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Ky Public Procurement Association (KPPA)

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Ky Public Procurement Association (KPPA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ky Public Procurement Association (KPPA). Membership Guide. KPPA MISSION STATEMENT.

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kppa mission statement

To provide, promote and support professional development in procurement practices for our diverse membership through educational opportunities and communication while achieving and maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, public trust and awareness.

  • Promote & encourage professional development and competence through continuing education.
  • Promote cooperation & understanding among public agencies and officials.
  • Provide a professional forum for the exchange of ideas, research, & experiences.
  • Support & promote continuing improvements in the field of public procurement.
  • Support the principles & concepts of effective competition, increased public confidence, and equitable treatment of all persons involved in public procurement.
  • Support on-going improvements in public procurement through seminars and technical training.
about kppa
    • KPPA is the Kentucky Chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP).
    • KPPA was established in 1985.
  • KPPA was officially chartered by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) in 1990.
membership eligibility

Membership in the Kentucky Public Procurement Association (KPPA) is open to any public official representing federal, state, county, or city governments; colleges and universities; school systems; political subdivisions; and other public entities who are full-time employees having purchasing, contracting, or materials management responsibilities.

membership fees

There are TWO ways to become a member:

  • Register and attend the KPPA Annual Forum and Products Exposition. Membership for the upcoming calendar year is included with your conference registration.
  • Submit a check for $50 and a completed membership application. An application can be downloaded from the website:
benefits of membership
  • KPPA sponsors multiple training opportunities throughout each calendar year, including NIGP classes.
  • Seminars are specifically tailored to develop the members’ proficiency in public procurement, contracting and management fields.
  • KPPA enhances members’ understanding of the NIGP general body of knowledge needed for internationally recognized professional certifications such as the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) or the management level Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO).
  • KPPA offers specific topics to address Kentucky statutes and regulations.
  • KPPA seminars provide the necessary credits for NIGP certification and recertification points.

KPPA promotes certification through the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC) by offering content training, review courses, and monetary incentives to members. Once certified, members can easily maintain their certification status with re-certification points earned at inexpensive seminars and by attending the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition.


KPPA is made up of over 190 public procurement professionals from across the Commonwealth. A member directory is available to KPPA members to encourage a “members helping members” environment.

Visit our website at for more information!


The KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition is held each fall. This three-day event is full of educational seminars, networking opportunities, and a vendor expo with an average of 100 vendor booths.

purchasing month

The month of March is designated by NIGP as “Purchasing Month.” To recognize and celebrate “Purchasing Month”, KPPA offers its members a day of free workshops, as well as reasonably priced NIGP seminars. In the past, the Governor has also signed a proclamation recognizing March as “Purchasing Month.” Watch the quarterly KPPA newsletter or the website for information on upcoming “Purchasing Month” activities.


KPPA awards multiple scholarships in excess of $10,000 each year to its members. These scholarships can be used toward continuing education through NIGP-developed training, KPPA training, or college courses specific to the procurement and contracting arena.

recognition awards

KPPA values each of its members and recognizes exceptional professional development and service. KPPA offers the following awards:

  • Buyer of the Year
  • Manager of the Year
  • Agency of the Year

KPPA publishes the In Voice, a quarterly newsletter to keep members aware of current procurement news, members’

achievements, NIGP events and career tips.

The In Voice alsoannounces relevant

procurement sessions and upcoming educational events.

kppa needs you

Because the success of KPPA is dependent on the committees that serve the organization, KPPA needs your talents and energy. We encourage our members to become active and contribute to the KPPA by serving on committees of their choice. If you would like to serve on one of these committees or have questions about them, please contact the committee chairperson.

