tips to buy the right golf carts n.
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Tips To Buy The Right Golf carts PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips To Buy The Right Golf carts

Tips To Buy The Right Golf carts

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Tips To Buy The Right Golf carts

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  1. Tips to Buy the Right Golf Carts

  2. Electric or Gas Golf Carts Decide what to get, electric or gas golf carts. Some campgrounds/resorts/communities only allow electric golf carts. But some campgrounds allow both with an additional fee. Most people prefer gas golf carts as it is easy to maintain. Electric golf carts require a good knowledge of electrical or 99% of the time is prepared to take it back to the dealer for service.

  3. Check the Batteries After selecting the right golf cart, check its battery. You can check the battery by lifting up the golf cart’s seat and looking at the numbers on the battery terminals. There will be letter such as A-L that represents the month the batteries are made (A is January, B is February etc…), the number that follows will be the year.

  4. Check Battery Cables Inspect the battery cables. Also make sure the charger is automatic and doesn’t require manual cut off.

  5. Check Tiers & Brakes Inspect the golf cart tires for wear or cracks. Also check the brakes. Make sure the brakes are firm and stop the cart quickly without grinding or squealing.

  6. Test Drive it The average of test drive is at least 30 minutes. Make sure you test out the accelerations, turning, stability and have had a good play with the steering wheel.

  7. Google to find the right golf cart? Click