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Learning and Sharing platform : Theme: Community initiatives and impact on WASH service delivery in Ghana: The Community perspective Improving WASH service in La through Citizen's Actions. Presentation by La WASH Group. Actions of Committee. Water Rationing Monitoring Pragramme. Achievements.

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presentation by la wash group

Learning and Sharing platform : Theme:Community initiatives and impact on WASH service delivery in Ghana: The Community perspectiveImproving WASH service in La through Citizen's Actions

Presentation by La WASH Group

actions of committee
Actions of Committee

Water Rationing Monitoring Pragramme

  • Faulty pipes burst reported and repaired in hour in instead of days
  • Communities not served during rationing periods are now served.
  • Good relationship with service providers and community WASH committee.
  • Improve access to water supply to some parts of communities
  • High cost of phone unit for committee members to communicate
  • Network failure in reaching service providers
  • Toll free line not working
  • Low level of awareness of monitoring programme to communities
  • Lack of funds to create awareness of programme and provision of unit to contact persons
way forward
Way Forward
  • Formation of water vendors association to promote accountability in service delivery.
  • Training of community groups on the use of Community Score Card to monitor water service delivery
  • Establishing of links with schools to monitor water flow for quality education
  • Awareness creation on monitoring of rationing and fault reported
  • Meeting with service providers to share findings and ways of improving monitoring
  • Meeting with water vendors.
hygienic household water storage programme
Hygienic Household Water Storage Programme


  • To promote hygienic ways of solving water during water provision
  • To create awareness on the impact of fungus in water contamination
  • To reduce water borne diseases in the communities
rationale for programme
Rationale for Programme
  • Unhygienic water containers for storing water in household in communities
  • Lack of information on the health impact of fungus in storage containers
  • High diarrhoea rate in communities
  • Presence of foreign materials in water during period of flow
  • Engagement with water vendors to educate them on water collection
  • Street campaign on clearing of containers for storage
  • Person to person contact in proper hygienic ways of water storage
  • Gradual buying into idea of educating water collectors by water vendors in the communities
  • Person to person campaign yielding fruits in some households
  • Lack of education on the health effects of the fungus
  • Lack of funds to create the awareness on the need for hygienic ways of storing water
  • Lack of training of community promoters on the household water treatment and storage
  • Lack of mass education equipment for education programme in communities
  • Limited personnel in campaigning on hygienic water storage
way forward1
Way Forward
  • Engagement with numerous communities group leaders for opportunity to use their meeting in platform for promoting household treatment and storage of water in the communities
  • Willingness of water vendors to form associations to be trained and be campaigners
  • Use of numerous clans meeting in communities ones in a month to solicit points for campaign
  • Water point to water point campaign on day of water flow to create awareness of hygienic storage
household water contamination monitoring project
Household Water Contamination Monitoring Project

Unknown sources of water contamination

  • High water contamination during periodic water flow
  • Waste of water during period of due foreign materials
  • Inability to store water after three days cause unknown
impact of water contamination to community
Impact of water contamination to community
  • High cases of diarrhea
  • High meter bills as against quantity of water used
  • Poor water quality supply

A major source of Water contamination