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Soap Opera. Script and Performance. Task Sheet + Rubric. Groups. What is a Soap Opera?. S oap operas are ongoing works of fiction

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Soap opera

Soap Opera

Script and Performance

What is a soap opera
What is a Soap Opera?

  • Soap operas are ongoing works of fiction

  • This means… Soap Operas are stories told over an extended period, with different characters being featured at different times. It is rare in soaps to have a quick wrap-up of a storyline, and it is even rarer for a story to affect only one or two characters. Most often, a storyline affects several characters, and possibly interconnects with other stories.

  • Perhaps the most common trait of a soap opera is that each episode ends with a promise for more drama the following day, rather than a neat tie-up of that episode’s story, as you’d find with sitcoms or other dramas.

Soap opera

  • Setting

  • Mystery

  • Hate

  • Conflict

  • Marriage

  • Scandals

  • Rotating plot

  • Really long pauses

  • Stereotypes

  • Fate

  • Drama

  • Deaths

  • Births

  • Over-acting

  • Lies

Home & Away

Bold & the Beautiful



  • Modern Day

  • Shakespeare

In your Soap Opera…

- As it is only short (not an entire episode or week of episodes), your plot/theme should not

SHOCK the audience.

- There is to be no inappropriate actions, such as violence, or occurrences that are not seen as a common plot line, for example homosexuality (as a focus).

Your plot
Your plot…

  • Your soap opera should only focus on 2 plot lines (it is not a week or season long)

  • It needs to show…

    • What a soap opera is?

    • Plot rotation (what is this?)

      It is not an ‘end of season’ episode.

    • Fire, bomb, cliff hanger etc.

    • Should be aimed around the middle of the season (general daily life)

      • Could have an aspect of ‘leaving the audience hanging,’ but not as an end of season