three banks in aiken sc n.
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Three Banks in Aiken, SC

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Three Banks in Aiken, SC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Banks in Aiken, SC. Security Federal Bank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Everyone needs something different out of a bank. Personal Criteria. Insurance. Low to No Fees.

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three banks in aiken sc

Three Banks in Aiken, SC

Security Federal Bank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America

personal criteria

Everyone needs something different out of a bank.

Personal Criteria


Low to No Fees

I prefer a bank where my money is federally insured by the FDIC. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures money in whole up to 250K. If credit union, NCUA.

I hate fees! Some banks can find a reason to charge you for breathing their air (not really). I want a bank that has FAIR fees, if any.

Customer Service

Financial Counseling

When I go to a restaurant, which I don’t usually do, because I’m poor, I expect to have kind and helpful waiters/waitresses. Same for the bank I will choose.

It’s a plus when a bank has additional services, like financial counseling. This consists of advice and programs to teach new-comers the best way to bank.

security federal bank
Security Federal Bank



Personal checking, business checking, savings account, online/mobile banking, check reorder, health savings account, bank-by-phone.

Financial counseling, business and personal loans, home and auto insurance, and trust and investments.

The minimum to open a normal account is $100 at SFB and the safe deposit box costs money (no discounts) for regular accounts. Overdraft protection is available, the ATM is free, as well as the ATM card, VISA check card, and online banking. And there is no charge if minimum isn’t met.

HONESTY in code of ethics.

FDIC insured!

wells fargo
Wells Fargo



Online/mobile banking, retirement, mutual funds, investments, ID theft protection, savings and checking accounts, student loan, business loan, personal loan, auto loan, and home lending (mortgage, equity). Overdraft protection.

Account activity fees: $1 debit card activity and $1 ATM statement fee. Fee of $12.50 on savings account overdrafts. $3 monthly charge for unlimited access and transfers with online banking.

“Everything we do is built on trust. It doesn’t happen with one transaction, in one day on the job or in one quarter. It’s earned relationship by relationship.”

- John G. Stumpf, Chairman and CEO

FDIC insured!

bank of america
Bank of America
  • Multinational
  • 2nd largest bank-holding company and 3rd largest company in the world
  • One of the Big Four (with Citigroup, JP Morgan, Chase, and Wells Fargo)

Well-renowned bank that people know, that has been around for nearly a century.


Savings accounts, online/mobile banking, student banking, mortgage/home loan, business checking accounts, business credit cards, ATM, investments, home/auto/life insurance, and health savings accounts.

Checking Clarity Statement™

Great example of how a business

can comply with Plain Language laws.