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Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Freshers PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Freshers

Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Freshers

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Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Freshers

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  1. Tips for Writing Attractive Resume for Freshers

  2. Pre-plan Your Content For Resume • However, long before this packaging and data piling occurs on the document, much thought, study and planning is required.  • Thoughts revolving around what you want to accomplish in your career will result in the answer to the most important question. • For a fresher, the professional background holds no value hence narrowing down to an interest area often is a challenge.

  3. Information That Your Resume Must Contain • Updated and correct contact information – your full name, address, phone number and email address. • Educational qualifications in chronological order – it is better to have this information associated with the names of the institutes that furnished the degrees or certificates. • Mention professional qualification and/or training if undertaken.

  4. Formulation Of The Resume • There are steps in which you must proceed in order to structure your resume as per planning. • In the blank document start out with the margin and selection of fonts and sizes. • In case of a document as formal as the resume you have few choices of fonts viz, Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial or Georgia.

  5.  Avoid Unnecessary Formatting • Avoid unessential capitalisation or use of bold letters. In the next step you select a layout. • Layouts are usually of three types – the chronological, the functional and the combinational. • In short, the chronological type of resume is for people who have been associated with a single domain since a very long time.

  6. Follow A Pattern • To Follow This Pattern Of Layout You Must Put Down Details Of Your Education, Projects Undertaken For Your Graduation Or Post Graduation Courses, Awards And Achievements In Order. • Headings Or Titles Are Always Left Aligned. • Use A Single Space Before The Section Content And Double Spacing Before Another Heading.

  7. Use Effective Titles For Headings • Remember this is where you will be judged. • You may add an objective statement. • Take care to construct the lines. • It should not be a paragraph. One or two lines are sufficient. • Try not to sound too vague. • It serves as a pointer to the position you want to see yourself in.

  8. Simplicity Is The Best Policy • For simplicity use sentences like this: ‘Responsibilities include preparing travel itineraries, booking flight tickets etc’ or ‘ taking calls, categorizing them, resolving the issues etc’. • You may also use past tense when you are on a transit.

  9. No Grammar Mistakes • Pay attention to sentence constructions and grammar. • Ensure that there is zero grammatical error in the document. • Make an effort to find out the appropriate expressions and spellings. • Here is where you make an impression. • Be formal and polite in approach. • Also be precise in your statements.