By carson dillon jake
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Mountain Region Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Carson, Dillon, Jake. Mountain Region Culture. Legend Telling.

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By carson dillon jake

By Carson, Dillon, Jake

Mountain Region Culture

Legend telling
Legend Telling

  • Legend telling is extremely popular in the Mountain Region, some people also tell stories about ghosts or spirits. The photographshows a spirit at the Ashville High School . In the 1950s there was a natural disaster it killed part of the staff and most of the children, today it is believed that the spiritsstill roam in the hallways.

This is a picture taken in the Ashville High School on the staircase.


  • Tourism is very popular in NC the Mountain Region has the most visitors a year. A lot of people come to the Mountain Region for its loveliness, quietness, and its fun activities. About 130 people come to the Mountain Region every five days. Lots of people will come during winter but spring, summer, and fall are still very popular.

Highland games
Highland Games

  • The Highland Games are ruled by and came from Scotland. They dance to Scottish Music. They also do dog herding competitions, human contests such as tug of war, the Scottish hammer throw, archery, wrestling, and playing musical instruments, such as fiddling, drumming, the harp and pipe playing.


  • Crafting has become very important in the Mountain Region’s culture and the Mountain Region itself. Craftingincludes glassmaking, quilting, basket weaving, and other goods and needs, the picture below shows a quilt made in NC.

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  • Different types of art include paintings. Art can also be dancing such as clogging. Most art is made here in NC some other paintings come from other places and then get put into museums, sometimes we give our paintings away and then put them in museums in other states.

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  • If crafting wasn’t a culture in the Mountain Region there would not be as many quilts or baskets weaving or if there wasn’t legends’ in the mountains there would of legends in NC or the world. Lots of cultures are important witch make it easier to live.

Foundational questions
Foundational Questions

  • How do all of these things make life in the Mountain Region easier?

  • Why are there spirits/ghosts at the Ashville High School?

  • How does crafting effect the way people live?

  • What is one activity that the Highland Games do?