education and professional development committee
EDUCATION AND Professional Development COMMITTEE
  • Promotes professional certification with NIGP.
  • Coordinates KPPA and NIGP training based on the needs of the membership.
  • Writes articles for the In Voice promoting education and professional development.
  • Provides a certificate of attendance to document re-certification points for CPPB or CPPO certified attendees of the KPPA conference.
  • Coordinates the scheduling and set-up of classrooms to suit the needs of the instructors (AV equipment, flip charts, etc.).
  • Coordinates travel for instructors and guest speakers that attend the KPPA conference.
awards and scholarships committee
  • Develop, maintain, and promote scholarship opportunities for KPPA membership.
  • Promote and publicize monetary benefits of the scholarship program through the In Voice newsletter and other means.
  • Develop topics for the annual KPPA essay scholarship contest and distribute the essay topics, rules and guidelines, and scoring criteria

at least three months prior to the annual KPPA Fall Conference.

  • Encourage membership to showcase the efforts of their agencies or fellow members by submitting entries for the Buyer of the Year, Purchasing Manager of the Year, and Agency of the Yearcategories.
  • Coordinate publication of winning essays in the In Voice newsletter and provide recognition for the winners of Buyer of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Agency of the Year awards.
membership committee
  • Actively promote the benefits of membership in KPPA to governmental purchasers who are not currently a member of the organization.
  • Develop communications in the KPPA newsletter and through group emails to current KPPA members, to provide current membership information and encouraging their continued participation in KPPA.
  • Send out welcome letters and packages including, the new KPPA Membership Guide and the KPPA Membership Directory, to new members throughout the year.
  • Maintain and update the Membership Directory, Membership Guide and update the email distribution list..
diversity committee
  • Focus on advancing diversity in valuing and respecting individual strengths, viewpoints and contributions
  • Ensure KPPA members are not denied participation in any aspect of KPPA activities on the basis of ethnic background, race, color, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability
  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide equal opportunity to the mentally and physically impaired in connection with the provision of public services and public accommodations
publicity and newsletter committee
  • Gather articles and publish the quarterly KPPA In Voice newsletter. Actively solicit articles on governmental purchasing or related issues from the KPPA membership.
  • Coordinate and update the KPPA website.
  • Post registration forms to the website for KPPA sponsored NIGP classes, the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition.
  • Post materials to the KPPA website that are provided by the various KPPA committee chairpersons.
  • Post job opportunities in public procurement on the KPPA website on a monthly basis.
  • Publicize “Purchasing Month”, the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition, and other planned KPPA events.
nomination committee
  • Review and update the procedures for the election of the KPPA Board of Directors and Officers.
  • Compile and present a slate of board of director and officer nominees to the KPPA Board of Directors by the 2nd board meeting of the year, based on the current board members’ eligibility and willingness to serve.
  • Seek other nominees from the active membership who have displayed a high interest in serving KPPA.
  • Present a slate of officers and board of directors for nomination to the KPPA membership during the business meeting of each KPPA Annual Forum.
  • Facilitate the election process during the annual business meeting, provide election ballots to the membership, and oversee the counting of the ballots.
  • Maintain all records related to the election for a two year period.
budget committee
  • The budget committee is chaired by the KPPA Treasurer. The following committee chairpersons are automatically on the budget committee; the conference committee, the workshop committee, the education and professional development committee, and the vendor recruitment committee. Other committee members can be added based on interest from KPPA membership.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the association and present it to the KPPA Board of Directors for approval at the 2nd board meeting of the calendar year.
  • Committee members work collaboratively to monitor expenditures to ensure that the organization operates within the approved budget.
policy committee
  • Prepare and maintain a KPPA Policy handbook delineating policies enacted by the Board of Directors.
  • Review minutes from past board meetings for motions approved by the board that affect the operations of the organization.
  • Update the policy manual to reflect changes.
audit committee
  • Perform an annual audit of KPPA’s account within the first three months of the calendar year.
  • Present a detailed report of expenditures and support documentation to the KPPA Board of Directors by the second scheduled board meeting
  • Advise the board of pertinent issues and recommended improvements for financial controls
conference committee
  • Coordinate the logistics and contracting of facilities for the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition.
  • Work with hotel to schedule meeting rooms for seminars and networking functions.
  • Assure that all food, space, and equipment requirements are met.
  • Design and publicize the registration materials for the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition.
  • Compile information and arrange for printing of the KPPA Conference Training Booklet.
  • Work with the registration committee in coordinating the distribution of name badges , training certificates , and all registration materials for the KPPA Annual Conference and Vendor Exposition.
  • Inspect all conference areas and seminar rooms for functional needs and assist exhibitors/instructors in meeting their needs.
vendor recruitment subcommittee
  • Recruit vendors for participation in the Vendor Exposition and enlist corporate sponsorship for networking and special events during the forum.
  • Design and publicize the vendor registration materials for the KPPA Annual Forum and Vendor Exposition and ensure that the first mailing is completed timely.
  • Coordinate and regularly update the vendor booth assignments on a map of the vendor exposition center.
  • Track vendor payments that are received for booth rentals.
  • Develop new and innovative methods for enlisting vendor participation and corporate sponsorship for the Expo.
registration committee
  • Establish and staff the registration desk during the registration period at the annual KPPA Forum
  • Create and distribute all name badges and all conference materials and information
  • Maintain security of all items kept at the registration desk
  • Accept and secure proceeds from resale items displayed at the registration desk
conference workshop committee
  • Research workshops of interest to the state and local government and school board membership.
  • Locate, recommend, and schedule speakers including the keynote speaker.
  • Compile workshop presentation materials from speakers for inclusion in the KPPA Conference Training Booklet.
  • Develop and distribute the conference schedule.
  • Identify the equipment needs of speakers for their sessions; work with the conference committee to ensure the speakers’ needs are met.
  • Publicize the credentials of the guest speakers.

