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Activity. I will put you in groups of four. Please listen carefully to directions. SSR – Quietly read for 15 minutes. Peer Pressure Experiment.

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  • I will put you in groups of four. Please listen carefully to directions.
peer pressure experiment
Peer Pressure Experiment
  • Role 1: Someone playing this game has candy, and will try to get you to eat some. You immediately agree to eat candy and try to get others to eat it. Objective: Persuade others to eat the candy.
  • Role 2: Someone has candy, and will try to get you to eat some. Don’t eat the candy at first. Give a reason why you don’t want any. Finally, give in and start eating. Then get others to eat the candy. Objective: Persuade others to eat the candy.
  • Role 3: Someone in your group has candy and will try to get you to eat some. Don’t eat the candy, no matter what anyone says or does. Objective: Don’t eat any candy.
  • Role 4: You have a bag of candy. Get everybody in your group to eat the candy. Slowly eat the candy while you persuade the others to eat some, too. Objective: Get everyone to eat the candy.
peer pressure experiment discussion
Peer Pressure Experiment Discussion
  • What did it feel like to be Role #3? Was it difficult to say no?
  • What was it feel like to be Role #4?
  • Role #2? Role #1?
  • How does this experiment exemplify the concept of peer pressure?
  • What type of consequences did this experiment have?
  • Imagine this is a different scenario (other than candy). What could the jolly rancher represent?
entry slip 9 10 peer pressure
Entry Slip 9/10– Peer Pressure
  • Think about a time (in school, at home, in your community, in sports, etc.) where you have experienced peer pressure.
    • What happened?
    • How did you react? What did you do?
    • Explain the situation and how you handled it.
peer pressure

Peer Pressure

LT: I can explain what peer pressure is and how it can affect my life in either a negative or positive way.

peer pressure1
Peer Pressure
  • Definition: the influence that people your age may have on you as an individual to make certain decisions – can be both positive and negative.
    • Common to experience peer pressure in the teens years.
    • How you respond to difficult situations and peer pressure can impact your health and safety.
positive peer pressure
Positive Peer Pressure
  • Peers can inspire and pressure you in positive ways:
    • Convince you to try a new activity; join an athletic team or school based club.
    • Try ethnic or foods you aren’t used to.
    • Pressuring you not to participate in risky behaviors or activities.
      • Examples of risk behaviors?
      • Examples of ways you’ve been positively peer pressured?
negative peer pressure
Negative Peer Pressure
  • Peers can pressure you to take part in behaviors with negative consequences:
    • Your clique is disrespectful or bullying an individual.
    • Engagement in behaviors that are against your values – example, cheating on test.
    • Manipulation – indirect, dishonest way to control or influence other people.
      • Commons form of manipulation include making threats, blackmail, mocking or teasing, guilt trips, bargaining, flattery, bribing.
peer pressure refusal skills
Peer Pressure & Refusal Skills
  • Assertive Refusal: state your position and stand your ground while acknowledging the rights of others.
    • Most effective approach when facing negative peer pressure
      • Step 1: State position. Say “NO”.
      • Step 2: Suggest alternatives to the activity.
      • Step 3: Stand your ground. Use strong body language and maintain eye contact to demonstrate you meant what you said, and say what you mean.
passive aggressive responses
Passive & Aggressive Responses
  • Passive response – you are unwilling or unable to express your thoughts and feeling in a direct or firm manner.
  • Aggressive response – overly forceful, pushy, or hostile; may involve yelling, shouting, shoving, or other kinds of verbal or physical force.
    • Are these effective refusal responses when dealing with negative peer pressure? Why or why not?
refusal skills i message
Refusal Skills: “I Message”…
  • Another strategy to use to deal with negative peer pressure includes “I messages”…
    • I feel _________ when you _________ because__________ and I’d like/I want__________. Would you consider_________?
scenario 1
Scenario #1
  • You and your group of friends are at a bonfire when one of your friends is offered marijuana and accepts. Once on their high, your friend is pressuring you to try it and experience the high with them. What do you do? How do you respond? How could this effect your health?
scenario 2
Scenario #2

- You’re at the mall with your older brother. He is pressuring you to steal some earrings for him from Claire’s because “they are cheap anyways, and the store won’t even notice”. He’s threatening to leave you at the mall if you don’t do it. What do you do? How do you respond?

scenario 3
Scenario #3
  • You have a friend who has recently been hanging out with people who smoke cigarettes. Turn to your tablemates and address this situation using an “I message…”
    • I feel _________ when you _________ because__________ and I’d like/I want__________. Would you consider_________?
peer pressure worksheet
Peer Pressure Worksheet
  • Individually or at your tables, complete the worksheet on peer pressure. Use pages 198-204 in your textbook for help.
exit slip quick think
Exit Slip – Quick Think
  • What are the two main types of peer pressure?
  • What is the most effective refusal strategy to use when dealing with negative peer pressure?