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CCSSO State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE). Team Lead Webinar March 22, 2011. Presenters. Janice Poda , CCSSO Circe Stumbo , Consultant, CCSSO William Bentgen, CCSSO Webinar Agenda. Work of the State Teams

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Presentation Transcript
Ccsso state consortium on educator effectiveness scee

CCSSOState Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE)

Team Lead Webinar

March 22, 2011


  • Janice Poda, CCSSO

  • Circe Stumbo, Consultant, CCSSO

  • William Bentgen, CCSSO

Webinar agenda
Webinar Agenda

  • Work of the State Teams

  • SCEE Summit

  • State Team Compositions

  • Getting the Most Out of SCEE

    • Team Lead Survey

    • Monthly SCEE Webinars

    • SCEE Collaboration Site

  • Next steps

Work of the state teams1
Work of the State Teams

What are your needs/plans for the state team?

How can SCEE help?

What do you want out of SCEE?

What are your expectations from your colleagues in other states, each other, etc.?

Ideas for how teams will use scee
Ideas for How Teams Will Use SCEE

  • To learn about emerging topics of national interest related to educator effectiveness

  • To work on specific topics, such as _______

  • To make connections across the system

  • To focus our federal advocacy

  • To work with a small number of other states on a particular issue

Ideas for how teams will use scee1
Ideas for How Teams Will Use SCEE

  • To develop our state’s plan(s) to:

    • develop a comprehensive set of policies on learning, teaching, and leading

    • reconsider standards for teaching and leading (esp. in the context of the Common Core, new InTASC standards, etc.)

    • develop/refine a statewide evaluation system

    • Etc.

Ideas for how teams will use scee2
Ideas for How Teams Will Use SCEE

  • To develop/improve in-state relationships

  • To help our state think “out of the box” about improving educator effectiveness

  • To access professional development

    • Webinars

    • Collaboration site

    • Summit

    • Networks w/peers in other states

National summit on educator effectiveness1
National Summit on Educator Effectiveness

Opening keynote by David E. Houle

Lots of state team time

Time to network with peers in other states

Some time with SCEE partners and some private time just with state teams

Closing keynote by Michael Fullan

Summit purposes
Summit Purposes

  • Share info on educator effectiveness

  • Build internal relationships w/in state teams

  • Build cross-state relationships

  • Help state teams to determine their vision, purpose, and priority actions

  • Identify issues for CCSSO advocacy

  • Build trust

  • Other

Expected outcomes
Expected Outcomes

Attendees will leave the Summit with:

  • a new articulation of the future needs of students

  • ideas for how to transform state systems of educator effectiveness to meet those needs

  • potential solutions to challenges in transforming educator effectiveness systems

Expected outcomes continued
Expected Outcomes, continued

Attendees will leave the Summit with:

  • strengthened relationships within state teams to support individual state action

  • new cross-state job-alike relationships to support collective state action

  • specific plans for next steps

Agenda covers range of topics
Agenda covers range of topics

  • Proposed Strands

    • Preparation

    • Teacher Evaluation

    • School Leader Evaluation

    • Professional Development

    • Developmental Continuums/Tiered Licensure

    • Systemic Thinking and Implementation

Agenda covers range of topics1
Agenda covers range of topics

  • Themes

    • Grounding in standards—Common Core, InTASC, ISLLC, professional development

    • Data systems and feedback loops

    • Connections/relationships to districts

    • Models, cases

    • Action steps, deep dive projects, collaboration

Summit schedule washington dc
Summit Schedule—Washington, DC

April 27, 2:00-5:30 pm

Summit orientation for SCEE team leads

Preparing to get the most out of the Summit

Decision points for state teams during the Summit

Thinking systemically, drawing the Summit threads together with/for your teams

Summit schedule washington dc1
Summit Schedule—Washington, DC

April 28, 8:00 am-8:30 pm

Working Sessions and Meals

Keynote, author of “ShiftEd,” David Houle

State-team time

Small-group time with 2 other states (we need to match you with other states)

Standards as a foundation

Breakfast, lunch and dinner served

Summit schedule washington dc2
Summit Schedule—Washington, DC

April 29, 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Topical Breakouts, General Session—School Leadership

Topical strands/Jigsaw activity

General session with Joe Murphy

State action and deep dive planning

Breakfast and lunch provided, dinner on your own

Summit schedule washington dc3
Summit Schedule—Washington, DC

April 30, 7:30 am-12:30 pm

State Team Action Planning, Closing Keynote

Private state team time

Closing session with Michael Fullan

Breakfast and box lunch provided, Summit adjourns at

12:30 pm.

