how to organize cruise in croatia n.
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How to Organize Cruise in Croatia? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Organize Cruise in Croatia?

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How to Organize Cruise in Croatia? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Organize Cruise in Croatia?

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  1. How to Organize Cruise in Croatia?

  2. Croatia offers you a wide range of luxury charter yachts for your vacation with closed ones. Get the entire offers just one click away on the browse. Drain all the information regarding luxury Yacht charter in Croatia. With the term luxury, you can understand it refers to an expensive and kitted up with professional crew members. Most used forms of yachts are – power and sailing. The two of these are designed with intensive care, optimum standards, and perfection maintenance.

  3. Specifications of a luxury yacht A super powerful yacht starts in a measure from 12 meters of length up to 23 meters long. The luxury yachts with 23 meters dimension are equipped with highly trained, professional and experienced crew for safety measures. The luxury yachts charter in Croatia is inbuilt with three to four decks, accommodation of 12 visitors capacity cabins, in which the lower deck is for swimming, few cabins for the guests and the other deck for the crew members. It also comprises with - 1. Saloon 2. Dining room 3. Galley 4. Owner’s study Some of the yachts are often attached with Jacuzzi roof and these are called Mega yachts. They have lavish out fitment of hi-tech and modern equipment.

  4. Arouse in Yacht Tourism In past few years, a significant demand has been noticed in nautical tourism. The demand for luxury yachts in the commencement of 20th century is understood when the huge mega yachts are chartered for pleasure. The remarkable construction of luxury yachts brought revolution by providing a platform for helicopter landing. It has huge cabins and VIP suites too. With a luxury yacht charter in Croatia, you can explore the immense beauty of the nearby islands, eye gearing sceneries and exploration of exotic coastlines around the world. Yacht charter is one of the top revenue earners in yachting sector.

  5. Croatia is one of the enchanting countries located on the sea of Adriatic with thousands of islands, reefs, and vistas for exploration. The reasons which raise the vacation numbers through luxury yacht charters in Croatia is due to its unbeatable beauty, history of its old towns and incredible cities. Highlighted destinations - • Medieval Hvar city • Dalmation coastline • Dancing nights at Cape diem • Dubrovnik food

  6. Available Luxury yacht charter in Croatia - 1. Super yachts – yachts length between 12 meters to 23 meters. With updated technology. 2. Motor attached yachts – yachts having motors used for racing. 3. Yachts for sailing – meant for sailing with skippers. 4. Explorer yachts – designed with super quality. 5. Classic yachts – lavish designing and huge cabins.