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What is

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  1. What is Vanadium?

  2. Vanadium is… “The Element That Could Change the World” by Bob Johnstone October 2008 issue; published online September 29, 2008

  3. Vanadium is a soft, ductile metal primarily used in steel alloy’s, green technology and specialty steels.

  4. All crude steel requires vanadium to make it strong enough for commercial uses

  5. Vanadium enriched steel is used in a variety of applications in construction, infrastructure and transport.

  6. Vanadium has pushed engineering, construction and design to new heights and limits

  7. Vanadium is a required additive in all steel tubing and pipelines

  8. Vanadium is used in many products. Vanadium in tools for strength, in surgical instruments for stain resistant qualities and golf clubs as a titanium bonding agent

  9. Vanadium is a major component to vehicles, providing the strength to construct transmissions, gears, transaxles and vehicle chassis

  10. Vanadium plays a major role in vehicle infrastructure

  11. Bridges and roads rely on vanadium enriched steel and rebar

  12. Vanadium is very important to the construction of jet engines due to it’s high tolerance to heat.

  13. Due to a high neutron cross section, vanadium is the safest material for nuclear power plant construction

  14. Smart Glass protects against harmful UV rays and lowers energy usage. Vanadium is the chief ingredient in Smart Glass.

  15. Vanadium battery technology provides faster recharging and longevity than current batteries on the market.

  16. Vanadium batteries are changing green energy as we know it.

  17. Vanadium is a requirement in all military vehicles

  18. Vanadium makes steel bulletproof and impenetrable

  19. Vanadium is the key to space travel and space exploration

  20. Vanadium is the only material that can withstand the extreme heat of re-entry into our atmosphere Vanadium is the only material on the planet that can withstand the intense heat of re-entry into our atmosphere

  21. All vehicles leaving Earth’s atmosphere need vanadium in order to survive in space In fact, all vehicles that leave earth’s atmosphere must be built with a high vanadium content

  22. China has halted all raw vanadium exports for global supply • There have been limited vanadium sources developed over the past decade

  23. Vanadium prices have more than tripled over the past decade • Vanadium usage has increased dramatically year to year for the past decade

  24. Vanadium is the building block civilization is being built on