ibm storwize family update more performance more efficiency no compromises n.
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IBM Storwize Family Update More performance. More efficiency. No compromises. PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM Storwize Family Update More performance. More efficiency. No compromises.

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IBM Storwize Family Update More performance. More efficiency. No compromises. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IBM Storwize Family Update More performance. More efficiency. No compromises. CEOs: Technology Will be Driving Change Through 2015*. Is your storage infrastructure optimized for the greatest efficiency of all your applications and resources?

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IBM Storwize Family Update More performance. More efficiency. No compromises.

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Presentation Transcript
ceos technology will be driving change through 2015
CEOs: Technology Will be Driving Change Through 2015*

Is your storage infrastructure optimized for the greatest efficiency of all your applications and resources?

Does your storage infrastructure enable you to provide rich, actionable insight?

“71% of CEOs identify technology change as the most important external force impacting their organizations”*

78% CFOs report that pressure remains high to control costs and increase efficiency

* IBM, Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study, May 2012.

the real question will your infrastructure block or enable change
The Real QuestionWill your infrastructure block or enable change?

Only 1 in 5

clients have highly efficient IT infrastructures

allocating 50% more of their IT budget to new projects1

1IBM, Data center operational efficiency best practices, April 2012.

ibm storwize family everything you need from your storage and less
IBM Storwize Family Everything you need from your storage… and less

Buy Less


Award winning simplicity

Deploy Quickly & Flexibly

Embedded Analytics

Improve What

You Have

IBM & non-IBM


Start Small

& Scale-up

continuing delivery of enhanced capability and value
Continuing Delivery of Enhanced Capability and Value

Storwize V3700Flex System V7000

November 2012

New Standard for Midrange Storage: Storwize V7000

October 2010

Unified Storage

Active Cloud Engine

Storwize V7000 Unified

October 2011

May 2011Clustering

VMware APIs

10Gb iSCSI

April 2012Real-time Compression


June 2013Storwize V3700 enhancements

SVC compression performance

Easy Tier and compression

Capacity and VM scalability

Global Active Cloud Engine

storwize family significant milestones through march
Storwize Family Significant Milestones Through March
  • Over 23,000systems purchased
    • Includes Storwize V3000, V7000 and V7000 Unified systems
  • Over 56,000 total enclosures deployed
    • Averaging 2.5 expansion units per system (Storwize V7000)
  • Over 760PB of capacity
    • Over 1 million drives
  • Delivering five nines availability

Thank You!

june 10 announcements
June 10 Announcements




General availability June 14, 2003

  • Storwize Family Software Version 7
    • New name for software running on all Storwize family systems including SVC
  • New disk drives
  • New SAS HIC for Storwize V3700
  • Enhanced compression performance for SVC engines
  • Additional Fibre Channel ports for SVC engines

General availability June 28, 2013

  • Storwize V7000 Unified File Module software Version 1.4.1

Statement of Direction

IBM intends to enhance Storwize V7000, in addition to IBM SAN VolumeController, and IBM XIV, with SmartCloud Storage Access and support forself-service provisioning of cloud block storage. SmartCloudStorageAccess would also provide storage data consumption information forchargeback and other purposes, and would enable Independent SoftwareVendor (ISV) integration through a storage cloud API (REST).

ibm storwize family 2q13 enhancements
IBM Storwize Family 2Q13 Enhancements




  • 33% greater capacity with new 1.2TB and 4TB drives
  • Support for Easy Tier and Real-time Compression together
  • Scalability enhancements: 4xprevious limits
  • Enhanced IBM i support
  • Storwize V3700: Turbo performance, Easy Tier, Remote Mirror, SAS Host attach, up to 2040 FlashCopy targets
  • SVC: 3x maximum throughput for Real-time Compression, more fibre channel ports, improved tiered licensing model
  • Storwize V7000 Unified: IBM Active Cloud Engine global caching support
new disk drive options
New Disk Drive Options



  • 1.2TB 10K RPM SFF SAS disk drive
    • 33% more capacity than 900GB drive
  • 4TB 7,200 RPM LFF NL-SAS disk drive
    • 33% more capacity than 3TB drive
  • May be freely intermixed with other drives and SSDs
  • Provide greater scalability
    • Storwize V7000 now up to 1.9PB
    • Supports client business growth
    • Enables greater consolidation
  • Disk Magic provides performance modeling
  • For Storwize V3500 and Storwize V3700
    • Select 15K and 10K SFF drives now available for LFF enclosures
      • 900GB and 1.2TB 10K RPM, and 300GB 15K RPM
    • Enables mix of these drives and LFF drives in small systems
    • Meets client requirement for drive mix at lower cost
real time compression enhancements
Real-time Compression Enhancements