Summit facilitators
Summit Facilitators

We are working to get each state a facilitator

Do you have interests, special requests, or concerns about having a facilitator?

Summit logistics
Summit Logistics

  • Some team lead sleeping rooms will be two-room suites—we need the space for your team meetings

  • We will be in touch if you are one of those states

Summit logistics1
Summit Logistics

  • We cover costs for 6 participants per state

  • Registration deadline is April 4!

  • We have pre-approved team members for registration

    • You must tell William if you have a replacement or is you are bringing more than 6 team members, so he can alert registration

State team compositions
State Team Compositions

Many states are still gathering their teams of six participants each

We need to know your team members so we can send announcements of monthly webinars, special SCEE activities, etc.

State team compositions1
State Team Compositions

Summit participants who are not on the formal state team are welcome to keep participating!

You can have as many people on the webinars and in the collaboration site as you choose

State team compositions2
State Team Compositions

  • We have asked that certain participants be included on the team

    • Your chief state school officer or a deputy chief

    • A representative of your professional standards board be on the team

    • Your InTASC and SCEL representatives

State team compositions3
State Team Compositions

  • Some state teams are comprised of divisions across the SEA—not just learning and teaching/curriculum and instruction, but also

    • Common Core implementation

    • Data

    • Assessment and accountability

    • Federal programs

    • Etc.

State team compositions4
State Team Compositions

  • Several states included external stakeholders:

    • Statewide teachers association

    • Statewide administrator associations

    • Statewide school board association

    • Practitioners

    • State legislator

    • One state partnered with higher ed to share costs of membership & team representation

Team lead survey1
Team Lead Survey

  • We need to know

    • How to match you during the Summit

    • How to customize SCEE

  • We will email the link


  • Should take 10 minutes to complete

  • Please complete this week

How to use the webinars
How to use the webinars

  • How does your team use the webinars?

  • Are the suggested state team agendas that are posted on the collaboration site helpful to you?

    • What suggestions for improvement do you have?

    • Should we keep posting these sample agendas?

How to improve the webinars
How to improve the webinars

  • Webinar evaluations are VERY helpful. Examples of what we have heard:

    • Provide PPTs ahead of time

    • Identify speakers better in case we log on late

    • Suggestions for future webinars and Summit strand topics

  • Any suggestions for improving the webinars?

Scee collaboration site1
SCEE Collaboration Site

We can run tutorials for you, your assistant, and your team

Encourage your team members and others to sign on

Participate—discussions, blogs, upload files

Probably new groups coming out of Summit

What has be most useful for you on the collaboration site? What ideas do you have for using the site?

Things to do next steps1
Things to Do/Next Steps

Finalize your state representation at Summit—tell William if you’re sending extras

Register for Summit—deadline in 2 weeks

Ensure everyone makes travel arrangements for the Summit

Complete the team lead survey

Submit your team roster

Plan for the April 12 webinar

Coming up in april
Coming Up in April

  • April 12, 2:00-3:30 pm EDT

    Monthly Webinar: Choosing the Right Drivers for Reform, with Michael Fullan

  • April 19, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

    Team Lead webinar

  • April 27, 28, 29, and 30

    National Summit on Educator Effectiveness

Coming up in may
Coming Up in May

May 10, 2:00-3:30 pm EDT

Monthly Webinar: Follow-Up with Summit Speaker(s)

May 17, 2:00-3:30 pm EDT

Rural Affinity Group Webinar

Thank you for participating today

Thank you for participating today!