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Exam Talk

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Exam Talk. Fact or Fiction?. Myth #1 – Surprise!. Exams ‘sort of’ creep up on you Myth Buster – Check out the school calendar. You’ll find them listed there. Myth #2 – What to Expect. We never know what to expect. Myth Buster Ask the teacher. Revise your quizzes, module tests and notes.

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Exam Talk

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exam talk

Exam Talk

Fact or Fiction?

myth 1 surprise
Myth #1 – Surprise!
  • Exams ‘sort of’ creep up on you

Myth Buster – Check out the school calendar. You’ll find them listed there.

myth 2 what to expect
Myth #2 – What to Expect
  • We never know what to expect.
  • Myth Buster

Ask the teacher.

Revise your quizzes, module tests and notes.

myth 3 it s make or break time
Myth #3 – It’s Make or Break Time
  • Everyone acts like exams are soooo important.

Myth Buster –

It is what you gain that is important. It’s how the school tells what you have gained/learned.

Are exams important to you?

myth 4 teachers want to trick you
Myth #4 – Teachers want to trick you
  • Teachers just love to mark exam questions wrong.
  • Myth Buster

You and your teacher have been working together. They want you to do well.

myth 5 good bye normal life
Myth #5 – Good-bye Normal Life
  • No matter what kind of student you are, studying for exams takes over your life.
  • Myth Buster – Play your revision and study cards right. Life goes on if you have a plan.
myth 6 exams are a joke
Myth #6 – Exams are a Joke
  • Exams are just a way to make students do more work.

Myth Buster

Despite all discussion the combination of coursework and exams are the most fair and effective way to assess student growth.

know yourself
Know Yourself
  • Everyone is different. Revision and studying can be a lot easier if it suits your personality, your way of learning and your lifestyle.
your body clock
Your Body Clock

Work with your natural body clock.

1. Mornings are my best time. I wake up refreshed and ready.

Solution -Study early in the day.

2. I am not a morning person. I’m really not much good before noon.

Solution - Study in the afternoon or late evening.

powers of concentration
Powers of Concentration
  • I can only study for about 5 minutes.
  • I start out fine but jump from topic to topic.
  • I try to study but all I do is - stress and stress and stress

Solution - Write down your AIMS GOALS REWARDS

Be Clear on the WHAT you are doing WHY you are doing it HOW you will tackle it


so boring
So Boring
  • I can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes.
  • I start full of enthusiasm but ………

Solution - SPICE UP your studying by revising with

Cartoons, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, pictures, recordings

Use coloured paper and pens. Use scented markers.

Take fresh air breaks / Decorate your study zone

Remember the reward that you promised yourself.

l is for learner
L is for Learner
  • I remember all the words to songs I like.Auditory Learner – Solution - Make or buy revision tapes. Study by listening to them.
  • I like to learn by doing.Kinesthetic Learner –Solution – Rewriting notes and acting out topics will best help you.
  • I think in pictures. Visual Learner – Solution – Convert information from your classes into pictures and diagrams.
a study buddy
A Study Buddy
  • I work better with someone else.
  • I need to study alone.
  • I just need to talk thing over sometimes.

Solution – You may have one or several study buddies. You can form a study group.

Make some rules. No Play

Set A time and time limit.

Keep each other motivated and on task.

Use question and Answer Sessions, Swap and Mark Essays, Swap Notes, Discuss and Share

a study zone
A Study Zone
  • I have a large family and no room to study.
  • I have a large noisy family
  • My parents don’t like me studying to music.
  • My room is too messy to study in.

Solution – Search for a comfortable and inspirational place that suits you - with good lighting and good ventilation - but keep in mind

Where you study is not as important as doing it.

do you have a plan
Do You Have a Plan?
  • My diary is always up-to-date and organized.
  • Planning is not something I do.
  • Despite all, things always work out for me.

Solution – Create a Revision Timetable

Include – Subject Topic Time / When

Revise the ‘revision’ when needed.

Pace yourself.

do it for yourself
Do It For Yourself
  • My friends don’t study either.
  • I’m not that smart.
  • I feel so proud of myself when I do well.

Solution – You want to do well so-

Work out your own goals and stick to them.

Choose what works for you.

12 hot techniques for studying
12 Hot Techniques for Studying
  • Acronyms –Eatsme, Mrs. Gren, Home
  • Active Reading- set a purpose, ask questions, make notes
  • Ask the Teacher- accept extra help, ask for details about the types of exam ques.
  • Big Is Beautiful – post large signs containing pertinent info.
12 hot techniques for studying con t
12 Hot Techniques for Studying-con’t

5. Chain Gang – start with a key word, link words and information.

6. Catch Phrase – make up a catchy acronym

7. Eat an Elephant – break down information into small chunks.

8. Flash Cards – make it a target to recall all the info. on each card.

12 hot techniques for studying con t1

9. Keywords – underline, highlight, circle and list them. Use them.

10. Scanning – look and record all important words, phrase, numbers, formulae

11. Sticky notes- Tag important info.

12. Take note – Rewrite notes in your own words - again

12 Hot Techniques for Studying-con’t
and finally
And Finally……..
  • A positive attitude helps – a lot
  • Get plenty of rest. Eat sensibly.
  • Have confidence that your efforts have paid off.