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COS 125. DAY 6. Agenda. Questions from last Class?? Assignment #2 is posted Due Feb 6 Quiz #1 on Feb 3 (next class, Tuesday) 20 M/C, 4 Short essays, One extra Credit Chap 1-28 Capstone Projects Today’s Topic Finish on Using the World Wide Web. Capstone Projects.

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Cos 125

COS 125



  • Questions from last Class??

  • Assignment #2 is posted

    • Due Feb 6

  • Quiz #1 on Feb 3 (next class, Tuesday)

    • 20 M/C, 4 Short essays, One extra Credit

    • Chap 1-28

  • Capstone Projects

  • Today’s Topic

    • Finish on Using the World Wide Web

Capstone projects
Capstone Projects

  • Students choice of projects

    • Since this class is on Internet and Web Page Design, Project must be in this area

    • Student must go beyond the curriculum of the course

    • Student defined deliverables

      • Must have a in-class presentation of project using PowerPoint

  • Accepted proposal due by February 10

  • Progress reports required

  • Guidelines

How hypertext works
How Hypertext works

  • Hypertext is text which is not constrained to be linear.

  • Hypertext is text which contains links to other texts.

  • HyperMedia is a term used for hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound , for example.

  • Hypertext and HyperMedia are concepts, not products.

  • Hypertext works with hyperlinks

    • Word, Icon or Graphic

  • Hypertext is embedded in WebPages using HTML

  • Examples of embedded hyperlinks

Short history of hypertext
Short History of Hypertext

From the book Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond

  • 1945 Vannevar Bush proposes Memex

  • 1965Ted Nelson coins the word "hypertext“

  • 1967 The Hypertext Editing System and FRESS, Brown University, Andy van Dam

  • 1968 Doug Engelbart demo of NLS system at FJCC

  • 1975ZOG (now KMS): CMU

  • 1978Aspen Movie Map, first hypermedia videodisk, Andy Lippman, MIT Architecture Machine Group (now Media Lab)

  • 1984 Filevision from Telos; limited hypermedia database widely available for the Macintosh

  • 1985Symbolics Document Examiner, Janet Walker

  • 1985Intermedia, Brown University, Norman Meyrowitz

  • 1986 OWL introduces Guide, first widely available hypertext

  • 1987Apple introduces HyperCard, Bill Atkinson

  • 1987Hypertext'87 first major conference on hypertext

  • 1991World Wide Web at CERN becomes first global hypertext, Tim Berners-Lee

  • 1992New York Times Book Review cover story on hypertext fiction

  • 1993Mosaic anointed Internet killer app, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

  • 1993A Hard Day's Night becomes the first full-length feature film in hypermedia

  • 1993 Hypermedia encyclopedias sell more copies than print encyclopedias

How urls work
How URLs work

  • A URL is a unique identifier for a resource on the WWW

    • Like a address

  • Example


    • Means go to the server and get the hypertext file “tgauvin.htm” that is in the “directory/bios” directory using the protocol “http”

Image maps
Image Maps

  • An Image map is an image with regions that link to different destinations

  • Two types

    • Client Side Image Maps

      • Faster

      • Most common

      • Users can see the HTML that creates the map and the possible destinations

    • Server Side Image Maps

      • Require a special program (CGI) running on the server

        • Requires programming skills

      • Hides the destinations from “View Source”

Creating an image map
Creating an Image Map

  • First divide the image into regions

    • Circles

      • Center and radius

    • Rectangles

      • Top Left X and Y and Bottom right X and Y

    • Polygons

      • X and Y for each vertex of the Polygon

Finding regions
Finding regions

Link to

Link to

Link to

What is a form
What is a form?

  • A form is a way to actively collect or display information to or from a web site to a user

  • What can you do with forms?

    • Get feedback

    • Have a guestbook

    • Take a survey

    • See who’s visiting you

    • Sell stuff

    • And much more!

Form example
Form example Jack.htm

What is a form1
What is a form?

  • Two basic parts

    • Structure or shell

      • Fields

      • Labels

      • Buttons

      • Graphic User Interface components

    • Scripts to process information collected

      • CGI

      • JavaScript

      • ASP

About cgi scripts
About CGI Scripts

  • A script is a program written in a scripting language

    • Perl

    • VBscript

    • JavaScript

  • Script runs on Web Server through a Interface

    • Requires Web Server administrator

    • Common gateway Interface CGI

    • ASP engine

    • JavaScript interpreter

How web servers work
How Web Servers Work

  • The most basic function that a webserver does is to deliver requested files over the network


Downloading a complex webpage with two graphics files
Downloading a Complex Webpage with Two Graphics Files

HTML Document




Client PC





Webpage Consists of Three Files

Rendered as a Single Page On-Screen



Downloading a complex webpage with two graphics files1
Downloading a Complex Webpage with Two Graphics Files

HTML Document

HTML Document




Client PC





Download Requires 3

HTTP Request-Response Cycles;

Downloads HTML Page First

It has Tags to Identify Other Files



Downloading a complex webpage with two graphics files2
Downloading a Complex Webpage with Two Graphics Files




Client PC





Based on Tags in HTML Document,

Browser Requests Downloads of

Remaining Graphics or Other Files

Browser Renders Combined Webpage on Screen



Downloading a complex webpage with two graphics files3
Downloading a Complex Webpage with Two Graphics Files

  • Quiz: Your browser downloads a webpage with three graphics images, a sound sequence, and a Java applet. How many files will your browser have to download?

