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iPad Apps for Students

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iPad Apps for Students . iStudiez -Lite DropMind Lite Dragon Dictation Gflash + Flashcards and Tests myHomework Campus Books Maps of World Chemical Touch USA Factbook iTranslator. 1. iStudiez.

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iPad Apps for Students

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ipad apps for students

iPad Apps for Students



Dragon Dictation

Gflash+ Flashcards and Tests


Campus Books

Maps of World

Chemical Touch

USA Factbook



1. iStudiez

Using iStudiez, create your high school course schedule for the fall semester--September 5 - January 18

See example:


2. DropMindLite

  • Create a mind map of the following concepts-show your teacher, thencreate one of your own and show your teacher.
  • Main Idea/Topic: Business Entities
  • Three Sub-categories
  • 1. Sole Proprietorship
    • One owner
    • Easy to start
    • No sharing of profits
    • Unlimited liability
  • 2. Partnership
    • Two or more owners
    • Sharing profits
    • Unlimited liability
    • More talent
  • 3. Corporation
    • Artifical being
    • Unlimtied life
    • Limited liability
    • Higher Tax Rate

3. Dragon Dictation

Read a letter to capture the dictation. Then copy and paste the letter into Pages. Format as a personal business letter and email to me—check with teacher to see what letter to dictate.

Your Street Address

Your city, state and zip code

Today’s Date

Ms. Mary Smith

11 Lakeshore Road

Cicero, NY 13039

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am interested in applying for a summer clerical position with your firm. My computer, communications, and human relations skills will enable me to provide efficient office support while professionally representing your firm.

Currently, I am a student at the University at Albany majoring in political science and pre-law. I have Microsoft Word, Excel, and keyboarding skills, as well as customer service experience, which are highlighted on my resume.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications for a position with your firm. I can be reached on (315) 569-111. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name


4. Gflash+Flashcards& Tests

Look up the definitions for the one of the sets of words and create flash cards. Ask your teacher for which set to do. Then test yourself and show your teacher

Set 1Set 2Set 3

iPadIpad Mini Personal Computer

PinchKeynote Word

Swipe Numbers Excel

Safari Pages PowerPoint

Transitions iMovie Movie Maker

AnimationsiCloud Google

Next create your own set of 6 or more cards for a subject you are currently taking—Test yourself and show your teacher.


5. myHomework

Use this app like your agenda—add homework assignments based on your schedule for at least four of your classes that you are currently taking.

It should include assignments in math, science, social studies, English or a foreign language.

Be specific!


6. Campus Books App

  • Using the Campus Books App, find the lowest prices available for the following books and state where you found the book:
  • The New Business Road Test , 3rd Edition, Mullins
  • Price ___________ Location ___________
  • 1,000 Dollars & an Idea, Entrepreneur to Billionaire, Wyly
  • Price ___________ Location ___________
  • Managerial Accounting 2011 Edition, Wild, Shaw
  • Price ___________ Location ___________
  • Entrepreneurship, Successfully Launching New Ventures, 3rd Edition, Barringer, Ireland
  • Price ___________ Location ___________

7. Using the Maps of the World app – report on what this app does in Pages

8. Chemical Touch – Report on what this app does in Pages

9. USA Factbook – Find an interesting fact to share

10. iTranslator– Translate this paragraph into another language

When President Barack Obama visits Australia’s Northern Territory Thursday, he will be presented with insurance coverage against attack — crocodile attack. Obama will be presented with the unusual policy when the president arrives in the remote tropical city of Darwin. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory which boasts the largest crocodile numbers in Australia. The local TIO insurance company offers a 50,000 Australian dollar ($51,000 U.S.) insurance policy against crocodile attack within the region. The novelty certificates, at a price of 10 Australian dollars, make popular souvenirs among tourists. “We’ve got the crocodile insurance ready to go for Michelle and the kids — 50 grand if the president does get taken,” Henderson told Sky TV. “We don’t think that’s going to happen, but it should provide a little bit of reassurance.”


NAME ______________________


  • __________ iStudiez-Lite your course schedule
  • __________ DropMindLite- Business Entities
  • __________DropMindLite-My Own ___________________
  • __________ Dragon Dictation – Letter
  • __________ Gflash + Flashcards and Tests-Set # ________
  • __________ Gflash+ Flashcards and Tests-My Own __________________
  • __________ myHomework
  • _________ Maps of the World – Report to me on what this app does
  • _________ Chemical Touch – Report to me on what this app does
  • _________ USA Factbook – Find an interest fact and share it with me
  • _________ iTranslator - Show me translated paragraph