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IRAN Archaic Signet of Civilization PowerPoint Presentation
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IRAN Archaic Signet of Civilization

IRAN Archaic Signet of Civilization

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IRAN Archaic Signet of Civilization

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  1. IRAN Archaic Signet of Civilization

  2. What is population of Iran? Population: 75,149,669 Are Iranians Arab? Persian ............51% Azeri Turks …24% Gilaki & Mazandarani 8% Kurd .........7% Arab .........3% Lur ...........2% Baloch ......2%  Turkmen ..2% Other ........1%

  3. Area & LocationOf IranIn Middle East

  4. How big is Iran? Area: 1,648,000 square kilometer It can include states of: WI, VA, WVA, TN, PA, OH, NC, NY, NJ, NH, MI, MA, MD, DL, ME, KY, IA, IN, IL, FL

  5. Middle East is an area which covers parts of west Asia and North East Africa Europe Middle East Asia Africa

  6. 7countries by land and another 5across the Persian Gulf.

  7. Brief ReviewofAncient History

  8. Zoroaster, Iranian Prophet (1700-500 B.C. ) Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

  9. Darius, the Great Old Testament, Ezra Chapter 6: Darius finds the decree of Cyrus in the archives of Achmetha (Hamadan), and directs Tatnai not to disturb the Jews in their work. He also exempts them from tribute, and supplies everything necessary for the offerings. The Temple is finished in the month of Adar, in the sixth year of Darius, and is dedicated with great solemnity. Cyrus, the Great Old Testament, Ezra Chapter 1: Cyrus king of Persia released God's people from their captivity, with license to return and build the temple in Jerusalem: and restored the holy vessels which Nabuchodonosor had taken from them. He was the first Zoroastrian Persian Shāhanshāh (Emperor). He was the founder of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenid dynasty. Achaemenian Empires (558 BC – 320 BC)

  10. Post Station (Chaparkhane), First credible claim for development of postal system, Achaemenian Era The Cyrus Cylinder First Human Rights Document Cyrus the Great, Achaemenian Era

  11. All Nations Gate, Statue of Xerxes the Great, Persepolis, Achaemenian Capital

  12. Shapur, King of Persia, The Sassanian Empire (602-629 AD)

  13. Sassanid Dynasty Invented Bank System During the third century AD, banks in Persia and other territories in the Persian empire issued letters of credit known as Sakks

  14. Khwarizmi , 800 A.D. Mathematician, Astronomer, Astrologer and Geographer Inventor of Algorithm Rhazes (Razi), 865 A.D. Chemist and Physician Discovered Sulfuric Acid and Alcohol

  15. Avicennia (Bo Ali Sina), 980 A.D. Physician and Philosopher Author of The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine Standard medical text in Europe for seven centuries

  16. Molana (Rumi) 1207 – 1273 Persian Poet His followers formed the Sufism

  17. Omar Khayyam (1048-1131 AD), Nishapur, IranPoet, Mathematician, Astronomer, Scholar, Philosopher Poetry: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was first translated by Fitzgerald, UK in 1800Math: First to solve Cubic EquationsAstronomy: First to measure length of the year as: 365. 242 198 581 56 days Length of the year for today is: 365. 242 190 days First to compile astronomical tables for 12- months calendar Books written before age 25: Problems of Arithmetic, Problems of Algebra, and a book on Music

  18. Brief Review of Recent History

  19. Pahlavi Dynasty Reza Shah 1924-1941 Mohammad Reza Shah 1941-1979

  20. President Eisenhower Visits Iran, 1959 Shah and President Truman, 1949 Shah and President Johnson, 1968 Shah and President Kennedy, 1962

  21. President Nixon Visits Iran, 1972 Shah Visits USA, 1973 Shah and President Ford, 1975 Shah and President Carter, 1977

  22. Iranian Revolution, Khomeini, Islamic Republic of Iran, 1979-Present

  23. Iran’s Disputed Election(June 2009) Supporters of Mir HosseinMousavi Supporters of President MahmoudAhmadinejad

  24. Natural SceneryofIran

  25. Reference:

  26. Mazandaran

  27. Mazandaran

  28. Urumanat (Northwestern Iran)

  29. Wildlife

  30. Ramsar (Northern Iran)

  31. Mount Damavand (Mazandaran)

  32. TouristAttractionsofIran

  33. Was build in 500 BC, remained in use until 1850 Destroyed by an earthquake on 12/26/ 2003 Arg-é Bam

  34. Persepolis Achaemenian Capital Persepolis Shiraz

  35. Persepolis, Shiraz

  36. Troglodyte village of Kandovan

  37. Masuleh, North of Iran

  38. ChehelSotun, Isfahan 1600 AC 33 Pol Bridge, Isfahan 1650 AC

  39. Naghsh e Jahan Mall, Isfahan 1600 AC Ali Ghapoo Palace, Isfahan

  40. Azadi Square Tehran Bagh-e-Melli Gate, Tehran Shams’lEmare, Tehran

  41. Vank Cathedral, also known as The Church of the Saintly Sisters

  42. Shrine of Biblical Prophet Daniel Popular attraction among Iran’s Jewish & Muslims communities and tourists, susa (Shoosh)

  43. Ferdowsi Monument, Mashad Omar Khayyam Tomb, Nishaboor Imam Reza holly shrine, made of gold and silver, Mashhad