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Why people favor electric golf cars PowerPoint Presentation
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Why people favor electric golf cars

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Why people favor electric golf cars
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Why people favor electric golf cars

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  1. Why People Favor Electric Golf Cars?

  2. Club Car Dubai is generally permitted to carry two golfers with their bags and golf clubs. • Electric golf carts are used mainly in the fields with many slopes and in some fields where it is mandatory.

  3. Electric Club Car • Ideal for carrying golfers with their bags • Allows a golfer play the game in case of an injury or disability or awkward walking • Minimal dragging and carrying of the heavy golf equipment • EVs represent additional support to the days when it is too cold or too hot

  4. Qualities of Club Car • It is very easy to maneuver • It only needs to accelerate and brake, • Do not make loud noises • You can have multiple customizations • Adaptive cars for single user, allows people with disabilities • Allow disables to enjoy golf

  5. Electric Cars • These days most golf carts are powered by electric motors • This is largely due to its almost silent operation • Does not distract the players • Most of the golfers are concerned about the golf course etiquettes

  6. Main Components • Modern electric cars have a lightweight frame, front and rear axles, and fiberglass body with front and rear fairings. • In addition, you can also choose a reduced version, but most of the golf courses and private buyers want a windshield and a roof. • On the contrary, steel framed golf cars have a drawback, especially for those living in coastal areas, as its surface forms oxide in the salty air. • Hence, many golf cart competitors make aluminum frames that do not rust easily.

  7. Windshield • Modern day electric cars have a one-piece windshield • A bit of a convenience on a cold day • Occupants can feel the breeze while traveling through the streets with a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour.

  8. Seating • All golf courses use version two bag rack seats in the rear. • However, private buyers prefer buying four-seater version, which has the capacity to carry the clubs. • Now days, electric cars manufacturers are also making six-passenger model with four seats facing forward and two backward.

  9. Other features • Club Car Dubai found on most golf courses are minimized models, and do not come with lights or horns. Salient features: • Gives 19 miles per hour • Come up with two piece windshield • Windshields are made of plastic, highly susceptible to surface scratches

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