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Group Presentation. Design and Implementation of a company-wide networking & communication technologies strategy 9 th December 2003 Prepared By: …………. Group Presentation. Background Start-up company (SOHO) dealing with web-based educational software

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group presentation

Group Presentation

Design and Implementation of a company-wide networking & communication technologies strategy

9th December 2003

Prepared By:


group presentation2

Group Presentation


Start-up company (SOHO) dealing with web-based educational software

Staff strength - 4 software developers

1 admin

1 manager

1 director

B2C and B2B applications

IT Infrastructure not present

group presentation3

Group Presentation

Project Overview

Study requirements

Design IT Infrastructure

Develop Project Plan

Develop Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Budget & Project Plan Approval

Implement, monitor & review project

User Training

User Acceptance

User Support

Identify Critical Success Factors



T1 connection


De-militarized Zone

Firewall Appliance

Web/Application Server Cluster



Mail Relay Server

Print server & printer

DC, Exchange, File & Print server

group presentation5

Group Presentation

Hardware & Software

1x Firewall Appliance

1x Router

2x 24 port 10/100 Switch

1x A3/A4 Printer

1x Printer Server (or built-in JetDirect card for HP printers)

1x Domain Controller, Exchange and File Server

2x Web Servers (for cluster)

1x Mail Relay Server

5x PCs & 2x Notebooks

Tape Drives

group presentation6

Group Presentation


4x MS Server 2003

7x MS Windows XP

2x MS Exchange 2003

7x MS Office 2003

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition (11 licenses)

Data Backup Software

group presentation7

Group Presentation




Anti-virus Software for both Servers & Clients

Secure authentication of user logons

User education

Security and Password Policy

Mail Relay server reduces the vulnerability of the Exchange server

group presentation8

Group Presentation


Install & Setup

Develop Test Plan

Commissioning & Testing

“Go Live”

group presentation9

Group Presentation

Deliverable Acceptance

User Training

User Acceptance

group presentation10

Group Presentation

DRP & Support

Test Daily Tape Backup

Test Disaster Recovery Plan

Test and review Support Plan

Develop FAQ for end users

group presentation11

Group Presentation

Future Development

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Wireless LAN

Separate Database Server (NAS or SAN)

Remote Access (Outlook Web Access, VPN, SSL-VPN)


group presentation12

Group Presentation


The design actually incorporates network security

Proposed enhance security and data management for future expansion

Ensure good SLA and bandwidth utilization are provided by the Internet providers

Redesign infrastructure for High Available (HA) if budget allows

Ensure Critical Success Factors are monitored and met