food packaging suppliers what to consider when choosing food packaging suppliers l.
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Food Packaging Suppliers: What to Consider When Choosing Foo PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Packaging Suppliers: What to Consider When Choosing Foo

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Food Packaging Suppliers: What to Consider When Choosing Foo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for a food packaging supplier? Take a look at this presentation from Jim Boley, VP of Business Development at Flexpak Corporation and visit today.

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Food Packaging Suppliers: What to Consider When Choosing Foo

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food packaging suppliers
Food Packaging Suppliers

When you select a food packaging supplier, you must evaluate the company’s competencies and experience based on strict criteria. Food packaging suppliers must be well versed in regulatory requirements to protect the public. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has compiled extensive regulations to which all food packaging suppliers must adhere. Suppliers must also balance end user protection with safeguarding a product’s branding.

food packaging suppliers3
Food Packaging Suppliers

FDA’s complex and extensive regulations ensure the safety of the food the public consumes. Understanding governmental food packaging regulations help prevent costly lawsuits and potentially damaging media inquiries.

There are many serious consequences of falling short of regulatory compliance.. First, people can be injured. Then, the company can lose the confidence of its customers, suffer bad press and have its brand harmed to a point it may never recover.

food packaging suppliers4
Food Packaging Suppliers

How Do Food Packaging Suppliers Understand Regulation?

The sheer volume and complexity of food packaging regulations is daunting to even the experienced supplier. However challenging, the supplier must understand current regulations thoroughly, and keep up with new all new and revised governmental regulations.

An experienced food packaging supplier can help businesses understand regulations and provide safe, compliant solutions. Relying on a well qualified partner with a proven track record can ease the burden of regulatory compliance.

food packaging suppliers5
Food Packaging Suppliers

Evaluating Food Packaging Suppliers

A competent food packaging supplier must still have an understanding of regulation to best evaluate a supplier’s regulatory expertise, analytical capabilities, testing procedures, quality measures and more.

To begin a successful partnership, companies must know what questions to ask of potential food packaging suppliers. Safe food packaging, satisfied consumers and continual brand loyalty depend on selecting the best supplier.

food packaging suppliers6
Food Packaging Suppliers

Evaluating Food Packaging Suppliers

Qualified food packaging suppliers will make understanding FDA regulations a top priority. This commitment is necessary given regulatory complexity. High performance requires significant financial investment as well. The supplier must have the appropriate packaging equipment and infrastructure to best meet requirements.

The evaluation of food packaging suppliers should begin with understanding the level of expertise you need for your particular application. With a thorough understanding of your project requirements, you can determine which regulations apply to your project and begin to evaluate suppliers.

food packaging suppliers7
Food Packaging Suppliers

The following questions represent a good starting point for your selection process:

What specific regulations affect the materials you’ll be purchasing from the supplier?

What level of testing has the supplier performed on these materials?

What restrictions are associated with each material?

What back-up data can be presented for food safety and these prospective materials to be used in the packaging project?

food packaging suppliers8
Food Packaging Suppliers

The following questions represent a good starting point for your selection process:

What processes are in place to ensure quality?

Does the infrastructure house the most advanced manufacturing equipment?

What is the supplier’s experience level with projects of your type?

Has the supplier been in business for a long period and with a verifiable track record?

food packaging suppliers9
Food Packaging Suppliers

These questions represent a starting point when selecting food packaging suppliers. Just as regulatory compliance is complex, so is the evaluation process; however, you need to be sure you get the best partner on-board to help ensure end user safety and the long-term viability of your brand.

about the author
About the Author

Jim Boley is VP of Business Development at Flexpak Corporation, a world-class supplier of custom thermoforming and packaging solutions since 1974. For more information about food packaging, please visit today.