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Golf Carts

Golf Carts. What’s inside them?. David Wilson. Aprox. Time 1 min. 50 sec. What is inside a Golf Cart?. Paint Pigment – Titanium Binder – Linseed oil. Golf Cart Frame Metal. Wheels Rubber – fillers and plasticizers, Steel. Electric Motor Metal. Muffler Metal. Battery

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Golf Carts

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  1. Golf Carts What’s inside them? David Wilson Aprox. Time 1 min. 50 sec.

  2. What is inside a Golf Cart? Paint Pigment – Titanium Binder – Linseed oil Golf Cart Frame Metal Wheels Rubber – fillers and plasticizers, Steel Electric Motor Metal Muffler Metal Battery Lithium, Metallic current collector, Electrolyte, Lead Battery Wires Rubber – fillers and plasticizers Seats Leather Pedals Rubber – fillers and plasticizers, Metal Brakes Metal

  3. Man Made Things in a Golf Cart Rubber - Made in Saint Jerome, Quebec. Contains fillers such as calcium carbonate sourced from sea shells and lime. Contains plasticizers such as mineral oil, a by-product of crude oil *Titanium dioxide - made in Saint Pierre, Quebec. *Linseed oil - made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. *Leather - made in USA and China (most popular). Plastic - Made in Vancouver, British Columbia. *Metallic oxide cathode - made in Richmond, British Columbia * Comes from non-renewable resource

  4. Mined Things in a Golf Cart *Lithium – mined in Val d’Or, Quebec Metal – mined in Quebec (produced in British Columbia) Steel – mined in Ontario and Quebec Lead – mined in Timmins, Ontario *Oil – mined in Alberta (throughout the province) * Non-renewable

  5. How these things are important All the things inside a golf cart are important in many other things too. There are many renewable and non-renewable things inside the golf cart. Lithium (non-renewable) is important because it is in a battery and a lot of things in our daily lives requires batteries such as watches, cameras, cell phones, toys, cars, electronic devices and GOLF CARTS. Without all the parts needed to make a golf cart, there would be no golf carts meaning no golfing for those that need them. There would be no mines because we wouldn’t need them if we weren’t using the mined products. There would be no factories because we wouldn’t need factories if we weren't going to use the products. It would be a much different life for humans not having any materials that come from mines and factories.

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