tsaishi many opportunities in one small space n.
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Tsaishi - Many opportunities in one small space! PowerPoint Presentation
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Tsaishi - Many opportunities in one small space!

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Tsaishi - Many opportunities in one small space! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tsaishi - Many opportunities in one small space!.

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Tsaishi - village, resort area in Georgia, Samegrelo-ZemoSvaneti municipality, from sea level to 50-250 m. coordinates: 42°25”4°N, 59°28’2°E. It is located 10 kilometers from Zugdidi on the route Tbilisi-Sokhumi in the Georgian intermountain, the Colchis lowland, on the slopes and shores of the Juma River valley, 20 kilometers from the Black Sea, bordered by mountains - Urta and Bokota. The relief of Tsaishi is multiform. Here there are lowlands, plains, hills and mountains.


Tsaishi as the spa is known since ancient times. Here are the best conditions for the development of Spa Business. Beautiful nature, multiform landscape,


therapeutic mud, suitable climate, hills and mountains covered by forests, and natural inhalation (air micro elements) formed offshore-onshore flow of air are favorable factors for the development of therapeutic-recreation complex.


In this area there are also geomorphological opportunities, caves, tunnels, lakes, rivers, preserved ancient dwellings, fortifications, religious & cultic buildings, ancient burial places, the proximity of the Caucasian highlands provides a good opportunity for the development of cultural and adventure - archaeological and educational tourism.


International experts predict deficiency of clean water by the year 2030. Georgia is one those countries having the richest potential resources of overground and underground waters (as of drinkable also a mineral).

Tsaishi is prospective resort of national importance, construction and upgrading of which is a prerequisite for its revival