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Finding Academic Sources PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding Academic Sources

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Finding Academic Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ms. Doyle, District Librarian. Finding Academic Sources. Please get ready to write in your journal. Entries will be marked in purple You will have 5 entries total. Video: www. youtube .com/watch?v=llD1AY5fsjc. We all love Google…. Back in my day…. But…you know this is true. Yes, I.

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Finding Academic Sources

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Please get ready to write in your journal.

  • Entries will be marked in purple
  • You will have 5 entries total
yes i
Yes, I

Wikipedia, too.

  • Talk to someone next to you:
  • Do you think Wikipedia is a good source of information? Is it reliable?
  • What have teachers told you about using Wikipedia for research? Yes or no?
  • Can you think of any good ways to use Wikipedia for research?
  • Share with the class.
so what can you use
So…what CAN you use?

Journal entry #1:

Academic sources:

1. Have been edited and fact-checked

2. Written by an expert

3. May include a works cited list

4. Often from a library database


Journal Entry #2: Finding a book or database

A. Start on your school home page

B. Click “Library” tab


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try a library database instead
Try a Library Database instead

Newspapers, magazines, journals, pictures, reference books, primary sources

School pays for access

Edited/fact checked

Home passwords are on Library Home Page – log in to Edline

world book encyclopedia
World Book Encyclopedia
  • Basic facts and statistics about big historical events, countries, etc.

World Book: Keyword Searches Only

In keyword searching, computer finds words anywhere in the article.

subject searching
Subject searching?
  • Yes! Menu drops down with suggested subject headings.
  • If no subject appears, can search using keywords. “Basque” is not a subject heading.
better gale powersearches
Better Gale PowerSearches


subject searching1
Subject searching?
  • Yes! Gale also allows you to combine TWO subject headings for a very powerful search.

3. Use Database Tools

A. Notice that you can make citations for database articles for your Works Cited list

B. Email to yourself

let s try to find the treasures
Let’s try to find the treasures.

Journal entry #4:

You’ll get a handout with printed pages from the Internet. Decide which sources (A-F) are most academic.

Rank them in your notes the order you would use them for research. Write one sentence to explain.


1. Source C is most academic –it’s written by a history professor and includes a works cited list.

…..then do 2-5…..

6. Source A is least academic –it’s just advertising and has no real info.

wrapping up
Wrapping Up

5. Write down one question you still haveabout finding academic sources for this project

  • Share with the class?
contact me
Contact me
  • Email me at for help
  • Or come by the library on Monday (LOHS) or Tuesday (Lakeridge) – usually!
thank you
Thank you!

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