“KPPA has afforded me many opportunities, including expanding my procurement education, fostering my procurement certification, and broadening my opportunities to serve on national committees through the NIGP. …the most pleasure that I received through KPPA was meeting and working with the many wonderful and knowledgeable people.”

Joan E. Graham, CPPO, CPPB

CHFS, Office of Policy & Budget


“As I get to know other KPPA professionals I realize that the friendships are great but the advice and direction they provide are also invaluable. It’s nice to know that these people are just a phone call or email away; and they’re always happy to help.”

Tom Stratton, MBA, CPPB, Purchasing Agent

J&PS, Department of Criminal Justice Training


“This year I saw KPPA go beyond the call of duty.  With budgets being cut, and seeing that members were struggling to take additional classes for professional development, the board members voted to pay for preparation classes in order for members to take [CPPB/CPPO] certification tests.  Many who tested (including me!) would not have been able had it not been for KPPA. You definitely don’t want to miss out!”

Stacy Phillips, CPPO, CPPB

CHFS, Office of Policy and Budget


“Membership in KPPA has given me access to the expertise of numerous purchasing officials across the country through networking and attending seminars.”

John W. Combs III

CHFS, Division of Administration and

Financial Management


“In recent years KPPA has served as a model for other state chapters in terms of educational offerings, national speaker participation at the KPPA Forum and Exposition, participation of KPPA members on national committees and events, and numerous scholarship opportunities available to its members. I am one of the many KPPA members who have greatly benefited from the generous scholarship opportunities afforded by KPPA every year.”

Jackie Watkins, CPPO, CPPB

CHFS, Office of Policy and Budget


“KPPA has helped me reach a level of professionalism that I’m proud of.  I encourage all of Kentucky’s procurement professionals to become involved in KPPA and to take advantage of the many opportunities KPPA offers.”

Kathy Robinson, CPPO, CPPB

FAC, Office of Procurement Services


“KPPA offers its members many professional development opportunities through social networks, quarterly newsletters, scholarships, training sessions, etc.  There are endless possibilities if you just take the first step of becoming an active KPPA member!  Get involved!”

Sarah E. Smith, CPPB, Manager

CHFS, Division of Procurement