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Pros: Electric Cars

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Pros: Electric Cars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pros: Electric Cars. Charger. Overview/ Table Of Contents. Basics of Electric Cars. Ranges of prices *Expenses of original price *Saving of money Safety hazards *Features of safety Maintenance * Engines Map *Recharging areas Wrap up *Electric Cars. Ranges Of Prices.

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Overview/ Table Of Contents

Basics of Electric Cars

Ranges of prices

*Expenses of original price

*Saving of money

Safety hazards

*Features of safety




*Recharging areas

Wrap up

*Electric Cars

ranges of prices

Ranges Of Prices

The prices between electric cars and gasoline are close but the electric cars are a little bit cheaper.

In the long run the electric car will be a lot cheaper with all the repairs and gasoline used in other cars.

A electric car uses 1 to 2 cents per mile while a gasoline power vehicle at the minimum is 8 to 10 cents per mile. After a while this adds up.

safety hazards
Safety Hazards

In the car are circuit breakers and fusible links are installed in the car to make fires and explosions highly unlikely.

If in an accident the car battery will absorb most of the damage unlike gasoline cars.


Don’t have to deal with the heat and force generated by a combustion engine.

Electric cars don’t need the oil changes and the regular maintenance that other cars need to stay running.

This adds up to significant saving over time.

wrap up
Wrap up

Electric cars can help people save money in many ways.

In the future electric cars will be the most common used car so get one now because it can save everyone money somehow.

Get Electric Cars!