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Feliks Auto Body PowerPoint Presentation
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Feliks Auto Body

Feliks Auto Body

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Feliks Auto Body

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  1. Feliks Auto Body Ltd. Accredited By Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  2. Based in Calgary, Canada, Feliks Auto Body is a renowned auto repair and maintenance facility. Feliks Corallini, the initiator of the company, established it with the motto of offering unsurpassed services in auto repair field. After his retirement from the post of the president, his son, Rob Carollini took over the company and made it reach pinnacle. A workforce of dedicated and skilled professionals work towards providing the best services to the clients.

  3. Feliks Auto Body has been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) which guarantees its reliability and authenticity.The firm has also introduced friendly schemes and auto repairs for the clients. For availing insurance claims, Feliks Auto Body is also on the referral list of many insurance agencies. Exclusive schemes for auto body painting, auto body service and auto body repair is specifically offered to a wide range of clients.

  4. In order to ensure 100% client satisfaction, the experts of the company offer personal interaction and warm hospitality to the clients. This also ensures that the experts get to personally interact with the client. On accident related damage repair, the client can get free estimate on the appointments and the monetary value involved in the repair.

  5. About Feliks Auto Body Feliks Auto Body Ltd. is a company based in Calgary, Canada. The company was established over 30 years back with a sole motivation to offer complete auto body repair and maintenance facility to a wide range of customers. The experts at the company are consistent and hardworking,

  6. working towards the full satisfaction of the customers. It is a BBB approved firm which offer specialty services like auto body painting, auto body repair and auto body service. Other than that, it is also an approved shop for getting insurance claims.