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Module 1

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Module 1
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  1. Module 1 Where we have learned about service and hospitality ? Principles of hospitality The 3 elements of hospitality Service champions Setting the stage for Hospitality

  2. Where we learn about service?Objective :we will be able to describe the places where we learnabout service and the impact that has on both our and our guests perceptions of service Where we learn about service? Home/family/culture talk about culture differences as they relate to service

  3. Principles Of HospitalitySmile and greet every guest Speak to the guest in a warm , friendly , courteous mannerDisplay genuine and enthusiastic interest in the guest , pay complete attentionAnticipate guest needs , and be flexible in responding to themBe knowledgeable about your job.L. E.A.R.N to take ownership of the guest problem and resolve them

  4. What does hospitality looks like?Objective:You will be able to describe and demonstrate the 3 ways to display hospitality .(body language, actions ,and statement) Body language Is any thing others can see or hear and interpret including (facial expressions, postures, hand gestures, and noises( grunts, hmmmms)) Actions Are something that you do or say you are going to do i.e( let me carry your bag )as you reach down to pick up the guests luggage Statements Are words you use, a combinations of (what you say and how you say)

  5. Service Championsyou will be able to describe the characteristics ittakes tobe asuccessful service provider Service Champions Product knowledge we can have the best product in the world ,but if we are not knowledgeable about it. what good does to do? Presentation skills we are all sales people we sell our ideas and our ourselves as well our product Team Player helpful, caring to our peers, we all provide service to each others

  6. Ability to read people (body language) just your service to the needs and wants of the guests Planning and strategy Plan and practice various skills so that they will be ready when you need them Passion for excellence Passion is feeling good about yourself when you helping others

  7. Module2 Proactive Hospitality & Body Language

  8. Hospitable body language Smile A smile is a universal gesture of hospitality. A warm genuine sincere smile can never be understood Eye contact Maintaining appropriate eye contact with people tell them. you are honest. sincere and genuinely interested in what they are saying. be careful to stare ! Negative forms include staring , rolling eyes , scowling

  9. Hospitable body language Expressions Each person has his unique mix of facial expression Raised eye brows is one tell them that’s a sign of excitements Make sure that your face tell them the right story ! Negative expressions includes( curls , frowns , scrunched nose Posture and Stance Good pasture conveys confidence and interest . Stand straight-not stiff . Stand in one place and be sure footed Avoid shifting weight of swaying. Hands on hips send a negative message

  10. Hospitable body language Gestures Hand movements is a great way to add animation to your conversation . Also when you’re out of voice range or on the phone. You can use hand movement to wave or make acknowledgements. Be aware of distracting mannerisms such as ( hand washing) or (fig leaf) keep hands out of pockets and a void Pointing Grooming Standards Your personal hygiene and attire have a tremendous impact on the way you are perceived , as well as your credibility

  11. Hospitable body language Head Movement Nodding or shaking your head is powerful way to reinforce your message or let the sender know that you are paying attention in agreement . Nodding the head also sends a message that you are approachable Tone of voice O.K this is not really a body language but its so closely related We had to include it. The point is how you are saying things is just as important as what you say .just as your body language affects how your message is interpreted. So does your tone of voice be enthusiastic , concerned , positive. sympathetic . What ever the situations calls for