delaware s next hospital hierarchy n.
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Delaware’s Next Hospital- Hierarchy PowerPoint Presentation
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Delaware’s Next Hospital- Hierarchy

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Delaware’s Next Hospital- Hierarchy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delaware’s Next Hospital- Hierarchy. Lesson outcomes: Recognize a hierarchy Be able to organize data in a hierarchical structure Be able to explain how accessibility can work to help create a hierarchy in settlement patterns

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delaware s next hospital hierarchy
Delaware’s Next Hospital- Hierarchy

Lesson outcomes:

Recognize a hierarchy

Be able to organize data in a hierarchical structure

Be able to explain how accessibility can work to help create a hierarchy in settlement patterns

Be able to use the principle of hierarchy to solve location problems

Copy the following lesson outcomes into your notebooks.

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getting started
Getting Started

Who here is a Fan of NFL Football?

This past season NFL jerseys switched manufacturers. While they had been made by Reebok before, Nike has taken over.

Nike revealed their new jerseys in Portland, Oregon, a major city on the west coast

Question #1: Why would Nike Select Portland for a reveal over a small town in Oregon?

Question #2: Can you think of a location you think would be better?

Read the following, discuss with your partner and write your answers to the two questions in your notebook.

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hierarchy definition
Hierarchy Definition
  • A hierarchy is a ranking system
    • Items at the top of the hierarchy are more “important” than those at the bottom
    • The bottom of a hierarchy has more in it than the top
    • Hierarchies are often depicted (shown) as triangles
      • This shape best matches with the organization of hierarchies: low numbers at the top of the hierarchy and high numbers at the bottom

Copy the following notes into your notebooks.

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examples of hierarchies
Examples of Hierarchies

High School

Copy the following diagrams into your notebooks.

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Stop. You will discuss this as a class.

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Assistant Coaches



other hierarchies
Other Hierarchies

Can anyone think of another example of a Hierarchy?

geographic hierarchies
Geographic Hierarchies
  • Towns and cities are not isolated (cut off) from one another
    • They are connected by things such as roads, the internet, family ties, etc.
  • Think about how the arrangement of Cities and their surroundings (suburbs, towns) are a hierarchical system

Copy the passage marked with a “check” into your notebooks.

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Wilmington, Newark

Brookside, Claymont, Middletown, Smyrna


Suburbs and Large Towns

Rural Towns and Small Communities

Harrington, Greenwood, Felton, Townsend, Elendale, Selbyville, Little Creek

geographic hierarchy
Geographic Hierarchy
  • What are some examples you can think of which shows that cities, which are at the top of the Hierarchy are more important than small towns, which are at the bottom?
    • Example: Where are sports teams located?
  • What city do the TV news stations which play in Newark broadcast?
    • What about the national news or a national television show such as Good Morning America?

Answer the following questions into your notebook.

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  • Medical services are provided by doctors from their offices as well as medical clinics and hospitals.
    • These offices are not evenly distributed (spread out)
      • They cluster (bunch) around heavy population centers such as cities and towns
    • People who live outside of these areas will have poorer access to medical services

Read the following and move to the next slde.

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the problem
The Problem
  • There are eight general service hospitals in Delaware, the most recent was built in 1985
    • In 1985 the population of Delaware was 630,000
    • By 2004 the population had grown to 830,000 and increase of 1/3
  • Population increase shows that the need for a new hospital is growing
  • You will take the role of a state health planner who is trying to decide where to locate Delaware’s next hospital.
    • Use geographical analysis based upon the principle of hierarchy to determine the most likely lactation

Copy the passages marked with an orange bullet only into your notebooks.

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research instructions
Research Instructions

1. Look at the Map and the Population Chart, noting what they mean. Then Use the hierarchy worksheet to organize each location by population onto the triangle. For example, the top band should have every location with a population between 71,529-27,631. Count how many locations each band has and put that number in the triangle for that band. Finally note where Newark lies on the triangle.

2. Skip step 2

3. Look at the Population map. Each Delaware hospital is on the map. Write down in your notebook what population band each hospital is in. Hospitals need to be near a certain number of people in order to stay in business so be sure to note what the lowest population band which can support a hospital is in your notebook.

4. Keeping in mind the lowest population which can keep a hospital in business, list some locations which might be a good place to put a new hospital. Also, what are some other problems which you might have to keep in mind when building a hospital?

5. Select the location you feel is best for a new hospital and EXPLAIN why you feel that location is the best.

Read the following and complete the charts as instructed.

Your teacher will provide you with the hierarchy charts you need. The population chart and maps are on the following slides.

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new hospital
New Hospital

So what are some of the locations you selected for a new hospital here in Delaware?

Why did you think that location would be best?

What did this exercise have to do with Hierarchy? (Remember hierarchy is a ranking system)

Answer the following questions in your notebook.

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