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Comparing Governments

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Comparing Governments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparing Governments. Sarah Espenshade. Hungary America. Type of Government United States vs. Hungary United States Hungary. Janos Ader President Elected, 5-term ** Requirements 35 years old. Barack Obama President Elected, 4-term ** Requirements

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comparing governments

Comparing Governments

Sarah Espenshade

type of government united states vs hungary united states hungary
Type of GovernmentUnited States vs. HungaryUnited States Hungary

Janos Ader


Elected, 5-term

** Requirements

35 years old

Barack Obama


Elected, 4-term

** Requirements

35 years old

Natural born citizen

Live in the US for 14 years

lawmaking body united states hungary
Lawmaking BodyUnited States Hungary

Congress National Assembly

Bicameral Unicameral

Senate, House of Reps.

100, 435 members Single seat, Multi seat, Compensation seat

176, 152, 58 members


Freedom of speech/press Freedom of speech/media has

Freedom of religion come to an end

Right to bear arms Freedom of religion

Right to bear arms

political parties united states hungary
Political PartiesUnited States Hungary

Two party system Multiparty Government

Democrat, Republican

Elephant, Donkey

elections and voting united states hungary
Elections and VotingUnited States Hungary

Elections held every 4 years Election held every 5 years

US citizen 18 years of age

18 years of age Parliamentary, Presidential Presidential, General, Primary Elections


taxes and government finance united states hungary
Taxes and Government FinanceUnited States Hungary

Do charge an income tax Do charge income tax

Fines, Tolls Fines, property tax


Military-.8 trillion Military- 123 billion

Education-1.0 trillion Education- 650,000

Healthcare-1.3 trillion Healthcare- 343.8 billion

  • Hungary- 17,862 prisoners
current relationship
Current relationship
  • Hungary and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, International Monetary Fund, World Bankand World Trade Organization. Hungary also is an observer to the Organization of American States.