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Connect & Go v4

Connect & Go v4

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Connect & Go v4

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  1. Central - Learning and Development Team Connect & Gov4 Self Directed Learning Module Central - Learning and Development Team

  2. To proceed please select the option that best applies to you: I am viewing this pack for the first time I am returning to this pack for support information Welcome to your Connect & Go V4 Self Teach Module This module has been designed to introduce you to the soon-to-be launched “Connect & Go V4 CD” in order to prepare you for supporting new and existing TalkTalk Broadband customers.

  3. Directions… • You have been allocated a dedicated time slot of 90 mins to work through this self directed learning module. • Use this time productively to take in and revisit the information • and demonstrations that are built into the pack. A small, multiple choice assessment will also need to be completed in this time. • Try not to skip through the slides, instead read the information carefully, and where requested take time to familiarise yourself with the Connect & Go Flows. • When you see the ‘Show me’ icon (left) you are able to open a • demo. The demos will open in a browser, close the browser to • return to this pack. • Important information and additional links are indicated • by a yellow highlighted box. (left) • Only use the dedicated buttons to navigate through the pack • Click ‘next’ in the bottom right to continue…

  4. Aim… This Self Directed Learning Pack aims to help you confidently support customers using Connect & Go and Assist & Go on Windows 2000, XP and Vista platforms. You will be able to connect customer to a ‘wired’ state and give basic advice on how the customer can proceed through the CD themselves to obtain wireless access You will also be able to assist customers with the registration process for AOL screen names in preparation for the release of a new ‘TalkTalk Web Client.’

  5. By the end of this module you will be able to: Module Objectives… Describe and explain current functionality within Connect & Go to our customers. Understand and explain the new functionality within Connect & Go Version 4. Follow Connect & Go flows in order to configure a customer’s modem/router Follow the Connect & Go flows to setup customers who are using the Firefox Web Browser.

  6. Objectives continued… Explain to customers how to register and opt to install the AOL Client. Understand and explain the scope of troubleshooting, incorporating appropriate hand-off to Geek Squad. Explain and assist with the use of Assist & Go wireless enhancements. Explain how to and assist with the downloading of Assist & Go from the TalkTalk website.

  7. What is Connect & Go? … a reminder Connect and Go was designed by a company called Support Soft and first launched to our customers in April 2006. The software automates Broadband installation by walking the customer step by step through the setup process. This is perfect for support our customer base. Connect & Go has a 94% success rate connecting a customer with a Huawei MT882 via Ethernet!

  8. Modem Packs Connect & Go is bundled with both our wired and wireless modem packs. The CD is enclosed in the pack together with separate Apple Macintosh and Windows Vista Setup guides. Clicking the images below will show you the contents of each modem pack Sagem f@st 800 Thomson Speedtouch 330 Huawei HG520 echo life (Wireless) Huawei MT882 (Wired) Next >

  9. The Sagem F@st 800 Modem Pack Contains: Connect & Go CD (Various Versions upto 2.6) 2 ADSL Micro filters Vista and Mac Manual Setup Guides Telephony Cable (black or grey) Sagem F@st 800 (either blue or grey and TalkTalk branded) USB cable (grey) < Back

  10. The Thomsom Speedtouch 330 Modem Pack Contains: Connect & Go CD (Various Versions upto 2.6) 2 ADSL Micro filters Vista and Mac Manual Setup Guides USB cable (not sent in STmini pack) Telephony Cable (black or grey) Thomson Speedtouch 330 or 330 mini (mini has a hard wired usb lead) < Back

  11. The Huawei Smartax MT882 Modem Pack Contains: Connect & Go CD (v2.6) 1 ADSL Micro filter Vista and Mac Manual Setup Guides Silver USB and Grey or red network cable Huawei MT882 Modem (TalkTalk Branded) AC Adaptor Telephony Cable < Back

  12. The Huawei echolife HG520s TalkTalk Modem Currently Contains: Connect and Go CD (wireless Version) 1 ADSL Micro filter Vista and Mac Manual Setup Guides Huawei echolife HG520s wireless Router AC Adaptor Telephony Cable Red network cable < Back

  13. Connect & Go Features … a summary

  14. Connect & Go does more than you might think! Here’s a reminder…our current ‘wired’ version will do the following: • Install USB drivers for Huawei MT882, Sagem and Thomson ST330 • Check the connection to the customer’s modem / router • Check the connection from the Modem or Router to the Internet • Prompt for a customers’ username and Password • Store username and passwords in the Router’s Firmware or on the • local PC • Establish the first connection to the internet

  15. Features continued… • Install TalkTalk Online Security (F-Secure) when selected by the user • Prompt to Register for MyTalkTalk ( • Offer to Set up 1 TalkTalk e-mail address • Offer to transfer e-mail accounts to Outlook /OE or link to webmail. • Set the customers Homepage to the “TalkTalk AOL Portal” • Installs Assist and Go

  16. A long list of features as you can see! Ask yourself … if a customer didn’t use the CD and they installed manually would they benefit from all of the features listed? Its very important that we continue to utilise Connect & Go when helping a customer install their TalkTalk Broadband Product.

