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  1. INTERREGIIICEast zone

  2. Subproject „Improvement of planning in animal production“

  3. IdeaHELP Lead Participant Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding Participant Agricultural Dataprocessing CentreParticipant AgroKonzulta Žamberk Participant AgroKonzulta consultingParticipant „Improvement of planning in animal production“

  4. Lead organization and partnersinvolved in sub-project • IdeaHELP, PBC, Klostermanova St.1258, 564 01 Žamberk,Czech Republic • Polish Academy of SciencesInstitute of Genetics and Animal Breeding PAS, St. Postepu 1, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland • Agricultural Dataprocessing Centre Ltd, Urheilutie 6, PL 25, 01301 Vantaa, Finland • AgroKonzulta Žamberk Ltd., Klostermanova St.1258, 564 01 Žamberk, Czech Republic • AgroKonzulta-consultingLtd., Klostermanova St.1258, 564 01 Žamberk, Czech Republic

  5. Partners details: Lead Participant IdeaHELP has large experiences with further education. Part of these educational activities is focused on agriculture field; organization cooperates with Agrarian chamber and with other agriculture subjects. Organization uses the cooperation with participants AgroKonzulta Zamberk and AgroKonzulta-consulting to realize the education activities for agriculture sector. Also other participants have long-term experiences with agriculture sector. Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding is involved in research and consulting in field of genetics and animal breeding. Agricultural Dataprocessing Centre has experiences with agriculture services and is involved in implementation of progressive agriculture information technologies.

  6. Sub-project results • The international partnerships were set and we started the experiences sharing with specialists from other European regions • The new supporting tool for farmers was created on the base of sharing experiences, that will support an improvement of competitiveness on the fast developed EU market • Series of workshops in Pardubice region was carried out in June 2007 and during these meetings the selected final users as farmers and employees of agriculture companies was introduced into each of outputs of sub-project and they learned to effective using of these prepared agriculture advisory tools. Similar workshop took place also in Plonsk in Mazowiecky region (Poland). Farmers can obtain a possibility to use these tools to improve animal and plant production through new quality information for decision making. After workshops the farmers received all complete agriculture tools

  7. Meetings, workshops, etc… • A lot of meetings between sub-project participantswas carried out to exchange experiences and to coordinate the activities implemented in frame of sub-project • The meetings and workshops for farmers were realized for farmers, agriculture advisors and agriculture workers, on which the participants were introduced into goals of INTERREGIIIC and of e-Farmer project and into sub-project implementation as well as into effective usage of advisory tools to improve feedstuffs production planning

  8. Workshops for sub-project participants • Zamberk, Czech Rep. 7. – 8. Febuary 2007 • Zamberk , Czech Rep. 3. – 4. May 2007 • Vantaa, Finland 17. – 18. April 2007 • Jastrzebiec, Poland 29. May 2007 • Warsaw, Poland 27. – 28. March 2007

  9. Workshops for farmers • Pisecna , Czech Rep. 25. May 2007 • Usti nad Orlici, Czech Rep. 18. – 22. June 2007 • Svitavy, Czech Rep. 18. – 22. June 2007 • Chrudim, Czech Rep. 25. – 29. June 2007 • Plonsk, Poland 30.– 31. May 2007

  10. Promotion of sub-projectand of INTERREG IIIC Publicity was carried out through following media and on following event: • presentation during 8th European Conference "Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry„ • interviews for Czech Radio – Pardubice • newspaper Orlický deník • magazinesObilnářské listy • magazines Przeglad Hodowlany • bulletins of Regional Information Centre in Pardubice Region • newsletters„Interreg eFarmer“ • agriculture web-presentation • agriculture web-presentation • agriculture web-presentation • information booklets

  11. Agriculture advisory tools "Database of feedstuffs and nutrient requirements" "Planning and balance of feeds production"

  12. "Database of feedstuffs and nutrient requirements" • This database contains nutrients analyses of feedstuffs and nutrients requirements of animals • The nutrients analyses are prepared on the base of average values in monitored period • The database is prepared on base of feedstuffs analyses collected since 1997 from selected laboratories • An user can add into database his data and analyses results • The feedstuffs analyses and animals nutrients requirements in this database are used through advisory tool "Planning and balance of feeds production" • and they can be used for feedstuffs production planning and optimizing

  13. "Database of feedstuffs and nutrient requirements"

  14. "Database of feedstuffs and nutrient requirements"

  15. "Planning and balance of feeds production" • The advisory tool can offer information for effective planning and decision making on field of feedstuffs production, that is based on information about feedstuffs stock level, planned production of feeds, planned number of kept animals and planned feed rations • The tool inform about possibilities to keep planned number of animals in selected period with feedstuffs, which are produced on the farm or if is necessary to buy other feeds. On the second hand the farmer can get information about overproduction of feeds and in this case he can increase number of kept animals or offer the overproduction to buy. • In relation with realized optimization of feeds production is carried out also the balance of meat and milk production

  16. "Planning and balance of feeds production"

  17. Financial report of subproject

  18. Results and Outputs declaredin Application FormFinal stateof Results and Outputs

  19. Future of sub-projectResults and Outputs • Support for agriculture advisory tools using will be available three years after sub-project termination to the users, which obtained these tools in frame of this sub-project

  20. Thank you very much for Your attention