building engaging workplaces together diversity inclusion at shell n.
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“Building Engaging Workplaces Together” DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT SHELL PowerPoint Presentation
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“Building Engaging Workplaces Together” DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT SHELL

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“Building Engaging Workplaces Together” DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT SHELL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Building Engaging Workplaces Together” DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT SHELL. May 2013. Deborah Green, Diversity Recruiter Colin Anton, Diversity Talent Advisor . Senior Leadership Commitment To D&I.

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building engaging workplaces together diversity inclusion at shell

“Building Engaging Workplaces Together”DIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT SHELL

May 2013

Deborah Green, Diversity Recruiter

Colin Anton, Diversity Talent Advisor

senior leadership commitment to d i
Senior Leadership Commitment To D&I

“I strongly believe that Diversity & Inclusion is a strategy for winning and directly supports our ambition to be the world’s most competitive and innovative energy company. It’s about unleashing talent and matching it to business success.

Embedding D&I within our structure, people, processes and culture will result in more customers, employees, stakeholders and partners choosing Shell more often.

D&I is an important part of who we are and what we stand for and a necessity for sustainable growth.”

Peter Voser, CEO

shell canada s aboriginal talent pipeline
Shell Canada’s Aboriginal Talent Pipeline
  • In Canada, the top D&I employers are looking beyond the designated group labels and working towards embracing the individual in order to ensure the talent pipeline keeps flowing.
  • Shell is recognized as one of Canada’s top Diversity employers.
    • Attraction, Recruitment & Retention
    • Engaging Champions for D&I across Shell’s business; one area of focus is the Aboriginal talent pipeline.
    • Finally mentorship, sponsorship, coaching and development.
attraction recruitment retention
Attraction, Recruitment & Retention
  • Attraction
    • Talent-focused recruiting for Graduates, Internships, Trades and Experienced Professionals.
    • Strategically targeting activities, events and engagements that will help Shell build relationships talent Aboriginal people with transferable skills.
    • Engaging in initiatives that will help build workforce ready capacity with Aboriginal communities and peoples.
  • Recruitment
    • Enhance relationships with Universities, Collages and Technical Institutions; building working relationships with faculties, Aboriginal student centers and Aboriginal students.
    • Dedicated recruiters for the direct, one-to-one, personal touch and engagement.
  • Retention
    • Celebrating Shells Aboriginal Employee Network as one key tool to Inclusion.
champions for d i
Champions for D&I
  • Executive Leaders sponsor, support and lead by example.
    • The Aboriginal Employee Network has two executive sponsors.
  • Champions for the Shell Canada Aboriginal Talent Strategy.
    • Focusing on growing the Aboriginal talent pipeline through acquisition, building a critical mass of Aboriginal talent and supporting and developing Aboriginal talent internally.
  • People leaders champion building inclusive work environments.
    • Building awareness and understanding with our leaders through Aboriginal awareness sessions.
mentorship sponsorship and development
Mentorship, Sponsorship and Development
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship
    • Available formal and informal Mentorship program for Aboriginal talent.
    • Talent with leadership ambition and capability are connected with senior leader sponsors.
  • Development
    • Setting goals to increase the number of Aboriginal employees in Front Line Leader positions.
    • Supporting Shell managers and Aboriginal employees partnering together and participating in community events and initiatives.
diversity inclusion in shell
  • Inclusion means creating a working culture where differences are valued; where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives. The aim is to make Shell an organisation where people feel involved, respected, and connected - where the richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are harnessed to create business value.
  • Diversity means all the ways we differ. It includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical appearance, as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and education.