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Step by Step Guide for TV Advetising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know how to advertise on television by defining an advertising goal helps to set the overall tone of your campaigns.\n

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Step by step guide for tv advetising

Bada Socho. TV Socho

Step by Step Guide for

TV Advertising


Set the tone and get ready

Define Advertising Goal:

Be it customer acquisition or market penetration, defining an advertising goal helps to

set the overall tone of your campaigns

The most commonly utilized advertising goals are:

Driving product/

brand awareness



Standing out from

the competition


brand equity

Simple Checklist for Advertising

What is the

campaign objective?

What budget should I

allocate for this campaign?

What is the compelling

message in my commercial

How can I communicate

this message?

Who is the target customer? (Gender, City, Age)


Media Planning and Buying

Selecting the right media

Once you are clear about your advertising goals, you need to

focus on choosing the right media that your audience consumes.

As of today, there are more than 1700 TV channels in India. It is

difficult to choose the right set of channels and ad spots within a

specific budget.

If you are not equipped with enough information to decide, you can get help from media

agencies in your city. They can plan, buy and schedule your campaign, and measure your

campaign’s success within defined parameters. However, this entire process gets

automated with Amagi MIX.

Hopefully, by this time you are aware of your campaign objectives and target audience

details. The next phase is to choose the right channel-mix for your defined campaign

duration and budget.

Things to consider while selecting TV Channels


viewership details

Cost per 10

second TV ad spot

Choosing the

right channel mix


Playout schedule




ad duration

A sample channel-mix for Urban Male 30+ audiences for a budget of 1 Lakh may look like

this: With a campaign duration of 7 days and budget of 1 Lakh, the number of estimated

impressions for the channel mix mentioned below is 1.9 Lakhs.


Times Now

Zee news


Total ad spots




Avg spots/day




Create a TV Commercial

Create a TV Commercial with compelling message that resonates with your target

audience. You should also consider the following elements while producing the


Tell them who you are – The name of your business should be very clear

Give them an offer or reason to visit your business

Let them know how to find information about your business (Give them

your website address; in fact, highlight your website URL throughout the

entire commercial.)

If your business is about getting on-foot traffic, tell them where you’re


Your TV Commercial should conform to ASCI standards.

View the list of ASCI terms here.

Prepare and Finalize the TV playout schedule

Your playout schedule charts out the overall ad-spot schedule spanning across the

campaign duration. TV playout schedule is pretty straightforward if you directly purchase the

ad spots on popular shows like Friends on Romedy Now. However, it is an expensive

proposition depending on the shows’ ratings.

But with tools like Amagi MIX, your ad spot schedule may evenly spread across different

time slots, including primetime and non-primetime slots.

For Romedy Now, a regular ad playout schedule is spread across four different time slots -

Morning (0900-1200), Afternoon (1200-1600), Evening (1600-1800) and Night (1800-2400).

Your ad is equally distributed across these slots.

A sample playout schedule for the TV channel Romedy Now would look like this:

Kickstart the campaign

Once you are satisfied with your playout schedule, you can

purchase the ad spots either through media agency or the

broadcaster and kickstart the campaign. With Amagi MIX, you

can directly plan and buy these ad spots, schedule, monitor and

measure your campaign yourself using an online user interface.


Monitor and Measure

Monitor your campaign on a continuous basis to check if your ad

is aired according to the playout schedule.

Post the campaign’s execution, measure your campaign success

using the below metrics

Reach and Frequency - Reach is the number of different people who have been

exposed to an advertising message at least once. Frequency is the number of

times thay are exposed to that message.

GRP or Gross rating point is calculated as a percent of the target market

reached multiplied by the exposure frequency. For ex. if you advertise to 30% of

the target market and give them 4 exposures, you would have 120 GRP.

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