  • Up to double throughput with existing systems
    • Software upgrade dramatically improves throughput
  • Ability to use Real-time Compression and Easy Tier together
    • No need to choose between efficiency and performance
  • Enhanced SVC hardware delivers up to triplethroughput forworkloads using Real-time Compression
    • Restores full performance for non-compressed workloads
increased compression write performance
Increased Compression Write Performance


  • Up to doublewrite sequential throughput on existing systems
    • More modest improvements for reads
  • Significantly improved throughput simply by upgrading to Version 7
  • Increases compression bandwidth
  • Use compression with more enterprise applications: save more capacity


easy tier and compression used together
Easy Tier and Compression Used Together



  • Previously, a volume could be enabled for Easy Tier orReal-time Compression but not both
    • Forced a choice between improved performance and efficiency
  • Now you can use both functions for the same volume at the same time
    • Enjoy improved performance and up to 5x compression for the same data
    • No competitive system offers similar capability
  • Easy Tier algorithm adjusted when compression used
  • Improve performance up to3xand compress data up to 80%
easy tier and compression used together tpc c workload
Easy Tier and Compression Used TogetherTPC-C Workload



Better than one-third response time

svc node enhanced for compression
SVC Node Enhanced for Compression


  • RPQ adds CPU and memory resources to SVC 2145-CG8 nodes
    • Available for CG8 nodes with serial number above N0000
    • Mutually exclusive with internal SSDs
  • Increases compression throughput by up to three times
  • Restores full performance for non-compressed workloads
  • Enables compression benefits with much wider scope of workloads and storage systems
  • Compression can be applied to IBM FlashSystem and combined with Easy Tier
  • Available for ordering today – existing and new systems (RPQ 8S1296)
    • Storwize Family Software or later
enhanced svc hardware performance improvement
Enhanced SVC Hardware Performance Improvement


  • Meets large scale enterprise workload requirements
  • Compress more workloads and save more storage
  • Real-time Compression is the only compression usable with active primary data
    • Performance and efficiency
  • Measurements below performed with TPC-C workload

More than three times transaction rate

Almost four times I/O rate

storwize v3700 and storwize v3500 sas host attach
Storwize V3700 and Storwize V3500 SAS Host Attach


  • Low-cost, high performance host attachment option
  • Three available SAS ports already present on each controller (six per system)
    • Enabled with upgrade to Version 7 code
    • SAS ports operational for host attach at no additional charge
  • For Storwize V3700 only, optional HIC provides additional four ports per controller (eight per system)
  • SAS direct attach only (no switches or expanders)
  • Ideal for cost conscious clients with small number of servers
    • Up to 15x throughput of 1Gb iSCSI
  • Supported with selected host types
    • SLES 10.4, SLES 11.1, SLES 11.2, RHEL 5.8, RHEL 6.1
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, SP2, Windows Server 2012
    • AIX and VMware under development
storwize v3700 sas and fibre channel options
Storwize V3700 SAS and Fibre Channel Options


  • SAS+FC
  • One SAS expansion port (port 4)
  • Three SAS host ports
  • Four FC ports

SAS only

  • One SAS expansion port (port 4)
  • Seven SAS host ports
  • No FC ports
storwize v3700 turbo performance
Storwize V3700 Turbo Performance


  • New turbo performance option improves maximum system throughput
    • Up to 50% greater IOPS
    • Up to 100% greater MB/s throughput
  • Actual client experience will depend on workloads and number of drives installed
    • If necessary, verify with Disk Magic
  • Enabled through key
    • No hardware change
    • Nondisruptive upgrade
  • Supports growing customer businesses
  • Purchase additional performance only when needed
storwize v3700 maximum system throughput
Storwize V3700 Maximum System Throughput


Note: Measurements are in systems unconstrained by number of disk drives

storwize v3700 easy tier
Storwize V3700 Easy Tier


  • IBM Easy Tier option now available for Storwize V3700
  • Create volumes in hybrid pool containing HDD and SSD
  • Easy Tier constantly analyzes I/O and migrates data to optimize performance
  • Unlike competitive tiering offerings, set it and forget it
  • Easy Tier delivers significant improvements with modest investment in SSD
    • Improve application performance up to 3x with only 5% SSD
  • Use STAT tool to size SSD
storwize v3700 flashcopy
Storwize V3700 FlashCopy


  • FlashCopy (“snapshot”) function included as standard with up to 64 targets
    • May be 64 copies of one volume, or 32 copies of two volumes, and so on
  • New option enables up to 2040 target copies
    • Up to 256 copies of any individual volume
  • Enables taking more or more frequent copies
    • Support more VMs from a single master copy
    • Enables more work to proceed in parallel
  • More copies can reduce impact of having to use a backup copy
    • For example, taking a copy every hour instead of every day
    • Reduces potential impact by up to 95%
storwize v3700 remote mirror
Storwize V3700 Remote Mirror


