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Hip. By William Smashey, Jon Vogeding , Vince Colucci. Hip training PRograms. Sports medicine researchers have begun to realize that weakness in the hips contribute to hip injuries or lower extremity injuries.

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William Smashey, Jon Vogeding, Vince Colucci

hip training programs
Hip training PRograms
  • Sports medicine researchers have begun to realize that weakness in the hips contribute to hip injuries or lower extremity injuries.
  • Today training programs inadequately train the hips or omit core training altogether.
  • Ice Hockey Goalies and runners are at high risk for these injuries
muscle make up of hip
Muscle make-up of hip
  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Piriformis
  • ObturatorinternusGamelli
  • QuadratusFemoris
  • Obturatorexternus
training the hips
  • Coaches and Athletes need to be able to recognize when an athlete is weak in his or her hips and correct it with specific exercise strategies.
  • If an athlete demonstrates functional hip weakness her or she should begin on Phase 1 of the workout.
phase one
Phase One

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Single Leg Balance with shoulder row

phase two
Phase Two



Side Bridge with Straight Leg raise

gluteus medius gm
Gluteus Medius (GM)
  • Origin: Outer surface of the ilium between the middle and posterior gluteal line.
  • Insertion: Lateral surface of the greater trochanter of the femur
  • Primarily a hip abductor. Frontal plan
  • stability of the pelvic.
  • Weak GM: can result in numerous lower extremities injuries and abnormalities in the gait cycle.
trendelenburg test
Trendelenburg Test
  • Testing…….
  • Most Commonly Known
  • Assess the ability of the GM to hold the pelvic level.
  • The Single-leg balance and anterior overhead reach test.
strengthening the gm
Strengthening the GM
  • Exercises
  • Cable Hip Abductor
  • Seated Machine hip abductor
  • Side lying leg lifts

Both Bilateral and unilateral Squats on a stable or unstable surface.

High Reps.

exercising post hip injury
Exercising Post Hip Injury
  • Ask a Doctor
  • Hip Injury vs. Hip Replacement
  • Ranges of Motion
  • Exertion
  • Just a few
    • The Bridge
    • The Squat
    • Outer Leg Lifts/ Hip Abduction
    • Inner Leg Lifts/ Hip Adduction
    • Leg Extension
    • Sets/Reps
    • 3/15
  • Starter
  • Re-strengthening
  • Warnings