2013 september 11 bell ringer
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2013 September 11 一 Bell Ringer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 September 11 一 Bell Ringer. Get out your Civics Flash Card papers. Pick up a question you haven’t had before from the front cart Write the question on your paper. You have two minutes left to write. Answers Time. I will read out the answers I have.

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2013 september 11 bell ringer

2013 September 11一 Bell Ringer

Get out your Civics Flash Card papers.

Pick up a question you haven’t had before from the front cart

Write the question on your paper.

You have two minutes left to write.

Answers time
Answers Time

  • I will read out the answers I have.

  • When you think you think you hear your answer, stand up and read me your question.

  • If you are right, come pick up the card.

  • I am timing the class. When all answers have been handed out, I will stop the timer. You are competing against the other classes.


Select one person from the class to write on the board today.

You have one minute to make your selection before I pick for you.


Time’s up!


What problems in our school would you like to see changed?

Writer, please take six suggestions from the class.

I need two volunteers to pass out worksheets.


After you have chosen two problems, we need to come up with action steps to solve these problems.

An action step is a good starting point when you are looking for a solution.

Use the suggestions on the next page for ideas. You may make up your own. Write one action step for each problem.

After you write an action step for each problem, explain how that action step could help solve the issue.

三 Solutions!

On the worksheet, write down the two problems with school that you care MOST about.

If you hate them all, make up your own.

Action step examples
Action Step Examples

* whine about it to your friends

* write letters to companies

* write to City Hall and the mayor

* write to the President of the United States

* write to the school board

* write to the principal

* write to Santa Claus

* write to your representative in Congress

* write to your representatives in the legislature

* write to your senators

blog about it

complain about it to your pet dog

make Facebook posts on all of your friends’ timelines

make posters for your school

open your own store

prepare a report and present it to your city council

put up fliers in your neighborhood

raise money by selling chocolate

raise money with a lemonade stand

start a neighborhood watch

tweet about it

whine about it to your friends

Planning a presentation
四 Planning a Presentation

I will now separate you into groups.

You will be completing the back of the worksheet together.

Student power
Student Power

If you want to solve a problem,

you have to work together.

The next step is take action on your problem.

No matter what you want to change at school,

writing one letter might not get things done.

You have to use the power of numbers.

In your groups, you are going to compose a short persuasive paragraph explaining why the principal or a teacher needs to help you make whatever change you want.

Get our a CLEAN, BLANK sheet of paper.

Dear __________,

I am writing to you to tell you about a problem in our school. That problem is ________. This issue is important to me because ________ and ________. If we could fix this problem, life would be better at school because ________. The causes of our problem are ________ and ________. A good first step to solving this problem would be ________. Thank you for reading about the problem of ________ in our school. I hope you will join me in trying to address this issue.