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Balancing in Work and Work Outs

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Balancing in Work and Work Outs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When your weekdays are spent with fulfilling countless responsibilities of work and family life, you want weekends to be a rejuvenating time for yourself where you focus on your health.

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balancing in work and work outs

Balancing in Work and Work Outs

When your weekdays are spent with fulfilling countless responsibilities of work and family life, you want

weekends to be a rejuvenating time for yourself where you focus on your health. But trying to balance

work, life, fitness, and eating well seems impossible when you feel you already have a lot on your plate

(no pun intended!). Hence the question arises, how do you fit healthy living into an already-packed


This is where FITPASS plays the role of your knight in shining armor. The FITPASS mobile app lets you take

control of your fitness and healthy lifestyle in an economical, convenient and fun way. Wondering how?

here are 5 ways in which fitpass can be your

Here are 5 ways in which FITPASS can be your go-to app for leading a healthy lifestyle:


Forget about the time bounding workout regime. You don’t have to do early morning workouts because

your friend swears by and says that’s the best time to do so. FITPASS gives you the liberty of working out

anytime, anywhere at the best gyms and fitness studios near you. FITPASS is the way to go about

balancing your in-work and work-outs.

Moreover, FITPASS spoils you with multiple choices of workout- let it be Zumba, pilates, kickboxing,

weight training (literally anything you wish for) at your selected gym or fitness center. FITPASS

understands like your lifestyle, your workout too should be flexible and that one size doesn’t fit all.


FIT SHOP helps you to sweat even your worries by offering maximum savings on top nutrition

supplements (ON, Dymatize, MuscleTech, etc.), sportswear, gym wear, fitness trackers, exclusive FITPASS

merchandise and much more so that you never go out of style even when you sweat. Now you no longer

have this excuse to not balance your workout with your work life.


FITPASS lets you assimilate good, healthy habits into your day and lifestyle. One way is by rethinking the

amount of exercise that counts as exercise. Often deskbound sorts reason that if you can’t carve out a

solid hour for vigorous exertion, you might as well not do anything. This is where FITPASS comes into

action where the app lets you track your daily step count. And walking a few thousand steps a day too

helps you maintain a healthy living especially on the days where the workload is too much. Just walk

while taking an important phone call and you are good to go!


With all the inbuilt tracking technology, FITPASS goes a long way in setting your goals and helps you

achieve them in due time. And it isn’t as rocket-science as it seems. Just log into your details and your

goals regularly input what you are taking

goals, regularly input what you are taking throughout the day as a calorie counter exercise, take water

intakes as frequently as possible or set reminders in the FITPASS app and you are all set to walk on the

path of your healthy journey.


FITPASS understands when you eat healthily, you feel healthy. Hence FITPASS plays a major role in

helping you get in touch with real-time assistance from a professional nutritionist available for you to

curate a personalized chart depending upon your lifestyle and daily requirements, in the app itself!

Just so you still have some doubts, imagine this: you snooze your alarm early in the morning, roll over

your bed and tell yourself - it’s a new day for a new start and wake up. Next, you get ready, grab your

supplies and reach your fitness center to work out. Around 8’o clock, you come back home and get ready

for work.

At work, you feel this latent energy driving you to complete your work in a proper fashion with a speed

you never thought you had. Your timely water intake doesn’t make you feel sleepy or tired like you have

had been otherwise feeling, rather refreshed is what you feel even during 4 P.M.

Your work partner than in the evening asks you for drinks and even though you postpone the plan, that

friend can’t help but ask - ?Hey, what’s up with the glow that’s been radiating off your face since you got

here? Instead of the regular mopey expression and work-related complaints you used to have? And you

give a cheerful laugh in reply and say ?Just something I have been doing lately (with a wink of course) ?

and after work proceed to home to have a proper meal and a sound sleep.

This dream-like routine could be yours with FITPASS.

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