  • New option enables replication of selected volumes to remote system
    • Primarily intended for disaster recovery
  • Partner system may be any Storwize family offering
    • Offers great configuration flexibility
    • Must also be licensed for remote mirror
  • Three remote mirror techniques supported
    • Metro Mirror: synchronous, up to 300km distance
    • Global Mirror: asynchronous, up to 8000km distance
    • Global Mirror with change volumes: lower bandwidth option
  • Fibre channel or 10GbE HIC (for FCoE) required for communication with remote system
    • FCIP routers may be used for IP connections
  • Strongly recommend pre-sale TDAto validate plans and assumptions
  • The replication functions in TPC provide sophisticated remote mirror management
storwize v3700 licensed functions
Storwize V3700 Licensed Functions


  • Turbo performance, Easy Tier, remote mirror, and FlashCopy upgrade are optional licensed functions
    • License applies to entire system (no per-enclosure licensing)
  • Clients can enable one-time trial for any function* from GUI
    • Function automatically disabled after 90 days if not licensed
  • IBM ships printed page with authorization code when function ordered
    • Not associated with any specific machine
    • May be stocked by business partners if desired
  • Two options for enabling functions
    • Automatic: Client enters authorization code into GUI of internet-attached Storwize V3700; system validates code with IBM and enables function
    • Manual: Client enters authorization code and machine details into DSFA web site, which validates and creates a license key. Client enters license key into Storwize V3700 GUI, which enables function
  • Authorization code can be used only once; license key is specific to one machine
  • Licenses cannot be transferred between systems: if system is sold, license ownership transfers with it

* Trial not available for FlashCopy upgrade option

enhanced ibm i support without vios
Enhanced IBM i Support Without VIOS




  • Native attachment to IBM i without VIOS
    • Applies to SVC, Storwize V7000, and Storwize V3700
    • Storwize Family Software or later
  • Supports both direct and switched Fibre Channel attachment
    • POWER7 servers with PCIe 4Gb or 8Gb FC cards
    • IBM i 7.1 TR6
    • FC switch required for 8Gb FC card;optional for 4Gb FC cards
  • Greatly simplifies Storwize family attachment to IBM i
  • Eases migration from internal disk to SAN-attached storage
    • Enables sharing storage resource with other servers
scalability enhancements
Scalability Enhancements




  • Hosts per I/O Group
    • Increased 4x to 1024
    • Enables growth to support larger environments
  • Volumes per host
    • Increased 4x to 2048
    • Enables more flexibility when assigning capacity to servers
    • Max total volumes per I/O Group unchanged
  • WWPNs per I/O Group
    • Increased 4x to 2048
    • Enables deployments with more VMs, especially with PowerVM
  • Storwize V3700 has one I/O Group; all other systems have 1-4
additional fibre channel ports for svc
Additional Fibre Channel Ports for SVC


  • Feature AHA7adds four additional fibre channel ports
    • Model CG8 engines only, V6.4.1.4 or later
    • Mutually exclusive with 10GbE ports and internal SSDs
    • Must be added to both engines in I/O Group
    • Nondisruptive CE-installed upgrade
  • Total eight ports per engine; 16 ports per I/O Group
  • May be used for all SVC communication
    • Inter-node communication
    • Remote Mirror
    • Server attachment (V7 software only)
    • Storage attachment (V7 software, first 6 ports only)
  • Satisfies client requirements for more ports
    • Separate remote mirror traffic for better performance
    • Separate inter-node communication (especially with stretched cluster)
    • More ports for server attachment
  • Can improve write throughput up to doublein constrained environments
    • Separating traffic may also reduce network congestion and so improve performance
san volume controller revised software tier structure
SAN Volume Controller Revised Software Tier Structure


  • New tier levels and new prices per tier
  • Significantly reduces price for very small and very large configurations
  • FlashCopy and Remote Mirror prices now same as base virtualization
    • Very significant reduction for Remote Mirror in most tiers
  • Existing users will see new prices
    • When upgrading capacity
    • When renewing subscription and support
  • SVC licensing aggregates together all sites in a country
san volume controller revised software tier structure1
SAN Volume Controller Revised Software Tier Structure


Note: For Version 6, table shows base virtualization and remote mirror prices per tier. For Version 7, base virtualization and remote mirror prices are the same. For both versions, FlashCopy prices are the same as base virtualization.

client reactions
Client Reactions
  • Storwize Family Software Version 7
    • “It was not difficult to upgrade the code on the [Storwize] V7000, anyone [with knowledge] of the V7000 [will find that] the code upgrade can easily be done”
  • Storwize V3700 option licensing
    • “The activation process on IBM Storwize V3700 is very easy to use and understand. In this case the automatic activation process wasn’t possible, but the functionality as such seems very easy to use. It is very easy to get an overview on the licensed features and what state they’re currently in. It is very easy to activate license keys, both manually and using an XML file, the process is very intuitive and easy to understand.”
multiple site challenge
Multiple Site Challenge

