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Modelling. War hammer 40k and Supercars. WARHAMMER 40k (Robbie's bit).

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War hammer 40k and


warhammer 40k robbie s bit
WARHAMMER 40k (Robbie's bit)
  • Warhammer 40k is a model game set in the 41st millenia. You can control any of 10 factions. Their names are: Tau, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines (HERETICS!), Eldar, Dark Eldar (ODD), Imperial Guard (WEAK!!!!), Inquisition, Necrons (SKELETONS,METAL ONES!), Tyranids (Xenos[ Latin for alien]!!), and finally Orks(greenskins)
painting warhammer
Painting Warhammer
  • In Warhammer you can make up your own painting scheme or follow an original one.
  • Hot Tip: paint detail.
  • Hot Tip: CONVERT!!!!
tactic tips
Tactic Tips
  • Use 2 elite squads.
  • Have 3 troop choices.
  • Have plenty of heavy support e.g vehicles.
  • Have 2 HQ choices (this is if you can).
super cars aidan s bit
Super cars!(Aidan’s bit)
  • My favourite kind of model to build is cars.
  • The background picture is a model I built of a Mitsubishi GTO (My dad has a real one!).
building a supercar
Building a Supercar
  • Always follow the instructions if you want the model to turn out well.
  • I sugest you use Tamiya poly (glue).
  • When painting your model try to stay on the piece you are painting.
  • Always do more than one layer of paint on your model or it could look bad.
  • I recommend Tamiya paint.
by aidan and robbie

By Aidan and Robbie.

Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!