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Praise Place

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Praise Place. “In the beginning God …”. Saturday, May 20, 2006 – 7:00 PM. Creation Phases. 1. Initial Creation of Universe. 2. Creation of Life Support and Plants-Animals. 3 . Forming of Man. 4 . Surgery to Create Woman. 5 . God Rested (and is still resting).

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Praise Place

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praise place

Praise Place

“In the beginning God …”

Saturday, May 20, 2006 – 7:00 PM

creation phases
Creation Phases

1. Initial Creation of Universe

2. Creation of Life Support and Plants-Animals

3. Forming of Man

4. Surgery to Create Woman

5. God Rested (and is still resting)

god created the heavens and the earth genesis 1 1
“God created the heavensand the earth” – Genesis 1:1

Created in Hebrew is “Bara”

- Created out of nothing in the distant past;

the “Big Bang” theory



The Universe




all things were made by him jesus is the creator john 1 1 3
“All things were made by Him” Jesus is the Creator – John 1:1-3



The Universe





“Without Form and Void”

  • What happened to the earth in Genesis 1:2?
  • One belief is that Satan and his angels came and wrecked the earth in an attempt to foil God’s plan for man.
  • The Holy Spirit moved upon the face of the earth. The Hebrew word indicates that He “brooded” over the earth as a hen over her eggs.
perfect placement of the earth
Perfect Placement of the Earth
  • Tilt of Axis – If changed by 1 degree, earth would either freeze or burn up in major sections of earth
  • Distance from Sun (93 million miles) – If change by 1 million miles, earth would either freeze or burn up in major sections of earth
  • Elliptical orbit – if changed slightly, earth would freeze and burn up dramatically
  • Speed of earth’s rotation – if changedcould affect movement of water on earth
  • Distance of Moon – if changed slightly,could affect tides more dramatically
hebrew word for day yom
Hebrew Word for Day – “Yom”

Possible Meanings


24 Hours



six days of creation
Six “Days” of Creation

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

God created bodies of water (Seas), land masses (Earth), grass and trees

God created Light (Day) and Darkness (Night)

God created Firmament of Water Above the Clouds (Heaven)

six days of creation9
Six “Days” of Creation

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

God created cattle, creeping things (reptiles) and beasts (dinosaurs?); then created “formed/shaped” man out of dust and woman from Adam’s rib

God created greater light “Sun” and lesser light “Moon” as well as other lights (perhaps other planets in Solar System?)

God created all types of fish that swim and fowl (birds) that fly

seventh day sabbath god rested
Seventh Day “Sabbath” – God Rested

Possible Meanings


God is STILL


Holy Day

of Rest

24 Hours

No Morning

or Evening

time line and dimensions of god
Time Line andDimensions of God

God Created Time for Man and Angels

Man and Angels are created and will never die.

Eternity Past

Before Genesis 1:1

Eternity Future

Revelation 22



God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is eternal with no beginning and no end.

dimensions of god
Dimensions of God
  • God lives in at least 11 dimensions with at least as 8 in space and 3 in time as proven by particle accelerators in physics
  • Humans live in 3 dimensions – height, width, depth and 1 in time but only in a single direction).
  • The Bible talks about at least 2 dimensions of time and 6 dimensions of space.
  • Angels most likely operate in a 4th and 5th dimension but not in 10 dimensions.
praise place15

Praise Place

Our God is an Awesome God …”