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  1. Pesach Judaism Unit 2: Worship, Celebration and Expression Icons key: Teacher’s notes included in the Notes page Flash activity (these activities are not editable)

  2. What we will learn in this presentation: • What Pesach means and what it commemorates • How Pesach is celebrated today Learning objectives

  3. What is Pesach? Pesach means Passover. It is one of the most important Jewish festivals, and is celebrated every year. Pesach commemorates when God rescued the Jews from slavery in Egypt. It is called ‘passover’ because when God killed all the firstborn Egyptians, he ‘passed over’ the houses of the Jews. You can read the full Passover story in the book of Exodus. Pesach starts on the evening of the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan and lasts for seven or eight days. Pesach usually falls in March or April.

  4. How is Pesach celebrated?

  5. What does Pesach mean today? Can you summarize what Passover might mean to Jews today? • It can serve as a reminder that God gave them freedom and a new life in the promised land. • It can inspire them to work for freedom and against all forms of oppression in the world today. • It reminds them of God’s love for them and his power to help them overcome difficulties.