up TCP/IP in DVR

  • Open the TCP/IP setup menu in the DVR.
  • Enter the static IP address assigned to the DVR in the previous step.
  • Enter “” as the subnet mask number.
  • Enter the default gateway obtained in the “Finding LAN’s TCP/IP” section.
  • Enter port number as “8000” if asked.

Installing the DVR Remote Viewer Software

  • In the command prompt, type ping <DVR’s IP address>.
  • If all 4 results show data was sent and received, the connection is working properly.
  • Put the CD in the CD Drive, or double click on the software downloaded off the internet.
  • Move on to the next step after installation is complete.

Configuring the Software

  • In the IP address field, enter the DVR’s IP address as obtained in the previous steps.
  • In the port field, enter 8000.
  • Leave the ‘user ID’ and ‘password’ fields blank.
  • Connect the DVR through the internet.