  17. So if Connect & Go works so well, why are we releasing a new version? To understand this in more detail we need to look at what we currently offer. The next screen gives an overview of our 2 most recent versions. Connect & Go v 2.6 Connect & Go v 3 Room for improvement?

  18. Version Overview… The chart below highlights the key differences between our wired (v2.6) and wirless versions. As you see there is a mix of functionality, with the key issue being no support for Windows Vista from either release. Wired (v2.6) Wireless

  19. So, in summary we currently have 2 CDs, each supporting different modems. Version 2 supports the Huawei wired and our USB modems but does not include support for wireless. Version 3 supports our wireless router, however there is no support for our older USB modems. Customers using Windows Vista or Apple OS have to follow a manual installation method with all of our modems. It was decided that to improve the support we offer our customers a new CD was to be produced by SupportSoft. They were given the following objective: “Enable a ‘universal’ CD to be produced, covering all operating systems and hardware supported by CPW/TalkTalk” Need for Change..

  20. The CD design is now complete! Connect & Go version 4 will introduce the following new features and enhancements that will be explained in more detail in a moment. New and improved! • A New Look! • Support for Windows Vista customers • Removal of support for Windows 98 and ME • Support for legacy hardware (USB modems) • Support for Firefox web browser.

  21. More improvements… • Improved, more intuitive customer options • Improved, easy to follow setup flows • New Vista Compatible F-Secure • Option to install a new TalkTalk Web Client • Smarter Assist & Go features • ‘Future Proofing’ built in

  22. A new look! Connect and Go Version 4 will look a little different! The modern design will compliment the new TalkTalk branding and reflects the style of TalkTalk web content.. The main benefit to you is that you will be able to tell what version of Connect & Go the customer is running at any point through the installation flow, allowing you to provide the right support when it is needed! The new ‘silver’ branding on the top screen of Connect & Go also shows ‘V4’ on the title bar Silver logo Pink / purple buttons

  23. When the Connect & G0 CD is released it will be sent in a new CD Sleeve that looks like this V4 CD and Sleeve Design Mac users are pointed to the setup guide inside modem pack The red circles clearly visible on both the CD and the sleeve state that the disk is Vista Compatible! All this means it’s even easier for you tell which CD the customer is using!

  24. Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Ultimate Vista Support! As you know, at the moment Vista customers have to follow a manual installation routine using a Vista Guide found in the outer wrapping of their modem packs Connect and Go version 4 will now cater for all of our Vista Customers! The new release has been fully tested to operate on all versions of Microsoft’s latest Operating System. This will help us manage support and reduce the need for Vista Customers to install their equipment manually. Connect & Go v4 has been tested to operate successfully with:

  25. Vista Support Continued… Connect & Go operates in exactly the same way as previously on Windows XP and 2000 - The customer simply inserts the CD and the software loads automatically. Should this not happen you will need to run the software manually: open computer, right click on the CD drive and choose: > explore > Smartaccess > ConnectGo.exe’

  26. Vista - User Account Control • You should be aware of the ‘User Account Control’ (UAC) feature that sometimes displays warnings when running Connect & Go on a Vista machine. • The UAC feature is designed to protect customers from malicous programs and processes • The customer must choose ‘Allow’ to perform a successful installation of Connect & Go.

  27. New Vista Compatible F-Secure Version 4 of Connect & Go offers customers the chance to install a Vista compatible version of F-secure. A new feature of the latest release of F-secure, is that it will detect and remove existing anti-virus software already installed on the customers machine, if required. A full list of all anti virus software that can be removed will be published on ask us…

  28. As part of the Connect and Go installation process the customer will be presented with the following screen. The customer has the choice to get further information or decline the product at this point. We will look at what happens when they choose to view further information about F-secure

  29. F-secure Installation If the customer requests further information about F-secure they will be presented with the screen opposite It highlights the benefits of F-secure in more detail and offers the customer the chance to install the software We will look at what happens when the software installs

  30. F-Secure Installation • Once the customer chooses to install, the F-secure installation wizard will appear on the customers screen • A licence agreement will appear on the screen and the customer will have to accept this to proceed • The customer should chooses the evaluation option as shown opposite and leave the subscription key field blank • The installation process for F-secure will then begin, and the customer will need to follow the on screen prompts

  31. System Restart • Once the installation has completed the customer will be presented with a system restart screen. • The computer must be restarted to allow the F-secure software to be installed correctly • Once the system has been restarted Connect and Go re-open and will present the customer with this screen (opposite). • The Connect and Go installation will then continue as detailed in the rest of this pack

  32. New Features include… Deepguard protection - included as a standard component to protect from new unknown virus's Parental Control includes a new timelock, with teenager and child profile to set up content security simply Existing subscription keys will work with the latest version of F-secure if a customer chooses to upgrade from an existing version of the software F-Secure Features F-secure is the only security software that we currently support and we should promote the benefits to our customers, lets recap on the key features… • Anti virus protection • Spyware scans and protection • Firewall • Spam filter (Premium) • Scheduled scans • Automatic updates • Vista compatible • 90 days free trial • Award winning technology • Real time protection from all manner of online threats, virus's, rootkits, hackers, spyware etc.

