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Sexual Practices and Norms PowerPoint Presentation
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Sexual Practices and Norms

Sexual Practices and Norms

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Sexual Practices and Norms

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  1. Sexual Practices and Norms By Jacob Lambers, Michelle Tezak, Brittani Conley, Marcela Castanon

  2. Purpose of Sexual Activity

  3. Judaism • Sexual relations outside marriage are forbidden • Condemns homosexual practices • however reform branch allows such activity • Restriction= relations with menstruating woman • Full purpose is to reproduce and be abundant • Used to have concubines but do not anymore due to the sanctity of marriage • Restrictions aimed at decency

  4. Christianity • Not allowed to have sex until marriage • Must repent for sexual desires/temptations • Sin was transmitted by way of sexual reproduction • God found within deepest desires (sex) only when married • Enjoy company of women; marriage

  5. Islam • It is a man’s right to sexual satisfaction (woman can’t refuse husbands sexual demand) • Enjoy company of women and sex • The pleasure of sex leads to union with God • “She should not refuse to share his bed [meaning that she should not deny him sexual access when he desires it-Trans.]” (Ruthven 100)

  6. Fornication Voluntary sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons, or two persons not married to each other

  7. Judaism • Sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage is prohibited • Male homosexuality is a grave sin • Female homosexuality also forbidden, but less serious (because no penetration) • Biblical and rabbinic law condemn homosexual practices (but that has not prevented the formation of Jewish gay clubs and synagogues)

  8. Christianity • Unjust fornicators won’t inherit the Kingdom of God • If one can’t exercise self control then one should marry • Women betrothed to one husband are to be presented to Christ as a chaste virgin

  9. Islam • Women guilty of lewdness will go to prison until they die or if Allah orders another way (same punishment for adultery); if two men are guilty both must be punished but if they repent they can be left alone • Both men and women who are guilty of fornication must be severely beaten with a whip or rod 100 times; they should not be showed compassion • Those guilty of fornication can only marry one who’s also guilty of it or an unbeliever; forbidden to believers • Those who wrongfully accuse and can’t produce 4 witnesses to support allegations will be whipped 80 times • if accuse spouse w/ only own evidence, must bear witness 4 times with an oath by Allah that it’s truth, and if it’s a lie then they invoke the curse of Allah on themselves • If a woman bears witness 4 times w/ oath by Allah that her husband is lying then no punishment for her; but the woman invokes the wrath of Allah upon herself if her accuser is telling

  10. Celibacy Abstention from sexual intercourse

  11. Judaism • Sex is for reproductive purposes • Practice celibacy before marriage • The purpose of creation is for Jews to enter the world, get married, have children and be spiritual • Celibacy can lead one closer to God for one removes oneself from the physical aspects of life and becomes closer to God

  12. Christianity • Because sex is viewed only as a means of reproduction, celibacy is required before marriage • Catholic priests are celibate for their entire lives • Do not marry, therefore no reason to have sex

  13. Islam • Celibate during the month of Ramadan • Holy month, deprive themselves of pleasure during the day • Because sex is viewed as pleasure very few Muslims exorcise celibacy • Sex during marriage is encouraged

  14. Adultery Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.

  15. Judaism • Known as Halakah • God can overlook most sins, except for lewdness • Neither a man nor a woman should have any promiscuous relations outside of marriage • If the woman is married, it is considered a more severe transgression. • According to the Torah, a man may have more than one wife, while a woman has one husband. (a woman builds a home; a woman cannot build 2 homes) • Double standard • Jewish law does not forgive • Children (innocent victims) pay for their parent’s wrongdoings

  16. Christianity • God will judge the immoral and the adulterous • No fornicator has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God • One of the Ten Commandments • Adultery can be an act, a thought, or a divorce & remarriage • In Paul’s words: -(the act) A married woman is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives; but if he dies, then she is free from that law. If she lives with another man while her husband is alive, she will be called an adulteress -(the thought) One is told not to commit adultery but anyone who looks at a woman and wants to possess her is guilty of it within his own heart -(divorce and remarriage) If a man divorces his wife, for any cause other than her unfaithfulness, then he is guilty of making her commit adultery if she marries again; and the man who marries her commits adultery also

  17. Islam • Known as Zina • It is a shameful deed and an evil, opening the road to other evils • One of most heinous and deadly sins • One should not fornicate, anyone who does shall meet the price of sin--doubled shall be the chastisement for him on the Resurrection Day • Strictly enforced under Sharia law • the penalty of it does not depend on the caste, race, religion or social status of the person with whom it is committed • It corrodes the purity of one’s soul and hence destroys one’s faith • It exposes the person to the wrath of Allah, thus resulting in eternal damnation