V7000 Unified

  • Many organizations need to share data among users at different sites
  • Today’s options force undesirable compromises
  • Users can share a single central copy
    • High networking bandwidth costs
    • Poor performance
    • Loss of access in case of network failure
  • Copies of data held at remote sites
    • Administrative overhead of making copies
    • Data becomes stale: users see out-of-date information
ibm active cloud engine advanced global functionality
IBM Active Cloud Engine: Advanced Global Functionality

V7000 Unified

Will be


On Demand

Push or pull

  • Storwize V7000 Unified and SONAS systems in a network
  • Central site can be source where data is created, maintained, updated, changed
  • Local copy for remote users
  • Multiple distribution options
    • Push data to edges for WAN optimization
    • Periodically pre-fetch by policy or pull on demand
    • Revalidate data on access
    • Write data remotely, send to central site
  • Centralized management, backup, HSM
  • Addresses remote site issues
    • Better performance
    • Lower networking cost
    • Better data currency
    • Simplified administration

Centralized management and backup



Can read

or write

  • Central office / branch office
  • Collaboration in the cloud
  • Ingest / disseminate
smartcloud storage access statement of direction
SmartCloud Storage Access Statement of Direction



  • Self-service provisioning support for SVC, Storwize V7000, and XIV block storage
    • Supports IT staff, application owners, developers and specialized users in provisioning block storage
    • Streamlines provisioning by eliminating need to coordinate with other teams
  • Storage usage metrics export function
    • Enables chargeback capability to using departments
    • Supports IBM SmartCloud Cost Management and other third party accounting and billing tools
  • Independent Software Vendor integration through a storage cloud (REST) API
    • Integration points available to support industry specific applications

IBM's statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM's sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code, or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.

financing storwize family obtain the benefits of storwize family with ibm global financing

Total Purchase Price

  • Monthly Payment
  • =
  • 12
Financing Storwize family Obtain the benefits of Storwize family with IBM Global Financing

Full payout lease at 0%Interest for 12 months¹

IBM Global Financing provides predictable monthly paymentsspread out across 12-month term

  • Realize predictable monthly payments
  • Preserve cash flow for higher-yield investments
  • Acquire more within your current budget
  • Accelerate the implementation of new technology


¹IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government clients. Rates and availability are based on a client’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment and product type and options, and may vary by country. Non-hardware items must be one-time, non-recurring charges and are financed by means of loans. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice and may not be available in all countries.

Optimize Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller Availability (SVC) with Enterprise Level Technical Support Services

IBM Technical Support Services

Service Features

  • 3-year integrated support packages for Storwize V7000 and SVC
  • Proactive monitoring via ‘call home’ capabilities to help reduce downtime
  • Expert support from designated specialists; enhanced response time

Client Benefits

  • Optimize availability of business-critical systems
  • Maximize end-user productivity
  • Designed to minimize the costs/business impact of a problem, when one has occurred
  • Free up IT resources for innovation

General Availability is July 23rd, 2013

¹SW SEV 1 only. 2Availability varies by geo. Does not include software setup.

storwize v7000 and svc premium and enterprise support options
Storwize V7000 and SVC Premium and Enterprise Support Options
  • US / Japan: Premium or Enterprise Support
    • Sell Storwize V7000 / SVC into Sector accounts with either Premium or Enterprise Support to significantly enhance the overall client IBM experience
  • Europe / CEEMEA / Canada / LA / AP: Premium Support (Enterprise not available)
    • Sell Premium Support for clients requiring mission critical storage support
  • Obtain pricing and packaging support through Sales Transaction Services (STS) teamor Business Partner sales teams

Support Option availability and contacts

ibm storwize family 2q13 enhancements more performance more efficiency no compromises
IBM Storwize Family 2Q13 EnhancementsMore performance. More efficiency. No compromises.
  • 33% greater capacity with new 1.2TB and 4TB drives
  • Support for Easy Tier and Real-time Compression together
  • Scalability enhancements: 4xprevious limits
  • Enhanced IBM i support
  • Storwize V3700: Turbo performance, Easy Tier, Remote Mirror, SAS Host attach, up to 2040 FlashCopy targets
  • SVC: 3x maximum throughput for Real-time Compression, more fibre channel ports, improved tiered licensing model
  • Storwize V7000 Unified: IBM Active Cloud Engine global caching support
find out more
Find Out More
  • Storwize family web site
  • Storwize family sales kit
    • SSI:
    • PW:
  • ISV solutions and white papers
  • IBM storage videos