  33. From 1st June 2007 TalkTalk ceased supporting customers using Windows 98 and Windows ME. This was in line with Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting this software a few months previously. Following the new TT Broadband Support Scope, Connect & Go version 4 will now no longer support Windows 98/ME, but instead fully Support Windows 2000, XP and Vista (32bit versions only) New customers signing up to TalkTalk broadband will be aware that the minimum operating system required to operate our service is Windows 2000. Removal of support for Windows 98 and ME

  34. Connect & Go Version 4 fully supports customers using any of our older USB modems. The CD has been updated with the latest drivers from the modem manufacturers and they have been fully tested by our UAT team on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Support For Customers with Older Hardware Sagem F@st 800/850 Thompson Speedtouch 330 Thompson ST330 mini

  35. What is Firefox? Firefox is essentially another web browser that some customers choose to install and use instead of Internet Explorer. Customers installing firefox are traditionally intermediate to advanced users or users who have experienced issues with IE in the past. However more customers are choosing to Visit for more information. Why support Firefox? Firefox is becoming increasing popular amongst broadband users and we want to make sure we offer a solution that is future proof and robust! Support For Firefox

  36. What does this mean to you? is automatically added as the FireFox homepage saving you time! Prompts will appear on the screen advising to close FireFox Windows if they are left open during installation Support For Firefox continued

  37. Improved Customer Options The main installation flows are launched from this screen. It looks very similar to the one found in version 3, but the flows have been updated to support all of our new and existing customers. As you can see you are able to access the flows to install the software in almost all customer situations. You will also notice the enhanced wireless flows.

  38. Since TalkTalk began its partnership with AOL UK, we have been able to offer access to many of AOL’s enhanced web features and content through the TalkTalk AOL Portal website New TalkTalk AOL Client!

  39. The logical next step is have our own custom web browser were our customers can access everything TalkTalk and everything AOL in one place! In order to do this we will soon launch our own web client! Right at the very end of the Connect & Go Flow the customer will be asked if they would like to install the browser. The default option is set to decline and the installation is optional Future training will explain more… watch this space New TalkTalk AOL Client! Show Me What the TalkTalk Client offers and how the customer can opt to install the TalkTalk Browser

  40. The Connect & Go CD also contains an installation flow for the Netgear DG834G V3. This wireless router is sold in CPW stores and online and comes with its own dedicated CD and telephone support line. However in the future we may ship this router to customers or our support scope could change to incorporate the equipment. Future Proofing For now the NetGear router will remain unsupported within TalkTalk. Remember though you can still check for sync and provide the customer with the TalkTalk router settings.

  41. Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Wireless What Happens When you install a new modem with Connect & Go Version 4?

  42. Welcome Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Welcome Splash Screen Welcome and purpose of CD End User Licenese Agreement (EULA) Firewall Detection Firewall advice (how to allow C&G) Wireless

  43. Setup Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Choice of Support Flow Confirm Go Live, Welcome Letter, UN & PW Computer Check Wireless

  44. Configure Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Choose Modem Type Check Box contains all components Microfilter Advice Router Check animation Router Light Sequence Animation Router check (ping to test server) Adds + Check UN & PW to Router Wireless

  45. Security Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Opt to Install TalkTalk Online Security System check for Other Firewalls System Check to see if F-Secure can be added Wireless

  46. Assist & Go Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Wireless Assist & Go Features and soft sell screen Assist & Go installed in the background

  47. E-mail Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Wireless TalkTalk e-mail Setup Offered Customer input choosen email e-mail is setup on TalkTalk Servers e-mail csn be added to Outlook / Express

  48. Wireless Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Wireless Option screen asking to enable wireless Geek Squad Splash screen and information Wireless Secured Option to connect to wirelessly to Ethernet cable removed

  49. Extras Extras Welcome Setup Configure Security Assist & Go E-mail Wireless Option to Install TalkTalk Client TalkTalk Client Sign Up TalkTalk Client Installation

  50. Huawei Smartax MT882 via ethernet Huawei Echolife wired & then customer continuing to a wireless state What if a customer has there own hardware? Take time to demo some of the common installation flows: ?