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The backstory…. Our bank stands behind what is wonderful to the customer and what “wows” them – What’s wonderful? Their dream made real  – What makes this happen for them? • Your  creativity and hard work   • Your financial expertise

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The backstory…

Our bank stands behind what is wonderfulto the customer and what “wows” them

– What’s wonderful? Their dream made real 

– What makes this happen for them?

• Your creativity and hard work  

• Your financial expertise

• The resources you offer (loans, lines of credit, tech, tools)

It all adds up to their success(the end result, beyond $) 

– This is the impetus behind our Creative Branding Campaign

Here’s one way we’ll creatively

show this concept:

Actual customers demonstrate the “wow” in their life, or the wow part of their business, and how the bank made this “wow” happen for them.

Because we can’t stop at good enough… Here’s another creative variation!

We’ll feature our bankers, and how they provided the “wow” to the customer.

(No, we’re not done yet.) creative variation!A similar concept, but using a bank TEAM approach instead of individuals.

This opens up other opportunities
This Opens up Other Opportunities creative variation!

  • We can now do “Crowd Sourcing”

    • This is a strategy that gets people involved

    • We will ask them “What’s your wow”? or:

    • How did we take the “ow” out of your “wow”?

  • How we will do this

    • The customer will speak to us through the website, and Facebook, being driven by all advertising channels.

Okay here s your 2 minutes of fame
Okay, here’s your 2 minutes of fame! creative variation!

  • We also need YOU to tell your “wow”

    • What it is about the bank that wows you

    • You tell us what that is

    • You get a chance to shine in our advertising