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Library Orientation

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Library Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library Orientation. 2008-2009. Directions. This Power Point will guide you through the G.M.M.S. Library’s rules and procedures. You will use your study guide to answer the questions in this presentation. Record the answers on a sheet of notebook paper.

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  • This Power Point will guide you through the G.M.M.S. Library’s rules and procedures. You will use your study guide to answer the questions in this presentation.
  • Record the answers on a sheet of notebook paper.
  • Highlight any important information in your study guide.
  • How long can books be checked out of the library?
  • How long can magazines be checked out of the library?
  • What is a consequence of having overdue books?
library hours
Library Hours

4. What are the library’s hours of operation?

5. When can a student use the high school library?

signing up for the library read this
Signing Up for the Library-READ THIS!
  • When you visit the library you must always check in at the front counter.
  • Mrs. Tackack, Mrs. Linn, or Mrs. Baker will be there to greet you. If you can not find them look in the library look in the computer room!
sign up procedures 9 th period
Sign-up Procedures-9th period
  • Sign up on the clip board in the library before 2:00.
  • Get a green pass. Do not lose it!
  • Go to ninth period and have the ninth period teacher sign your pass.
  • Come to the library!
  • All students will be sent back to homeroom at 2:50. (Students can leave earlier if finished, but not after 2:45!)
sign up procedures lunch
Sign-up Procedures- Lunch
  • Same as 9th period procedures except for the computer lab.
  • If you need to use a library computer during lunch, ask your teacher for a blue computer lab pass.
  • Computers will be filled on a “first-come-first served” basis.
  • Explain in detail how to go about signing up for the library.

If you leave the library for any reason you must sign out at the front counter!

other things to know
Other things to know…

The library has a copier which students can use for free!

The copier can only be used for school projects!

other things to know10
Other things to know…
  • You can quickly stop by the library between classes to select, return, or renew a book.
  • If you finish your work early, teachers may let you visit the library during class time.
highlight these rules on page 3
Highlight these rules on page 3:
  • Use your time wisely. No fooling around!
  • Do not take a shortcut through the library.
  • Be considerate and cooperative.
  • No bookbags or coats allowed.
library restriction policy
Library Restriction Policy
  • If you misbehave in the library you will be restricted from using it at lunch or during 9th period.

What is the length of the restriction for the …

      • First offense?
      • Second offense?

9. Third offense?

computer lab sign up
Computer Lab Sign-up
  • The Middle School has several labs for students to use.
  • To use any of the labs (including the library lab) you must get a blue or orange pass from the teacher who assigned the work.
  • Any student misbehaving in the labs will be restricted from using the labs!
computer lab sign up14
Computer Lab Sign-up


10. How does a student sign up for the labs across the hall? (122,123,124)

11. In order to enter any of the computer labs, what does a student need?

g m m s library on the web
G.M.M.S Library on the Web
  • Check out our library website at :

Middle School Library

you are finished
You are finished!
  • Remember to return your Library Study Guide to your binder.
  • Listen for announcements in November for Reading Olympic Sign-ups and Library Aide sign-ups!