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MENTORING. To develop disciples, leaders, and movements. An overview of why we should mentor disciples!. 1. Obey Christ’s command to be fruitful and multiply. A team will accomplish more than an individual.

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To develop disciples, leaders, and movements

an overview of why we should mentor disciples
An overview of why we should mentor disciples!
  • 1. Obey Christ’s command to be fruitful and multiply. A team will accomplish more than an individual.
  • 2. To reflect the image of God in our lives and ministry. God is trinity, three persons in unity working towards an expanding vision.
  • 3. Release the diversity of gifts in the Body of Christ through encouragement, and wisdom.
the primary motivation produced in mentoring is encouragement
The primary motivation produced in mentoring is encouragement!
  • My measure of effective mentoring is; The intern is
  • - growing in Christ
  • - encouraged
  • - doing things they were reluctant to do
  • - influencing others
  • - discipling others
  • - starting movements
key roles in the mentoring process
A role model

A discipler

A mobilize

A spiritual guide

A coach (team)

A teacher

A counsellor

A pastor

A sponsor

A encourager

A peer

These roles influence the intern in the following ways;

Release their gifts

Clarify their direction

Develop their confidence

Provide them access to an advocate

Make them accountable

Measure their fruitfulness

A companion through a process of change

Key roles in the mentoring process!
gordon macdonald says
Gordon MacDonald says;
  • There are five kinds of people;
  • 1. Mentors, often older and wiser and willing to build their experience into our lives.
  • 2. VIP’s. Very important people who share our passion. They love us enough to ask us tough questions and keep us honest as they work with us in our common vision.
  • 3. VTP’s. Very trainable people who have caught our passion and into whose lives we have been called to make an investment.
  • 4. VNP’s. Very nice people who enjoy our passion but do not contribute to it.
  • 5. VDP’s. Very draining people who sap our passion.
as mentors we need to discern
The two groups that will multiply what we invest in them!

1. VIP’s Very important people who share our vision

2. VTP’s Very trainable people who have caught our vision and are willing to be trained.

The two groups that will divert us from the vision God has given us;

1. VNP’s Very nice people who like our vision but do not contribute to it.

2. VDP’s Very draining people who will divert us from our God given vision.

As Mentors we need to discern;
the apostle paul mentoring timothy advised him to
The Apostle Paul mentoring Timothy advised him to…..
  • 2 Timothy 2 verse 1- 3, 7
  • “You therefore my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
  • And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others also.
  • Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus………
  • Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.”
all growth goes through a series of phases
For people there

are the phases of;





Middle age

Old age

For Christians there are

the phases of;




Fathers, Mothers

All growth goes through a series of phases…..
What phase are you experiencing in your life? These phases will make you increasingly fruitful in your life if you will embrace the change required to move to the next phase. Recognising the phases requires wisdom and discernment.
  • Phases of ministry and life development
  • Become a disciple by being made a disciple
  • Become a disciple maker
  • Become a mentor
  • Become a coach
these phases can viewed in a number of ways
These phases can viewed in a number of ways…….
  • As babes, children, young persons, fathers, mothers – see 1 John 2 verses 12-21
  • As different types of groups we need throughout our development;
  • 1. a nurture and security group;
  • 2. the committed disciplined group;
  • 3. the quality group where mentoring is essential for the quality
  • to be maximised;
  • 4. Apostolic team expressing the depth of ones gifts and calling
  • in pioneering new movements and ministries.

See chapter 13 of “Cry of the Urban Poor” by Viv Grigg.

  • As seasons; spring, summer, autumn, winter – see “The God Factor in Spiritual Growth” power point, last 10 frames.
mentors provide tools for a intern to plan their goals
Mentors provide tools for a intern to plan their goals…..
  • Use the “Personal Growth Plan” template as a tool to chart the growth goals of the disciples. This should be completed every year.
  • Use the “Model of Basic Values” power point and questionnaire to help the disciples ascertain the values they hold and how that will impact their ministry goals.
  • Use the “Personality Profiles” power point to assist the disciples ascertain their personality traits.
mentoring encounters
Mentoring encounters…
  • Meet with the intern bi-monthly in their own setting (home or workplace). If married include the spouse in the process.
  • Once a year invite the intern to you place for a special annual review and celebration of progress and development.
  • Attend or at least acknowledge special highlights in the interns ministry, life, career etc.
administration of the mentoring relationship
Administration of the mentoring relationship…
  • Keep a file on the intern
  • Diary each meeting, arrive on time, keep to time
  • Take notes and make copies of the tools used
  • Review these tools before each meeting
  • Pray with the intern each time you meet
  • Discuss pastoral issues and guide where needed
  • Be vulnerable in your relationship with the intern so they can see that you are a real person
the goal of mentoring is
The goal of mentoring is………
  • Christ-likeness in the intern and the mentor
  • Effective body-ministry relationships 1 Corinthians 13 and 14.
  • The intern aspiring to and reaching the 4th phase of pioneering a kingdom movement in a sector of society
  • The intern being part of an apostolic team birthing movements that extend the kingdom of God and its influence on earth