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Research Highlight. Medical Device: Focused Ultrasound Enhance Therapeutic Nanocarrier Delivery for Brain Tumor Treatment. R2 MR relaxometry map to quantitatively estimate drug concentration. Tumor, without FUS/MT. Tumor, with FUS/MT. MNP-Epirubicin design.

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Research Highlight

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  1. Research Highlight • Medical Device: Focused Ultrasound Enhance Therapeutic Nanocarrier Delivery for Brain Tumor Treatment R2 MR relaxometry map to quantitatively estimate drug concentration Tumor, without FUS/MT Tumor, with FUS/MT MNP-Epirubicin design • Reference:H-L Liu, M-Y Hua, H-W Yang, et al, “Magnetic resonance monitoring of focused ultrasound/magnetic nanoparticle targeting delivery of therapeutic agents to the brain,”Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, Vol. 107, No. 34, pp.15205-15210, 2010 (IF=9.737, 4/56 in “Multidisciplinary sciences”).

  2. Research Highlight • Medical Device: Combined Ultrasound Brain Drug Delivery and Hyperthermia Amplification to Enhance Brain Tumor Treatment FUS Magnetization Survival CW-Laser Hyperthermia amplification MRI • Reference: H.W. Yang, M.Y. Hua, T.L. Hwang, et al, H.L. Liu*, K.C. Wei. Noninvasive synergistic treatment of brain tumor by targeted chemotherapeutic delivery and amplified focused ultrasound-hyperthermia using magnetic nanographene oxide. Advanced Materials, Vol. 25, No. 26, pp.3605-3611, 2013. (*Corresponding author; IF=14.829, 6/152 in “Materials Science, Multidisciplinary"). FUS+Nanocarrier Traditional FUS alone

  3. Research Highlight • Medical Imaging: Treatment of infarcted myocardium with stem cell sheets and MRI-based evaluation Stem cell sheets transduced with VEGF is capable of restoring the cardiac functions in infarcted rabbit myocardium, as the therapeutic effects are measured and confirmed with MRI Reference: YehTS, Fang YH (co-first author), Lu CH, Chiu SC, Yeh CL, Yen TC, Parfyonova Y and Hu YC. Baculovirus-transduced, VEGF-expressing Adipose-derived Stem Cell Sheet for the Treatment of Myocardium Infarction. Biomaterials. Jan; 35: 174-184, 2014 (SCI = 7.6; 2/79)

  4. Research Highlight • Medical Imaging: Advanced image analysis of PET imaging for cancer prognosis Open-source project for software development of texture analysis Texture parameter of uniformity can predict progression free, disease specific, and overall survivals in oropharyngeal cancer Reference: Cheng NM, Fang YH (co-first author), Chang JT, Huang CG, Tsan DL, Ng SH, Wang HM, Lin CY, Liao CT and Yen TC. Texture features of pretreatment 18F FDG PET/CT images: prognostic significance in patients with advanced T-stage oropharyngealsquamous cell carcinoma. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Oct; 54(10):1703-9, 2013. (SCI=5.77; 6/120)

  5. Research Highlight • Industrial Electronics: Digital Adaptive Solar Energy Converter Design/ 數位適應型太陽能變流器之設計 Adaptability to the change in irradiation Adaptability to the change in source impedance Robust Stability Analysis Closed-form solution to the control gains Reference: Woei-LuenChen and Jhe-Shuan Lin, “One-dimensional optimization for proportional-resonant controllers design against the change in source impedance and solar irradiation of PV systems,” IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, 2013.DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2013.2264789 (SCI:5.165; Rank #3 in all IEEE Transactions)

  6. Research Highlight • Industrial Electronics:Wind-Driven Induction Generator to Alleviate Transient Impacts on Power Grid/ 零暫態併網風力發電系統設計 Vector position detection Normalized one-norm vector Grid connection instant Grid disconnection instant Without AVFR With AVFR With AVFR Without AVFR Reference: Woei-LuenChen and Cheng-Zhang Xie, “Active voltage and frequency regulator design for a wind-driven induction generator to alleviate transient impacts on power grid,” IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, vol. 60, no. 8, pp. 3165-3175, 2013. DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2012.2200212 

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