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Montana Shared Catalog

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Montana Shared Catalog
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Montana Shared Catalog

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  1. Montana Shared Catalog Reorganization Intro December 5, 2013 Presented by Amy Marchwick

  2. Topics Covered • How the system works • Circulation: Circulation Map & Hold Map • Home Locations & Item Categories • Reorganization • Details • Reorganization Implementation • How it will be organized • What you need to do

  3. Circulation Map Currently 2200+ lines

  4. Circulation Map CIRCULATION MAP Library User Profile Item Type Circulation Rule LIBRARY • Item Sharing • Patron Sharing Circulation Rule User Profile • Billable • Max # of items • Privilege Length • Hold Limit Billing Structure • Amount/time period • Max fee Loan Period • Length • # Renewals • Max # Items

  5. Hold Map • Very similar to the Circulation Map • Determines what libraries are sharing

  6. Home Locations • Shadowed or Unshadowed • Holdable or Unholdable • Reshelving Policy

  7. Item Categories • Item Characteristics for Collection Management • Item Characteristics for Statistics • With the newly added item categories usage guidelines have been created

  8. Reorganization Overview • At the MSC Fall Meeting in September – discussion about how to control rising costs of consortium. Talking Points documents outlined the complexity of the system: 2200+ circ map lines, 2200+ scheduled reports, 1100+ report templates, 720 possible circ rule combinations. • MSC Admins were tasked to prepare possible solutions. • MSC Admins presented four options to the MSC Exec Board: Strict, Moderate, Groups, New Paradigm. • Moderate Option was chosen – it builds on the reorganizing and streamlining system policies and reports steps taken four years ago.

  9. Reorganization Summary: Policies Circulation/Admin • Once rules are decided, MSC staff will have the authority to set dates and migrate old rules on a set schedule. • Have Sirsi remove currently unused item types, home locations, categories, and users after clean-up/migration • No grandfathered in/exceptions to rules. Some rules that are in use but not currently "approved" could become "approved" rules. • No more special circulation rules for the end of the school year or closings. • Unlimited renewals and unlimited fine accrual removed from all circulation rules. • Sharing groups will have mandatory shared circ rules in all options, and will decide on shared Item Types. Sharing groups will need a guiding document that will help MSC staff when they change or add new libraries to a group. • MSC Staff would have the authority to set deadlines, make changes,anddecide on limits.

  10. Reorganization Summary: Policies Reports and Users • Set amount of time for libraries to add dates to report templates; after period, erase all templates created before 2012 • Adoption of assum-lost/long overdue and lost/missing policies for all member libraries • Consolidation & reduction of reports where possible (remove CIRC login for reports, 1 early overdue email, etc.) • Reduce/remove user profiles that libraries are not using. • Reduce/remove system user profiles not in use or used rarely • All "regular" (non-system) users need to be using 14-digit numbers even if they do not use barcodes.

  11. Moderate Plan Details A menu of circulation rules will be provided – where an entire circ rule is chosen rather than each individual facet. Current draft represents circulation rules for 78.6% of all items currently in the system

  12. Reorganization Implementation • Cleanup will proceed in sections – with the information sent out on MSC-Discuss and posted on the Reorganization page of the MSC website • The Reorganization is a very large project, with a lot of work involved, so turnaround on other support requests may be slower. • Please use the Help Ticket system to ensure that your requests can be prioritized and resolved

  13. Reorganization Implementation • Item Types, Home Locations • Circulation Rules • User Profiles • Reports • All changes will be made in sections, with clearly defined dates

  14. Round 1: Item Type Changes • Lists the item types that are currently in process • Check the right column for your library’s name • No action needed if you are not listed • If you have some of these item types – check your items & perform one of actions listed • New Circ Rules may be needed • After the deadline – items remaining in these item types will be batch moved to the recommended Item Type.

  15. Reorganization: Ongoing • Each new round will be sent to the membership and posted on the MSC website. • We will work with libraries to make batch changes when possible. • Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  16. Reorganization Intro QUESTIONS?