soar welcome to your una home n.
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SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home! PowerPoint Presentation
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SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home!

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SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home!. To create a supportive and engaging residential community which enables students to foster their personal development and academic success. This is accomplished through our Values: Collaboration Service Engagement Diversity Leadership.

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SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home!

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    1. SOAR Welcome To Your UNA Home!

    2. To create a supportive and engaging residential community which enables students to foster their personal development and academic success. This is accomplished through our Values: Collaboration Service Engagement Diversity Leadership Our Mission & Values BUILDING COMMUNITIES

    3. Area Coordinator Professional staff member Full-Time, Master’s Level Live-In, Offices located in Rice & Rivers Oversee daily functions of residence halls Supervise student staff Facilitate student development opportunities Create engaging residential communities Serve in multiple roles Advisor, Confidant, Manager, Educator, Mentor Residence Hall Staff

    4. Resident Advisors (RA’s) Student staff responsible for day-to-day management of the residence hall Primary responsibilities include: Community Development Conflict Resolution Programming Assist with Administrative needs Residence Hall Staff

    5. Resident Advisor Programming Student-Development & Community Oriented Each RA sponsors at least 8-10 programs each semester Always free to attend Meet new people Connect to campus Learn about traditions and customs Monthly Programs Value-Based Programming Residential Programming

    6. Student Government of the Residence Halls All residents are members Weekly meetings to provide programming opportunities Residence Hall policy recommendations Scholarship opportunities Residence Hall Association

    7. Why live on campus? Convenience & Time Management First-Year students living on campus tend to have healthier lifestyles than those that don’t Increased accessibility to public safety and security resources More interactions with faculty, administrators, student mentors, and university staff Engagement in Campus Events and Services Students living on-campus tend to participate in student organizations, attend campus events, and take advantage of resources available more often

    8. What is the FOCUS program? First-Year Residential Community Located in Rivers Hall Designed to help students transition into college Increased staff to resident ratio for Fall 2013

    9. Why participate in the FOCUS program? Academic Impact First-Year students engaged in the FOCUS program have higher GPA’s than first-year students living off-campus Students living on campus are more likely to persist at the university and graduate in 4 years than off-campus students Social & Personal Development Opportunities They have a better understanding of self, experience positive changes in values, have higher self esteem, and are more satisfied with collegiate experience

    10. Success Center Located In Rivers Hall Educational Environment Individual learning opportunities Study Groups Services Available Public Computers Advising, Tutoring, College Career Planning, and other resources for First-Year students

    11. Themed Living Communities Women’s Community LaGrange Hall Honors Community Lafayette Hall

    12. MANE Card Security Camera System University Police Substation Community Standards Personal Responsibility Residence Hall SAFETY

    13. Residence Hall Rates *Not awarded until 4th week of Fall

    14. We Will: Provide opportunities for achievement Challenge students and provide support Encourage positive relationships Help students identify and pursue their purpose Assist as they develop values and goals Student Development

    15. We Do: Make ourselves available Encourage students to use their resources Prepare students to think critically for themselves Intervene if we see destructive behavior and encourage safety Expect students to take responsibility for their own actions Support students throughout their collegiate career Student Advocates

    16. On average, a student will spend 16 hours out of 168 hours in class per week… Res Life Is here for the other 152 HOURS!

    17. Office Location: Ground Floor of Rice Hall UNA Box 5057 Florence, AL 35632 256-765-5558