packaging design key requirements in the thermoformed package development process l.
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Packaging Design: Key Requirements in the Thermoformed Packa PowerPoint Presentation
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Packaging Design: Key Requirements in the Thermoformed Packa

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Packaging Design: Key Requirements in the Thermoformed Packa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you need custom packaging for your consumer, medical or electronics device? Take a look at this presentation from Flekpak Corp's VP of Business Development, Jim Boley. Also visit

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Packaging Design: Key Requirements in the Thermoformed Packa

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Presentation Transcript
packaging design projects
Packaging Design Projects

The goal with any packaging design project is to deliver a creative, cost-effective solution that meets all customer requirements. To do that a thermoformed packaging contractor must perfect its development process.

Key requirements in the process include team expertise, solid two-way communication, advanced computer technology and defined phases for customer input.

packaging design team expertise
Packaging Design Team Expertise

The most important evaluation criterion when selecting a packaging design contractor is the qualification of the team. What is the team’s expertise level? Can you substantiate its expertise? Have they won any awards?

You also need to know about experience as it relates to products like yours within your industry. If you’re a medical products manufacturer, for example, does your prospective packaging vendor have direct experience in your market?

packaging design team expertise4
Packaging Design Team Expertise

Most companies operate in very competitive marketplaces. To make sure you have every edge possible, you need to have partners working with you who can help you succeed. A well-qualified packaging team will meet the most demanding production requirements.

In fact, an experienced team will carefully analyze your requirements by considering the following criteria:

  • Product positioning in the marketplace
  • Type of presentation desired
  • Method of delivery to the end-user customer
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Perceived value
  • Level of visibility required
  • Level of protection required
packaging design communication
Packaging Design Communication

Solid communication is the basis to any packaging project’s success. Members of the packaging team must be accessible when you need them. The marketplace has become crowded and exceptionally competitive.

Your product needs packaging that will position your product in the best way possible. And, you need to get your product to market as fast as possible. You will have a difficult time accomplishing these feats if you don’t have a synergistic relationship with your packaging contractor.

Communication between the customer and the packaging design team’s members must be easy, instant and direct, regardless of location. It’s important your packaging contractor has experience working with remote and multiple locations. Your vendor should be able to exhibit a formal communication process during your selection evaluation.

packaging design communication6
Packaging Design Communication

The process should indicate how and when communication will take place. Important items to define include:

  • Who will be the contacts at your packaging vendor for the different aspects of your project?
  • How do you reach each of these contacts and can you expect them to be available when you need them?
  • What are the preferred methods of communication for each project phase? For example, when will electronic communications be used? When will on-site visits be required?
packaging design technology
Packaging Design Technology

Advances in technology can help produce better products in less time and at reduced costs. Evaluate your packaging design contractor’s facilities and production equipment.

Do they use the latest technology throughout the design process? Do they keep abreast of industry changes and improvements in technology?

packaging design customer input
Packaging Design Customer Input

Throughout the packaging design process, customer input is vital to meeting requirements. This input should be part of a formal process that’s established and communicated before your project begins.

For example, you should provide feedback and approvals at these points in the package development:

  • Start of project – An initial conference with your packaging contractor is important to clarify your project’s goals. The team needs to make sure to understand the success factors involved. For example, what’s notable about your marketplace? What purpose will the end product serve? What purpose does the package have to serve? Does the package require special features? Does the design have any material constraints?
  • Concept validation – Once your packaging design team has a thorough understanding of your project requirements, success factors and constraints, you need to see a packaging concept. The team should create and deliver a virtual, 3-D design concept.
packaging design customer input9
Packaging Design Customer Input

For example, you should provide feedback and approvals at these points in the package development:

  • Prototype – After you approve the packaging concept, your packaging design team moves to developing a prototype. Based on the virtual concept design, the team develops prototypes of your packaging parts so you can verify form, fit and function.
  • Fabrication – With a prototype approved, your design team creates and fabricates production mold tooling.
  • Production – At this point, you will approve the first article part.
packaging design success
Packaging Design Success

Your success depends on the quality of your vendors’ work. Therefore, you must evaluate potential packaging design firms carefully and completely. To develop a true partnership, look for a packaging contractor who has verifiable expertise and uses the most advanced technologies.

Equally important, select a packaging firm who values communication and has formal processes established for your input throughout project development.

about the author
About the Author

Jim Boley is VP of Business Development at Flexpak Corporation, a world-class supplier of custom thermoforming and packaging solutions since 1974. For more information about packaging design, please visit today.