How web servers works
How Web Servers Works

  • Web Servers may also run special program called CGI applications

  • CGI applications are often used to process data from forms

How web servers work1
How web servers work

  • In order to increase functionality most web servers also do the following

    • Provide a management interface to manage files, directories and virtual directories

    • Provide a security and authentication mechanism

    • Provide logging

    • Provide statistics

How web sites work with databases
How Web sites work with databases

  • Most large web sites are actually database driven



  • Used for

    • Gathering information from users

    • Displaying information to users

    • Personalization of web pages

3 tier architecture
3-Tier Architecture

Client PC












Server of

External Company



How net and web services work
How .NET and Web Services Work

  • Allows computers on the internet to use applications and services on other computers connected to the internet

  • How it works

    • First you find a service you may need

      • For example

        • Finding Zip Codes

        • Calculating Tax Rates

        • Finding and comparing prices

      • Use UDDI to find the web service and WSDL to figure how it works

Universal description discovery and integration uddi server for web services
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Server for Web Services

UDDI Functions:

White Pages

By name

Yellow Pages

By type

Green Pages

Details of how

to use,

payment, etc.

Client PC


Web Service Interaction

Server with

Web Service



Request for



Interaction Between

UDDI Servers

to Fulfill a Request

UDDI Server

UDDI Server

Web service description language wsdl
Web Service Description Language (WSDL) Server for Web Services

  • Protocol for asking a corporate webserver about the company’s SOAP-compliant services


Request-Response Cycle

Client PC



How web services work
How Web Services Work Server for Web Services

  • Now that you have forund the service and figured out how t use it

    • Send a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message using XML to interact with the Web Service

    • Example on following slide show a SOAP request for a price of a product

Web service
Web Service Server for Web Services

Web Service

HTTP Request




HTTP Response








Client PC

SOAP Message

Using XML Syntax

Simple soap request and response
Simple SOAP Request and Response Server for Web Services

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

  • Carried in HTTP request or response message

  • Formatted using XML Syntax

    • Similar to HTML syntax butthe sender and receiver cancreate new tags thatthey can then use intransactions, such as<price>$33</price>

HTTP Header



Simple soap request and response1
Simple SOAP Request and Response Server for Web Services

  • Situation

    • There is a pricing object that returns the price if another object sends the part number, quantity, and shipping type (rush, etc.) on an interface

    • Objects can be on different computers


(PartNum, Quantity, ShippingType)







Simple soap request and response2
Simple SOAP Request and Response Server for Web Services

  • SOAP Request Message

HTTP Request Header pointing to program

<?xml version=“1.0”>


<QuotePrice xmlns=“QuoteInterface”>






Note: xmlns specifies an XML namespace for the object

Figure 11 14 simple soap request and response
Figure 11.14: Simple SOAP Request and Response Server for Web Services

  • SOAP Response Message

HTTP Response Header

<?xml version=“1.0”>


<QuotePrice xmlns=“QuoteInterface”>




Microsoft net
Microsoft .NET Server for Web Services


Perspective on web services
Perspective on Web Services Server for Web Services

  • Benefits of Web Services

    • Offers a way to standardize interactions between objects over the Internet

    • Can make distributed computing far simpler once Web services standards are fully developed

  • Concerns

    • High overhead (very chatty)

    • Standards immaturity

    • Security is embryonic

How grid computing works
How Grid Computing Works Server for Web Services

  • Using many (>100 and more like 10000) ordinary computers connected together over a network to perform a single task or a series of related tasks

  • Examples

[email protected] Server for Web Services

Largest number ever factored
Largest number ever factored Server for Web Services

How ftp works
How FTP works Server for Web Services

  • Used to transfer files over the Internet

    • Needed

      • Client software

        • Can use Internet Browsers

      • Username/Password

      • FTP site

  • We will be using FTP in this calls to place web page assignments on the web server

    • Common practice

Ftp using ie 5
Ftp using IE 5 Server for Web Services

  • In address bar


  • Login with the same info as you login in to these computers

  • Select the folder with your first initial last name

  • Moving files

    • Drag and drop files

    • Use menu edit copy/paste

    • Click on file and right mouse for context menu

Assignment 2
Assignment #2 Server for Web Services

  • A first web page

  • Using Microsoft Word

  • Assignment 2

Microsoft word
Microsoft Word Server for Web Services

  • Can automatically create web pages

    • Problems

      • “bloat” code

      • Proprietary code

    • Good for quick jobs

    • Bad for anything that has to be maintained over time

Microsoft word as a web page design tool
Microsoft Word as a Web Page Design Tool Server for Web Services

  • Select “new” from file menu

  • Select “blank web page”

  • Type out web page

  • Add graphics

  • Save

  • If you use graphics, Word will create a folder


Cos 125 web site
COS 125 Web Site Server for Web Services